Curia Minutes 2015-05

Barony of Madrone Curia

Agenda for

May 11, 2015




B&B Welcome (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de Coventry)

·      Small crowd tonight

·      Progress:

o   Will NOT be at Crown; Sir Athos is taking the trailer with the pavilion. Plan is to stop on the way down in Olympia to pick up the new pavilion and transport it. Old pavilion will also go in case there are any issues with new pavilion. Sergeants will be helping to set up, but general populace is WELCOME to help set up Friday Night.

o   Will be going to Egils. Will be taking a Madrone contingency, ALL are welcome. Weekend directly after Crown.

o   Will be going to June Faire, probably day tripping. Baronial Pavilion will be at June Faire.

·      His Excellency ends here.


Seneschal Welcome and Report (Lady Gera Gangolffin)

·      Just replacing officers, doing paperwork, arranging for pavilion to be picked up.

·      Otherwise, things are really quiet.


Exchequer Report (HL Lianor Pereira DoValle)

·      Checking $ 7,861.67

·      Money Market $ 17,610.14

·      Financial Committee Meeting report:

o   Discussion regarding traveling thrones

o   Rental for this facility (2/3 cost defrayed via donations thus far); approved rental on an ongoing basis but still need official paperwork

o   Potential to move storage unit?

o   Only one member of the populace was present; so just a reminder that everyone is welcome.



Close out


In Process

·      Peasants’ Revel

o   Sgt. Karel, event copy is out, added to Crier and website. Planning meeting held. Looks to be a really great event. Just show up in your oldest, rattiest peasant gear and have fun. July 11, 2015 at 11am. Soup at 4 or 5pm. BRING WATER!  Cheese rolling will be happening, as well as some new gamesJ

o   Sir Brand adds that Peasants is perhaps the oldest and most consistent event on the Madrone calendar.  This is the very fiber of what Madrone is.

o   B&B will be vacationing in the south and will be traveling, but do plan to stop by with their entourage and will be collecting taxes. Please do better than last year, as the Crown Princess was very troubled at the state of the baronial lands.


·      Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume de Garrigues)

o   Hands budget/event matters to B&B

o   Contract with Rever is coming in at EXACTLY what was estimated last month.

o   Giving discount, but that’s a secret.  TELL NO ONE.  We are special.

o   Contract handed to Seneschal.

o   We want archery! Pas de armes! It’s becoming your gold star event, you know. Some riders from the West and Caid will be coming.

o   Check cut for deposit (50%).

o   September 19, 2015.

o   Lady Gera thanks Master Guillaume for his tremendous amount of work!!


·      Madrone Baronial Feast (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

o   No changes on Banquet.  I’d love to get some more class/activity commitments going, so please contact me if you’ve got an idea for a short class you’d like to take or teach.

o   PEARS cooked in wine, served on sautéed bread, buttered toast.

o   Chicken pie, pumpkin pie, cauliflower pie are all planned

o   Menu is set, moving forward



Renzo has an idea for a new event. Holding an event here at practice venue in place of a normal practice night, for our rapier championship.  Thinking 40 heads.  Could come out with $35 profit if they ask for the named waiver, $85 if they don’t. Monday the 28.


Old Business

·      Picking up new baronial pavilion on Friday

o   Still have not decided what to do with old pavilion.

o   No hard decision regarding sale yet made.

·      What to do with current baronial pavilion

·      Amtgard joint practice

o   Iacobo working on that. Sat down with Baron of Inland Ocean.  Had two concerns: (1) the SCA has been snobby to us in the past, and (2) they just want to rifle through our membership.  Clarified that this is really just so that we can understand what each group does.

o   End of July/Beginning of August is the best time for both events.

§  Marymoor problematic because of concerts being held, but Cesare is looking at another site.

o   Cesare and Athos wanted to focus on A&S.

o   Baron Stefan requests that Iacobo try to find a free site.



New Business



Officer Reports

New officers:

·      A&S Minister:His Excellency Aeron Corrino


Officer positions accepting applications:

·      Branch Marshal (5/15) (Don Enzio has applied. Sir Athos has expressed interested.)

