Curia Minutes 2015-02

Barony of Madrone Curia

Agenda for

February 9, 2015


Call to Order:           7:10pm


B&B Welcome (9/16) (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de Coventry)


            Baroness Emmelina  speaks of A&S, our new Champion, dinner, and tells the     story of “A Boy and His Pie.”


            Baron Stefan speaks also of the weekend, our new Champion and her       enthusiasm, awards given at the event, the Negroli presentation, dinner, and Duke         Stefan having a really great time!


                        Mentioned at the financial committee last week that the Baron and                                      Baroness will not be able to attend May Crown due to mundane                                               commitments.  However, he will send the Baronial Pavilion along with                                anyone who is interested in hauling it over there and back.


Seneschal Welcome and Report (12/16) (Lady Gera Gangolffin)

·      Seneschal training—took a trip down to Summits for the Seneschal/Exchequer training. 

·      Filling various officer positions—see below.

·      Event scheduling and staffing—working with Culinary Guild

·      Baronial policies and traditions update—draft in progress; will build on top of current draft and get that out in about a month for discussion and commentary.  Needs to be cleaned up, language and new awards need to be updated.


Exchequer Report (12/16) (HL Lianor Pereira DoValle)

·      We have money AND we turned a profit for 2014. Come to Curia tonight to get the figures.

o   $ 11,152.11 checking as of 01/31

o   $ 17,590.87 money market as of 01/31

o   And there was much celebration at the mention of profit of $ 2,223.17.

o   We are NOT dipping into reserves.  Some of the profit is already earmarked for other things, but it is a sign that we are moving forward.


·      Financial committee meeting


o   Request from YAC Marshal for $232.00 for a one-time expenditure to create starter and loaner gear.  6 shields and swords, and 10 boffer swords.  Approved by the financial committee; now needs to bring it up here for the second prong of the approval process.  YAC Marshal will maintain and store equipment, but it remains baronial property.  Discussion of ongoing maintenance; propose that it’s rolled into $50/year discretionary funds.  Karrel requests that a list be compiled upon completion so that it can be counted as baronial property under the Chamberlain’s office.  Motion to authorize expenditure carried.


o   Baron Pembroke reminds us that the profits from 2014 include May Crown.  We need to continue in this vein to continue profitability.


o   Discussion of mentor/advising to assist any new Kingdom event Event Steward(s).


o   Without May Crown, we would have had a loss of just over $1,000.  So we do need to remain aware of that.



Close out

·      Baronial A&S (HL Emma La Rousse D’argentan)

o   Great event!  Repeated thanks for all of the help.  We may indeed make a profit in the $150-200 range conservatively.  Will have final figures next month (this event was two days ago, we don’t expect that it would be closed out at this point).


o   Baron Pembroke says that while the numbers were lower than last year, we had the Ducal classes.  On Sunday, most of those people who went to the class paid site fee and went to the class.  We had more people inside the hall participating than we did last year.  Take care when scheduling guest speakers in the future that we don’t inflate the numbers just to entice them.  90 adults, 9 youth, 8 children.  That does not include kitchen, which would be another 7.  Out of the gate sheets, there were 70 who paid for feast.


o   Having the classes really helped with attendance as well.


o   Note:  this is a really great event for a first-time Event Steward.


In Process

·      Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume de Garrigues)

o   Currently trying to restart a discussion with venue (Reber Ranch) regarding contracts.  We have been priced out with the contract as written.

o   Vendor is working on coming up with a contract that will fit with our budget.

o   Other sites?  Will start that process if we don’t get a firm answer in the next two weeks.

o   Has had conversation with one person who is interested in being the Event Steward.

o   Date is reserved on calendar.



·      Peasants’ Revel

o   Is on Kingdom calendar for 7/11.

o   Have some new ideas to change things around from the Culinary Guild side.

o   Will have an Event Steward designated in short order.


·      Madrone Baronial Feast

o   October 17, 2015.  Will be at the Masonic Hall in Shoreline.  (They have a GREAT kitchen!!)

o   Cost for site has not changed.  $1700.  $300 is refundable deposit.

o   Very minimal expenses.  Site, banquet permit, site tokens, small miscellaneous amount for decorations, etc.

o   Culinary Guild has indicated that this will be a $13 fee for feast because of rising food costs.  In addition, proposing $15 site fee.

o   That would be a total of $28 per adult for site and feast, as opposed to $25 last year.  Baroness Emmelina brings up the discussion of getting “more” for the raised site fee.  Under 18 will be free for site fee, but must still pay for meal.

