Barony of Madrone Curia

Agenda for

September 14, 2015


7:05 pm


B&B Welcome (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de Coventry)

            Her Excellency says we had a great Crown Event.

            His Excellency mentions Lady Gera’s GdS.

            Her Excellency mentions event coming up this weekend.

            Keep it short and sweet tonight.


Seneschal Welcome and Report (Lady Gera Gangolffin)

            Nothing wild and crazy has happened.

            Renzo’s event has some wacky patches. Crier copy did NOT get in.

            Baron Stefan explains what it means that the event is not published in the Crier.

·      Awards must be announced at a later time (probably in October Curia)

·      HL Gera inquires about an event steward checklist, wants to put that up on the site and make it available.

·      Kingdom Seneschal has asked Leonora and Sarra the Brave to do an “Autocratting 101” for the Kingdom Website


Exchequer Report (HL Lianor Pereira DoValle)

·      FC meeting following this meeting

·      Checking:                    $   6,683.06

·      Money Market:          $ 17.636.80


                        Just wrote a check for the banquet site fee.

                        No set agenda for Financial Meeting, directly following Curia tonight.


Close out


In Process

·      9/19-20/15:  Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume de Garrigues)

o   Guillame distributes advertisement cards (created with the arms of the judges, per King Renee)

o   Looking for:

§  Pavilions! Please bring yours to set up around the erics for shade during the day

§  Need help with setup (Friday evening)

·      We want to show that Madrone can set up without a lot of outside help!

·      Event starts first thing Saturday morning, so there is NOT a lot of setup time on Saturday.

·      Set up starts at 2 on Friday. If you can come for some part of the evening, please do.

§  Get involved.

·      Music

·      Heralds

·      Gate (Sgt. Karrel is running gate and does need volunteers) (You can see the equestrian field just fine from gate.)

·      Tourneys

§  HL Gera asks whether we would like gold key there. Baron Stefan will bring the gold key items. It will be adjunct to gate.

o   Saturday night there will be dancing. STJARNA is coming!! There will be a party! Bring desserts! There will be drink provided by the Baron!


·      9/28/15: A Night along the River Tweed (HL Renzo di Venturius)

o   The “event” will still be happening.

o   Garbed “event”!

o   Two very speedy tournaments, one heavy and one rapier

o   Court to celebrate the victors.

o   Encourages folk to donate prizes to incentivize the fighters to come out, make donations that support the site, and enter the tournament!

o   Will be setting out hospitality table; please feel free to make offerings to that.

o   Needs volunteer for lists

o   Baron Stefan requests that Renzo posts a reminder about the event on the Seattle Fight Facebook page.

o   Sarra the Brave volunteers to man a “gate” table, even though we are not having an “event”. We do need sign in waivers, though.

o   Event time planned for 7pm to 9pm…checking on whether we can get in at 6:30 for minimal set-up and arming up.


·      10/17/15: Madrone Baronial Feast (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

o   Site will be paid for this week (check was written)

o   If you have dietary restrictions, PLEASE LET THE STAFF KNOW!!!

o   Exciting classes are coming!

§  Edible Garnishes

§  Master Owen teaching Commedia d’el Arte

§  Aaron has scored big and Mistress Laurellen is coming to teach her Renaissance Master class (bringing the Mona Lisa that she did)

§  Kingdom Protector is coming.

§  Offers for Dancing; we will try to sneak that in there.

§  Gaming will also be offered.

§  Sarra is taking payment (over 90 reservations taken of 132) Seats are not confirmed until we have check in hand!

§  Baron Stefan requests the number for high table (12 or 16)

·      Madrone, Wyewood, Aquaterra

·      Kingdom Protector and His Lady

·      A&S and Her Lord

·      BArdic (without consort)

·      Baronial Champions: Adrianna and Her Lord

·      So, hold in reserve for 16 (the sooner we know, the better)


·      3/19/16: Madrone A&S Championship (HL Emma la Rousse d’Argentan)

The date of March 19, 2016 is reserved with Magnolia Lutheran Church for the event.  The event is up on the Kingdom calendar (EIF still TBD).  I have an email into the parish admin to get paperwork and other items rolling including a site walk-through.  Adrianna the Fierce and I are in contact.  I have communicated with Tayla and the Culinary Guild will be making a dinner for the event (Adrianna has also been in contact with the guild and research has started on what I’m sure will be a wonderful dinner).  I am working towards having flyers to post at 12th night and Ursulmas regarding the event.  Karrel is gate head and my back-up. 


The inspirational monarch for the event is Eleanor of Aquitaine. 


More details will follow. 


Please let me know if you have any question.