·      Gold Key Deputy


Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups


Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill)

o   Baroness B—planning Feast, planning peasants revel (look for a sheep near you)

o   Putting together a pamphlet to be considered “the best of.” Idea is to give this to the Avacal Crown for largess.  Sampling of Madrone Culinary wonders.  (Will not have Sauce Bob.)

Dance (Lord Ranulf Mirthe)

God ye good den.


Master Guillaume and his Camp Fromage Party Band continue to rehearse Tuesdays and perform on period replica instruments at events.


April 18th Masked Ball, Seagirt (Victoria, BC)

Attended by 40 adults, 7 children, 1 youth. Four sets of five dances each. Recorded music. Event steward and dance leader: Mistress Anastasia Daysshe.


April 15-18 Known World Dance Symposium, Drachenwald (Miltenberg, Deutschland)

Attended by Master Trahaern ap Iauen (Madrone), HL Soelig Swetegle and HL Alen (Aquaterra). Two tracks of dance classes, one of music classes on all days, balls every night, in a 14th century town hall.


April 18th Perfectly Period Feast North (Longbranch, WA)

[Immersive event re-creating a 1487 Florentine wedding banquet. This event was fabulous, and I expand in an attempt to give credit to those whose names I have handy; there was a lot of work that went into this. Much information available on the PPFN Facebook page.]

Event Steward: HL Isebel von Waldeck

Feast Steward: Maestro Eduardo

Head of Material goods: Lord Reynhard von Waldeck (including casting acorn-knop spoons and forks for all the place settings and building and finishing ~18 take-down benches in period style)


Mistress Sine Gillian MacDonald and HL Duncan Angus MacDonald threw and painted plates and bowls in late 1400’s Italian style for over sixty place settings.

Mistress Isolde de La Vielle-a-Roue sewed the velvet servers’ giornea (tabards) and linens; HL Bessetta Wallace assisted with giornea.

HL Vasilisa Myshkina wove 12 patterned linen napkins.

Constantia and Jacob (Madrone) were part of the hard-working kitchen staff.

Several people commissioned courtly clothing ensembles from Mistress Melusine d’Argent (Blatha an Oir). Over eight people were still sewing their courtly clothing on site. One commissioned jewelry in 1480’s Italian style to match her gown’s colors.


Mistress Rafaella Di Contino taught two classes- “How to Eat and Dine in 1487 Florence” and “How to Serve in 1487 Florence”

15th century dance taught before and after lunch by Master Vincent atte Wodegate (Danse de Cleves), Master Geoffrey Mathias (Gelosia, Rostiboli Gioiosa), Mistress Crystal of Westermark, and HL Ranulf Mirthe (Amoroso. Petit Riens). Dance music by Master Galeron, Master Vincent, Master Geoffrey, and HL Ranulf on recorders. ~14 dancers.


Five removes of 4-6 dishes each; all delicious.

~61 diners, 16-18 kitchen staff, 14 servers.

Servers included Olamh Fearain, Master Owen the Merry, and Julian Sinclair.

Two of the more visually impressive dishes were whole roast suckling pig, carried in on a wooden litter, and peacock ‘phoenix’ breathing flame (tureen of quail, decorated with peacock tail feather fans, blowtorch dressed as peacock neck and head).

Music throughout feast by Mistress Alisaundre ni Feidleimeidh, Master Leith An Amhrenai dal gCais, Collette de Venoix, and Annick de Venoix (vielle, hammer dulcimer, cimbalo, flutes, percussion, voices; primarily medieval French and Iberian material).

Other feast entertainment included Nasrudin story and original poem by Olamh Fearain, song and Nasrudin story by Master Vincent, song by Master Galeron, and roll-juggling contest between Master Leith and Master Owen.

Dance afterwards included taught dances plus some Bransles and Old Measures. ~12-16 dancers. Recorder music as during classes, but with tambourine added.

Handmade bowls and plates and acorn-knop spoons and forks sold off afterwards by order of precedence; 2-3 leftover settings and some servers’ giornea sold by silent auction.


Thank you for your time and attention.

In service,

HL Ranulf Mirthe

mka Toivo Rovainen

Equestrian (Mistress Kerij-e)

o   Come to come practices to learn how to do ground crew for jousting

o   If you are interested in ground crew for Emprise, get your training this summer!

Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)

o   Pewter is happening

Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya)

If the weather will co-operate, we can start archery in the backyard this week or next.

We’re thinking of changing nights to Wed, so we don’t conflict with the new big Monday practice or meetings.

Let us know if that works for the Barony or if another night would be better.


Discussion from the council regarding Wednesdays, will most likely work.

Renzo indicates that Wednesday is still getting a good showing for new folks at fighter practice.


Arts & Sciences (5/17) (HE Aeron Corrino)

o   Just stepped into this role.




Chamberlain (4/14) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

No events in next 2 months. No need to loan out equipment.

Talking to Peasants and Emprise stewards for events 2 plus months out.



Baronial Chamberlain

Chatelaine (6/16)(Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

We had 2 new email or Facebook inquiries in May, both with some past history of the SCA. We also had 1 new member in the meet-up group. I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social (Madrone or Porte de l’Eau) as their first activity.


Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone

Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)

Events/Court Report
Madrone did not hold any events since my last report.

Misc Announcements

See you at May Crown!  If you’re interested in trying out voice heraldry, volunteers are always welcome to announce a round of the tournaments or do town cry around the site.  I believe there will also be a consulting table for names and devices.

Name and Device Registrations

Recently registered:
Stefan of Pembroke – badge: (Fieldless) On a tower sable a cross crosslet fitchy argent.
Xavier the Sinister – device: Per chevron inverted azure and vert, in fess two elk’s heads couped contourny between in pale a compass star elongated to base and a sword inverted argent.
Enzio Bandinelli – name
Morgan Donner – device: Gules, a cloth waist-apron strings loose argent.

Currently in the registration process:

Have been decided on by Laurel, but the Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) is still being proofread:
Basil Dragonstrike – heraldic will on 2015-01-31 LOI
Enzio Bandinelli – device on 2015-01-31 LOI
Genevieve Marie Etiennette de Montagne – badge on 2015-01-31 LOI
Mariia Aleksandra Lavrovna – badge on 2015-01-31 LOI
Rowan of Atherdee – name and device on 2015-01-31 LOI

Being decided at this month’s Laurel meetings:
Oddr Þiálfason – blanket permission to conflict with his arms and heraldic will on 2015-02-28 LOI

On an An Tir Letter of Intent (LOI), which contains checked submissions being sent to Laurel for a final round of discussion:
Verena Reynhartt – name and device on 2015-03-31 LOI
Oddr Þiálfason – transfer of badge on 2015-03-31 LOI

Lists (HL Rowena D’ath-fhirdia)

o   No events held in the Barony last month

Branch Marshal (5/15) (Master Sean O’Conner)

Fighting continues, no injuries, waivers get signed. Armored combat on Wednesday nights has pretty much stopped (though rapier still happens on Wednesday night).  Monday night see 4-12 armored combatants.  I do need to find a replacement for my office, my involvement in the Order of Defense is eating up all my extra time.


Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

No official practices, no events.

Doing some recruiting at Monday night social. 


Rapier (12/15) (HL Renzo di Venturius)

Fighting continues, waivers are signed, no injuries or incidents reported, no recent events, a few new fighters and inquiries from new transplants to the area, Dirk has requested junior marshal authorization, and I have an idea for an event to host a baronial rapier championship.   


Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)


Reframing Madrone Charter – Step One: Fix seal on old charter.

Madrone Charter Seal – I contacted the West Kingdom about getting a new seal to replace the shattered seal on the Charter Scroll. I was told that in order to get a new seal the Scroll would need to have the date changed and that would of course change Madrone’s OP position. I was advised instead to attempt to repair the broken seal instead. When I say it is shattered I mean shattered. There are many shards and one large chunk. I have no experience in this kind of work. There are pieces of the seal floating loose in the frame and some look to be missing all together. The framing people want the seal repaired before they can reframe, obviously. So framing is on hold until a seal repair solution can be found.


Scribal Night:

Date & Time: The scribal night is happening the first & third Mondays. The Next meeting is June 1st. NO SCRIBAL MEETING MAY 18th. SCHOOL IS CLOSED – CLASS CANCELLED. Location is the KapKa school where fight practice is happening.

