Curia Minutes 2016-11

Barony of Madrone Curia

November 14, 2016

Baronial Welcome (Baron Enzio Bandinelli)

Seneschal Welcome and Report (HL Gera Gangolffin)

  • Seneschal and exchequer symposium Nov 19-20 in 3M
  • Officer positions accepting applications:
  • Deputy to Seneschal: Contingency and Curia Notes
    • May have someone applying
  • Deputy to Chatelaine: Contingency Deputy
  • Deputy to Chatelaine: Gold Key
  • Family Activities Coordinator
  • Thrown Weapons Marshal


Exchequer Report (HL Emma la Rousse de la Argentan)

  • Budget proposal
    • Hoping to get $2600 back into money market
    • Next month, specific details from 2016 (actual) & 2017 proposed
    • Equestrian Guild – budget (Microsoft matching funds) – until funds come through, need $100 for 2017 insurance.
    • Kapka cost for 2017 will be $3750
  • Monthly report –
    • Money market, Oct – $15,045.83
    • Checking – $6,104.19
    • Sen will make sure budget info gets out to Barony
    • A&S prize(s)
      • Youth prize (B&B request) –
      • Laurel prize too? (separate for Laurels) – maybe? Still need to discuss whether to do or not.
    • Nathaniel’s darts proposal – cost ~$78 darts only; we have target
      • APPROVED
    • Baronial Charter reframing
      • $600 – $800 to do – do now, pay for in January (OK per Arontius) – Spike & Rignach in charge of framing estimate, etc.
        • GET BID ESTIMATE – HE Spike & Rignach to do asap
      • Fix seal – Rignach with Kingdom Seal maker & Scribe



Close out

  • Madrone Masters (HL Cesare Caravaggio)
    • Check request for reimbursement


In Process

  • 5/19-21/17: May Crown 2017 (Baron Stephen des Jardin, HL Gera Gangolffin)
    • Draft site layout created
    • Planning meeting 11/17 my house
    • Site visit, planning is going along
    • Wedding (huge) is on site, next building over.



  • 2/18/2018: Baronial A&S (HL Karrel)
    • Contract signed, etc.
    • Competition details need to get out to populace
    • Classes – KASB Judging Class at event?
  • 4/1/2017: Baronial Banquet (HL Luaithrend)

Event Report for Baronial Banquet 2017

Things are going swimmingly!  The contract with the Scottish Rite was signed last month and taken to the Scottish Rite along with the deposit check.

Mistress Kerij’e has, with Aeron, taken the reigns regarding decorations, and she is working with many of the talented people in the Barony to make the hall beautiful.

The Culinary Guild is busily creating a menu that is sure to delight.

We have almost all Event Staff positions filled, though we are still seeking a Gate Lead.

The event is “up” on the Kingdom Events Page.  I will continue to update as more information becomes available.  We are set to open reservations on January 1.

In service always,

I remain,



  • 3/2-4/2018: Kingdom A&S 2018 (HL Luaithrend)

I regret to report that I have not yet secured a site.  Based on a projected attendance of 300, finding a hotel site in the greater Seattle area (even looking into Wyewood and Lynnwood) is proving difficult.

If the Barony is willing to consider an alternate site, such as a school or church, I will continue with the bid process.

I look forward to hearing the will of the populace!


  • Perhaps Anderson School


  • Emprise 2017
    • Perhaps Cle Elum site? Becomes camping event!
    • Perhaps combined with Vulcanfeldt’s Archery Fest?
    • B&B of Mad & Vulc met at Collegium
    • Vulc pitching tonight as well at their Curia
    • Discuss profit sharing – perhaps 1/3 (Vulc) & 2/3 (Mad)
  • Emprise 2016 – 20% of income to Wyewood? Wyewood worked hard at the event. How much? Barony approved. Send in B&B thank you note.


Appendix: Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups


Culinary (Mistress Ysolt of Wind Hill)

Dance (HL Ranulf)

Here is a report on dancing in Madrone for November Curia: We had 8 dancers at the Third Monday social on 10/17, and 7 dancers at the First Thursday dance practice in Porte de l’Eau on 11/3. We had a mix of new and experienced dancers, and have been practicing a core set of dances plus some fun unusual ones.

Equestrian (Lord Bernard of York)

Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)

Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya) (Inactive)

Arts & Sciences (6/17) (HE Aeron Corrino)

Having made the pilgrimage to the eastern lands of AnTir for Collegium, having prostrated myself before the statue of St Styrkarr, I was blessed with much good and proper knowledge of the new procedures for Kingdom A&S judging and the redesigned forms that will be implemented to facilitate that. I hope to share that knowledge with our Baronial Champion soon as she and I work with Their Excellencies to craft the parameters of the challenge to find our new Champion. I was also privilidged to attend a class on documentation and helpful suggestions on successfully putting that together and am looking at how to disceminate that throughout the populace of Madrone to hopefully increase participation.


Further, there is a team of us working on a most excellent set of decorations for Baronial Banquet and will publish work dates soon for those interested in assisting


There have been no goodwives or citizens accused or convicted of witchcraft in the past month, nor has any local alchemist succeeded in transforming lead into gold… thus the arts and sciences continue industriously in Madrone.


