Curia Minutes 2016-03

Barony of Madrone Curia

Agenda for

March 14, 2016

B&B Welcome (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de Coventry)

Passing around the baronial pitcher, instead of hat. Donations & site costs – curia site is now free as long

as we have downstairs. Donations continue to come in, both cash & checks. Site cost averages $313 a

month. Over $500 came in last month, through curia.

KASB – bardic champ, madrone; Tayla, on vigil for Pelican

Seneschal Welcome and Report (HL Gera Gangolffin)

Cle Elum is off table for both War of Baronies & Emprise; no land agreement with Vulcanfeldt; looking for

Aquaterra has given us permission to use their land at any time.

Emma will be vetted by kingdom for baronial Exchequer.

Exchequer Report (HL Julian Sinclair) – at end of February numbers

Checking – 724.45 (current); 250.75 (including outstanding checks)

Suggest moving money into checking, from money market (savings). Leave 15,000 in acct, move 2,676 into

Had to pre-pay storage & mailbox. Waiting for event $$ to come in.

 3/19/16: Madrone A&S Championship (HL Emma la Rousse d’Argentan)

o Auction at event – proceeds to pay for pavilion

 4/20: Shakespeare Demo for UW (external demo, not an official SCA event) (Sir Brand)

o Still on. Brand would love help. Baronial pavilion?

 9/23-25/16: Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume Garrigues, Baroness Alianora

o Still looking for site – Enumclaw fair grounds? Wyewood has given us

permission to use their lands. Archery-fest is opposite Emprise on calendar.

Date is available – they allow camping.

 8/13/16: Masters’ Tournament (Lord Cesare Caravaggio)

– Fencing tournament. No site fee. Fund raising event – donate to play. Raise

 5/19-21/17: May Crown 2017 (Baron Stephen des Jardin)

 War of the Baronies – cancelled; host Tavern event on date instead?; demo for possible

site in July, including equestrian activities, will be on a Thursday (7th or 21st); possible site

is in Carnation (actually in Barony!!); catholic church land, camp Don Bosco;

 Peasants, July 9th – (HL Sarra the Brave)

funds for rapier loaner gear.

 Baronial Budget update & approval

o Monthly update – 6640 approved; 521 spent;

Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda Page 1

School Demo – 6/20, week of 50YC, YMCA summer program (medieval week) – Sarah Pixie will organize

Officer positions accepting applications:

 Gold Key Deputy

 Rapier Marshal Deputy

 Family Activities coordinator

 Chronicler/blogger

Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups

Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill)

Dance (HL Ranulf Mirthe)

Buon giorno! Come ‘sta?

Recent and upcoming Music and Dance:

Candlemas, Blatha an Oir:

Bardic Championship [Failed to attend or obtain report; sorry]

Carnivale di Venezia, Dragon’s Mist:

Mistress Sara de Bonneville taught dance, including dances from both 15th and 16th

cent Italian repertoire

Yule, Dragon’s Laire

[Did not attend; report kindly submitted by HL Padraig]

“There was a lot of Bardic activity at Yule!

At 10:00, Ermanric, the current Bardic Champion of Dragonslaire, performed for the

Bardic Championship unopposed, with a research paper on Battle Poetry, performing

four poems: passages from the Aeneid and Henry V, the Battle of Maldon, and . He was

judged by myself, Mistress Elizabeth Mead, and Countess Elizabeth de Rossignol. We

found his talents and enthusiasm to be great, and found a few areas to recommend that

he improve. This was the second or third time the new judging forms were used- they

were helpful, but there is rising agreement for the need for branch-level judging forms

that are not as exhaustive.

Later, I taught a class on Renaissance drum rhythms based on Arbeau. See the attached

handout that I wrote up for the class. We had six students, three of whom joined us for

Ambience music was played throughout the day, coordinated by Redbow on recorder,

accompanied by myself on percussion or viol, Mistress Elizabeth on recorder, Liisa on

Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda Page 2

her bass viol, Richard on recorder, two of the drum students on snare drums (Frederick

and one whose name I did not catch), and Shannon (also from the drum class) on


The feast was preceded by a processional, with music provided by myself on snare

drum, and Redbow, Lisa, and Richard on recorders.

Padraig mac Ailpein”

[HL Padraig mac Ailpein, JdL]

Madrone, Feb 13

Medieval Women’s Choir concert: “Courtly Love”

Seagirt, Feb 13-14:

Piffaro (Renaissance wind band): Weekend workshop and two concerts

March 4th-6th:

Kingdom Arts and Sciences/Bardic, Ocean Shores:

Lobby music by HL Padraig on Viol da Gamba, HL Jason the Soelfor-Tongued,

Maddalena, HL Ranulf on recorders.