Yours in service,

Emma la rousse d’Argentan, GdS

Yeoman to Her Excellency Emmelina de Conventry, Baroness Madrone

Arcuarius to HL Dearbháil ingean uí Dhonnchaidh



·      5/2017: May Crown (Baron Stephen des Jardin)

o   Nothing new to report at this time

o   Spoke with Kingdom Events Deputy, need to have another partner east of the Mountains

o   Baron Stefan indicates that they are looking for July Coronation for NEXT year (2016).

o   Baron Stephen will ponder this


Old Business

            No old business to discuss.



New Business


HL Renzo would like to request an increase to the budget OR funds for capital improvements for loaner gear for marshals for the barony to keep, bring to practices, make available to newcomers who are often right off the street or have heard of us on the Meet UP and show up. Need most importantly a gorget and a 3-weapon mask.

·      Baron Stefan asks whether we can pick up used gear?

·      Renzo points out that used masks are not a good deal.

·      Renzo also points out that we could try to cheap out and make gorgets, but we need the volunteers for that.

·      $75 per mask and $75 gorget. Total comes to $332. Also included a Tupperware bin to haul it around in, and shipping.

·      Have not used rapier budget in more than three years.

·      Will discuss further during the financial committee.


Officer Reports

New officers:


Officer positions accepting applications:

·      Gold Key Deputy

·      Rapier Marshal Deputy


Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups


Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill) 

            No written report received as of Curia

Dance (Lord Ranulf Mirthe)

Buon giorno!

Coume ‘sta?


Aug 17

Madrone Social

Anneke de Venoix (voice) and Master Leith (voice and guitar) led singing group of 6-8. Master Leith discussed period plucked instrument traditions.

Master Trahaern ap Iauen led and taught 6-10 dancers. Mostly Arbeau (Langres 1588) and English Country (London 1651). Music by Ranulf on recorder.


Aug 29

Sound Sergeantry trials, Aquaterra

(Thankfully no injuries from falling trees and signs at the event, aside from damage to Wyewood baronial pavilion)

Background music during feast by Mistress Catroine (of the Wyewood Companye of Cacophanye) and Ranulf on recorders.

Dance led and taught by Master Trahearn; ~6-10 dancers. Dances from Arbeau (Langres 1588), one 15th-century Italian and a few English Country (London 1651). Music by Mistress Catroine and Ranulf.


Master Guillaume and the Camp Fromage Party Band rehearse on replica instruments.



Sep 19-20 Emprise

Oct 17 Madrone Baronial banquet (hope to have dance classes and social dancing)


Molto grazie; thank you for your time and attention.



HL Ranulf Mirthe

mka Toivo Rovainen

Equestrian (Mistress Annisa)

We had a great practice on Sunday at Reber Ranch, with 3 horses, 6 riders, and a ton of helpful hands getting started on Emprise setup. Thanks to all who came out!


Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)

Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya)

            No written report received as of Curia.

Arts & Sciences (6/17) (HE Aeron Corrino)

            No written report received as of Curia.

Branch Marshal (5/15) (Don Enzio Bandinelli)

Fighting Continues, No Injuries, Waivers are signed. 


Chamberlain (4/17) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

             No written report received as of Curia.

Chatelaine (6/16)(Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

We had 1 new email inquiry in August. We also had one contact from someone who was leaving the SCA and looking to pass on camping gear. We had 7 new members in the meet-up group.

I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social as their first activity. We had a few new people at the Month Baronial Social.

The semi-annual Meet-up group fee ($89.94) was due and was paid on 9/3/15.

I am looking into a possible Newcomer’s night for 11/16/15.


Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone


Family Activities Coordinator (3/17)(Madelena Vieri)

            No written report received as of Curia.

Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)

            No written report received as of Curia

Lists (HL Rowena D’ath-fhirdia)

            No written report received as of Curia

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

            No written report received as of Curia

Rapier (12/15) (HL Renzo di Venturius)

No injuries to report, one equipment failure, attendance has been rising, waivers get signed, two new authorizations, one new fighter to the barony.


I’d like to request capital improvement funding to procure a pair of masks, and a pair of gorgets to be kept as loaner gear for the barony.  I will present more information on this, tonight.


Preparations for the non-event continue.  I will hunt down and return the seed money check to be voided, and request a reimbursement check for the site tokens once we have a final pewter cost.  Again, if I’m overlooking something, please make me aware of it. (It’s the unofficial theme, after all.)  



Carl Leist

Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)

            No written report received as of Curia

Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson)

            No written report received as of Curia

Web (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)

            I continue to receive feedback and suggestions for our Baronial Website.     This is wonderful and I welcome more!


            What happened in August:


            Baronial Website Project:

            –No progress. Now that children are back in school my available work                   time will increase.

            Website Maintenance:

            –updates as requested.


            Respectfully submitted,

            Lady Alicia du Bois

            Webster of Madrone


Canton of Porte de l’Eau (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

            No written report received as of Curia