Pardon all spellings…but seeing as standardized spelling is not accurate to SCA period, I feel justified in flights of creativity in that regard.

Yours humbly,

Baron Aeron Corrino


Armored Combat Marshal (7/18) (Sir Athos Belisarios)

Chamberlain (4/17) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

Need to do official inventory report.

Send info to Emma so make sure have all we need for upcoming events.


Chatelaine (6/16) (Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

October was a fairly slow month for Chatelaine activity. We had 1 new email or Facebook inquiry in October. We also had 4 new members in the Meet-up group. I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social as their first activity. For interested young people, I also refer them to Sarah Pixie, the YAC. We have had a few newer people at the Month Baronial Social.


Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone

Chronicler (8/18) (Nicklaβ Volkheart)

Positive points:

May crown pages are up, ready for expanded information.

Vox Populi is underway, tested submission/content process that seems to work very well.

Networking with kingdom chronicler, improving visibility of events on kingdom level media.


Points to improve:

Ramp up all content, increase posting cadence and quality.

Family Activities Coordinator (vacant)

Herald (6/18)(HL Anne-Rose Smythe)

Greetings Mighty and Fierce Barony,

I am pleased to report there were no Heraldic injury reports submitted.


There was a small court at the Sven’s Day in the Park where the new Baron and Baroness were given the pleasure of bestowing awards previously given by Their Majesties’ to Lady  Rowena d’Ath-fhirdia


I am looking for persons who are interested in a Heralds-in-Training program I am putting together, either to be as mentors or those who wish to learn.  I am requesting a 6 month commitment from those who are interested. Please watch for information forthcoming on this.

Heraldic Registrations

I have not been approached by any members of the populace who need assistance with the submission process. Please let me know if you need help, either with anything in process or a new submission.

If you are an event steward and would like to host a herald table, including a consult table at your event, please let me know at least 3 months in advance so I can make arrangements with the Kingdom College of Heralds, and our local heralds.

There is a monthly commentary meeting hosted at Oddr’s house on the East side.  If you are interested in attending, please contact Oddr directly.

Pass on the word of deeds done:

Award Recommendations, please remember to submit award recommendations either to the Baron and Baroness or Their Majesties.

The Barony of Madrone Recommendation form is located here:

The Kingdom Award Recommendation form is located here:

From the above linked page:

To recommend someone for a Peerage go to:

Before you fill in this form, we suggest you read these articles about writing award recommendations:

Writing an Award Recommendation from The An Tir Handbook

Kingdom Award descriptions


I attended the Branch Officer Training in Vulkandfeldt and learned new  things.

I also attended Kingdom Feast in Dragon’s Laire  and An Tir Collegium in Wastekeep.

In Service,

Anne Rose Smythe

Red Tree Herald

Lists (2/18) (Luaithrend the Falconer’s Wife)

As we enter the season of feasting and dancing, little occurs in the Barony that requires the services of the Minister of Lists.


I did keep Lists for the rapier and heavy tournaments at the Kingdom Feast held the last weekend of October, where our own Sir Athos was victorious in the heavy tournament, and several members of the Madrone rapier community acquitted themselves in a manner of which the Baron and Baroness can be proud.

In service always,

I remain,

~~Luaithrend inghean Uilliam,

Minister of Lists for the Barony of Madrone


Rapier (7/18) (Gallant Katryne MacKim)

Attended Ursalmas planning meeting, team will need assistance, especially Gate.

Rapier continues, no injuries.

QRC upcoming, please come watch.

Scribe (7/18) (HL Madelena al Vieri)

Webster (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)

I continue to receive feedback and suggestions for our Baronial Website. This is wonderful and I welcome more!


If you would like assistance with adding the Baronial Calendar to your mobile device or laptop, please let me know!


What happened in September:


Baronial Website Project:

– I have started adding past champion information. There is a form on the past champions page so that if you know information that can fill in any gaps you can let us know.

– I have started going through our records of awards conferred and reconciling them with the OP. This will be a multi-month process to bring everything up to date. Thank you in advance for your patience.

– The secret test copy of WordPress is still sitting in a hidden corner of the Internet and has some stuff in it now but I haven’t been able to get to it much this month. Lady Gera has been tinkering I believe.


Website Maintenance:

– updated Red Branch member email addresses

– added Their Excellencies’ Progress (for real this time)

– provided WordPress support to Chronicler & Seneschal

– updated the events page to remove links to past events.


If anyone is interested in taking on the position of Webster, please contact me. I’d be happy to work with a deputy and now would be a great time because we are starting the redesign of the website.


Respectfully submitted,


Lady Alicia du Bois

Webster of Madrone

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

With school in full swing youth armored combat practices were much smaller in Oct. No injuries to report.

We set up a youth Eric at the Marymoor demo and three of our youth fighters used the opportunity for a practice. Not much interaction from the public.

Practices will continue in Nov and Dec on the 1st and 4th Monday evening at the Kappa School.


Sarah Pixie

Canton of Porte de l’Eau (9/18)(HL Christopher Hawkins)