Saturday the 5th:

Bardic Entries:

Geoffrey Higgenbotham: set of three original pastoral lyric poems inspired by

Marlo and Raleigh + original polyphonic dance for 4 woodwinds w/

choreographed dance + original Fantasia for solo lute, written in three parts

Khanzar of Samarqand: a pesrev in 8/4 duyek rhythm in makam Nisabur on

harp + a pesrev in 14/8 devi revan rhythm in mskam Irak on the oud + a yuruk

semai in 64 or 6/8 rhythm in makam Nikriz on harp

Malek of Samarqand: duyek 4/4 or 8/4 rhythm+ yuruk semai 6/4 rhythm +

devri revan 14/6 rhythm

Martin le Harper: Weep No More Sad Fountains, tenor voice and lute,Dowland,

1601 + Galliard to Lachrimae, English dance lute instrumental, Dowland, 1612

+Christe qui lux es et dies, tenor solo in plainchant sections, tenor in the

polyphony sections, conducting/ leading the group, White, 1565

Padraig Mac Ailpein: Amor Pace Non Chero: solo bass violi, original

arrangement, 1584 Venosa, Italy, Gesualdo + My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is:

voice and bass violi with accompaniment on alto recorder, 1588 England, Byrd

+ Como Poden Per Sas Culpas: tabor pipe, tabor drum and voice, 13th century,

Galicia, Spain, Alphonso X

Sholeh of Susa: 3 Ottoman dances: a healing with Rast Makam + Portal of Life +

Dances from the Prince’s garden, 1500-1600

Jacob Faulkbourne: 1st act (seven scenes) of an original play in the style of


Ranulf Mirthe: poerty (rawi performance), mid-15th century Ottoman Turkey

Post-evening court: in ballroom, music by Camp Fromage Party Band (Master

Guillaume on bagpipes, Mistress Annise, Master Sean of Wales, Lord Cesare

Caravaggio and Maddalena on drums)

Post-evening court: Sight reading in lobby led by Mistress Elizabeth Piper on

Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda Page 3

fiddle and recorders, accompanied by Mistress Elanor on cello, HL Padraig on

Viol, various on recorders and drums

Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya)

Arts & Sciences (6/17) (HE Aeron Corrino)

March 4th, Madrone:

Medieval Women’s Choir concert: “Song of the Angels”

OT but partly P:

March 12-13, Madrone:

Master Trahaern and Ranulf danced in “Buffens” (sword dance from Arbeau, 1588

Langres) as part of ARC Ballet school “Spring Dance”

Upcoming events:

Madrone Baronial Bardic/A&S

Mistress Sara de Bonneville plans to teach and lead dance

OT but P: April 9th, Seattle:

Stile Antico (a cappella), “The Touches of Sweet Harmony: The Musical World of William


Stile Antico

Apr. 16th, Seagirt:

Spring Masked Ball

OT but P: Apr 30th, Seattle:

Piffaro (Renaissance wind band), “Back before Bach”


Equestrian (Mistress Annisa)

We had a well-attended practice this past Saturday, with 6 horses and about 11

The next meeting is on March 24, see the guild website for details:

Plans continue for the Emprise of the Black Lion in September.

Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)

Practice is on hiatus until Spring 2016.

Madrone A&S report:

As expected, all emphasis at present is on Baronial A&S coming up this weekend.

We have 3-4 champion candidates and 2-3 single entries. I am coordinating a judging pool of

about 7-8 judges and will be setting the judging schedule over the next 48 hrs.

His Excellency of Aqueterra will be teaching a class in Enameling in the afternoon.

The auction of items to benefit the Barony seems to be well in hand.

Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda Page 4

If I could find out asap the time Their Excellencies would like to start court in the afternoon so I

know when to make sure judging is concluded by in order to give the judges adequate time to

discuss the candidates and make their recommendation, it’d be greatly appreciated.

Branch Marshal (5/17) (Don Enzio Bandinelli)

Chamberlain (4/17) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

Chatelaine (6/16) (Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

We had 1 new email inquiry in February. We have occasional new people ask questions on

Facebook. We also have 7 new members in the Meet -up group. If you are on Meet-up, please

RSVP to activities you will attend, so new people know these activities are attended. We had one

brand new person at the monthly Baronial social, interested in music and dance, and one almost

new person interested in heavy fighting.

Chatelaine, Barony of Madrone

Family Activities Coordinator (vacant)

Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)

Lists (2/18) (Luaithrend the Falconer’s Wife)

Rapier (12/16) (HL Renzo di Venturius)

Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)

Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson)

Webster (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)

On hiatus for season.

I continue to receive feedback and suggestions for our Baronial Website. This is wonderful and I

What happened in February:

Baronial Website Project:

– Website migration from Joomla! to WordPress is on track to be complete by 3/31. All content

has been copied over from Joomla! to WordPress and categorized. Just working on the look and

feel and then we can make the switch live. Content/design will stay as-is for now with a new look

and feel, better organization, added features, etc. coming later.

– Migration Process is about 70% complete. During migration and until further notice, please let

me know if you make any changes to the Joomla! site so I know to copy them over to the

Website Maintenance:

– updated some calendar entries

– received a list of red branch award recipients and an updated copy of the Madrone Ceremonial

but these have not been posted yet.

– Our hosting was renewed for another year at a cost of $105.35. I will submit this check request

along with the one for last year’s costs at curia tonight. Our next renewal will be on 3/10/17.

Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda Page 5

Respectfully submitted,

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

I held 2 practices in Renton, one practice in Seattle and one practice in Everett in February.

Waivers were signed, kids wore armor and fun was had.

Canton of Porte de l’Eau (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

The canton is flowing along smoothly.  We are preparing for our demo in May.  “Saturday in the

Park with Sven” is May 14 at Marymoore Park.  We encourage anyone who is interested in

displaying or generally helping out to please contact Aleksandra or Anne Rose.  There will be

heavy, rapier and YAC as well.

For March’s meeting (3/28) we will be meeting in the food court at Crossroad’s Mall.  We’re

hoping that this more central location will encourage more of our folks to come have dinner and

Demo for barony at large; shades that are less than 20 x 20; followed by a grill

Seneschal, Canton of Porte de l’Eau