Charters: I received four painted charters in April. I have more kingdom charters to hand out. Please return to me anything you have outstanding, even unfinished work. I am trying to amass enough to cover both the Emprise *AND* Banquet because they are too close together for work to occur between.

Current Stock: Based on what I have and guesstimated need for the next two events with some extra stock allowed for A&S. No production occurred over the Nov-Dec holidays last year. I project none will this year. So totals actually reflect three events worth.

                Tsvetis: Have 4, Need 8-10 Total

                Green Leafs: Have 7, Need 10-12 Total

                Gwraidds: Have 6, Need 2 Total

                Rapier Champion: Have 1, Need 1 Total

                Champions: Have 1, Need 4 Total

                Saplings: Have 1, Need 3 total

                Book marks: Have 0, Need 12 total

                Thank Yous: Have 0, Need 4 total


Attendance: April 21:  eight scribes in attendance.

Classes: Class on Shading by Alicia was super helpful and by the end of the night we had amazing shading results!

Upcoming subjects for June will include:  Calligraphy – Part Two


Office Materials:

Purchased: No purchases made in April

Still Needed:

Framing for Madrone Charter and Scribal Regalia


Black wax melting/pouring pot (using coke can for now)

Box to contain all the seal making elements – needs to be heavy duty enough to contain the cast iron griddle, all the wax, matrix, poured seals, melting pots, tools, and foils.

Archival storage for past reign charters & masters – looking at portfolios and acid free boxes. So far, these seem expensive solutions.


April Goals:

Make a list of Scribes and their contact info for Manual – (Complete)

Finish the last entries for the new Scribal Manual – (Complete)

Find a deputy – (Complete)


May Goals:

Build up an inventory of charters ready to be signed and sealed (In Progress)

Deputy to confirm Teachers for Classes – (In Progress)

Get approval for continued work on Framing projects – (In Progress)

Get names for scrolls for two fall events from the Baron & Baroness for assignment to scribes (Requested)

Investigate Port d’leau scribal night – (Not started)


In Service,

Lady Rignach of Argyll

Baronial Scribe, Madrone


Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson)

o   Happening on Thursday’s at Klaufi’s house


Web (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)

Goals for April 2015:


Baronial Website Project – 

– Meet with Website Redesign Team regarding current and new sitemap 

– Finalize sitemap

– Design decision: stay with current design or change designs?


Website Maintenance:

– upload 2014 curia and financial committee minutes (done)

– create an event page (as requested by Event Stewards) for Baronial A&S 2016.

– create an event page for Peasant’s Revel? For Baronial Banquet? 

– contact Tim regarding other domain names we have registered so we can keep them all together and make sure they all point to the same place. (Still trying to contact him).

– ongoing maintenance as needed/requested. (ongoing)


– feature request: Add Baronial Events calendar to your own personal Google calendar. This is now possible. See for details of how to do this.


Baronial Website Project Update:

due to other projects, no progress was made on this project in April


Goals for May 2015:


Baronial Website Project: 

– Meet with Website Redesign Team regarding current and new sitemap

– Finalize sitemap

– Design decision: stay with current design or change designs?


Website Maintenance:

– create an event page (as requested by Event Stewards) for Baronial A&S 2016.

– create an event page for Peasant’s Revel? For Baronial Banquet? 

– contact Tim regarding other domain names we have registered so we can keep them all together and make sure they all point to the same place.

– ongoing maintenance as needed/requested.


Canton of Porte de l’Eau (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

The Canton is going along swimmingly with a good turn-out for practice & social on Friday nights.  No practice this week because of Crown, but we’re on for the rest of the month.  Just check here ( to see the calendar for the month and get directions.  Please do come join us occasionally!


            Sergeant’s Report

o   Zombie contingency plan was discussed

o   Aquaterra is having trials on August 29, 2015.  Encouraged to attend, help, show support, etc.  Sergeants and B&B will be attending.

o   By that time, Aquaterra will have a new B&B

o   Sunday of that weekend will be an equestrian event

o   Wyewood has candidates as well, Her Excellency encourages her populace to assist.