§  The $28 fee will put us at a $300 profit with attendance of 120 people

§  Cap is 132 max for dinner.  12 head table, 120 hall.  No room for off board because of layout.  We cannot have anyone eating upstairs because of carpeting.

§  What about those who want to stay but can’t or won’t eat the feast?  There is not room at this site for off board seating..  Pembroke does express concerns regarding putting people off by saying “You can’t stay if you aren’t eating feast.” He prefers discouraging it, but taking a hard look the day of the event and making a decision at that point.

§  And, we need to be sure that if anyone who is NOT eating feast wants to use space in the kitchen they arrange in advance.  There is just no room in the kitchen.

§  Site copy will say “This site does not have accommodation for off-board seating.” Day of, if there is room in the hall, we will figure it out.

§  Dinner is pre-pay.  Reservations will close in advance of the event date.

§  Food allergies can be accommodated.  Contact the kitchen head/culinary guild AT LEAST TWO WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

o   Activities throughout the day??  Small classes?  Artisan displays?  Silent auction?  Asking for input from the populace.  Let’s make use of the site.

§  Game classes, or maybe a games tournament.  Discussion about how that might work.

§  Painting

§  Game tournament

§  Garnish class to be used during the feast

§  Perhaps fighting early in the day

§  Perhaps bardic upstairs during the daytime

§  Dancing during the daytime

§  Newcomer class

§  Coin stamping class (Baron will reach out to Master Arion tonight re making a coin for the event, stamping a bunch, etc.)

o   Will touch base with A&S Champion for ideas as well.


·      Other?


Old Business

·      Baronial Pavilion

o   Continuing discussion and commentary.

o   Financial committee discussed last week.  95/98% of the barony is in favor of having a new pavilion.  The options were: 1. Fund out of baronial funds; 2. Seek donations to defray; 3. Seek donations only.

o   Financial committee has decided to buy it outright and then seek donations to defray the cost.

o   Specific pricing is being sought.

o   The poles for a 20 x 30 pavilion are a little large for transport.  Perhaps order the poles from Panther because they are smaller.  Need to make sure that the poles will be transportable by multiple people.

o   We are not doing the dag fundraiser.  Majority of the barony was not in favor.  Baron Pembroke discussed a bit about the decision-making process regarding the populace concerns regarding retention of the old pavilion.

o   Some discussion regarding the next size up, whether that would be practical, going from an oval to a rectangle, costs, etc.  Anything larger is a custom make.


o   No decision yet on what will happen to the current pavilion.  We really need to put that to open commentary from the Barony.  The reality is that there is emotional attachment from many baronial members, and Baron Stefan had not realized that before.  Do we repair it?  Do we keep it in storage?  Do we use it for an encampment shade?  Perhaps using it as an encampment shade.  We will run that through the decision process for commentary.


New Business

·      Indoor fight practice/social gathering space

o   Had a spot over the summer that looked very promising, but they wanted to rent it to basketball instead.  Oh, well.

o   We need something that will be consistent.

o   Consistent date for the library is difficult because of library policies.

o   Good news:  Maria teaches at a school in North Seattle across from the zoo.  Has been trying to get that location for a long time but it had been booked out.  Mondays just opened up, and it is guaranteed on Mondays indefinitely.

o   Gym with classroom attached.

o   Also potential to use cafe area.

o   $75/week.  It’s less than we pay for Curia space and less than what we pay for the gym over the summer.

o   Natasha booked it, took on the financial responsibility herself, with a plan to collect donations from the fighters to help pay for it.

o   It used to be that Madrone was THE PLACE, but we haven’t had the facility.  We have the opportunity, and we are still in the “testing phase.” Practice is happening tonight, so yay!!

o   If it works, this could be a weekly fighter practice gather, do Curia there, A&S, Dance, put it all together.

o   Continue to collect money from the fighters to subsidize, and continue to do the fighter classes where we bring fighters from out of kingdom to teach.  Sir Rauokinn is paying for instructor air fare  out of her own pocket, with reimbursement from the class proceeds.

o   Budgetary concerns:  $2,000 is currently budgeted for Curia and Social space right now.  This new space will be $3,600/year. 

o   Anything that we can do together is a benefit to the barony, socially and emotionally.  Donations can offset.

o   This is a trial of this new fight venue, and is an official fight practice with gate and waivers and etc. There has been no decision related to Madrone assuming responsibility for rental, and we propose waiting a couple of months to assess.Discussion of parking.

o   Fighting from the knees has already been cleared.  No worries about damaging the floors. 

o   Baron Stefan asks if we have an update on how many people showed up thus far?

o   Questions about our commitment, regarding holidays, etc.

§  We “own” Mondays until we stop.  We are looking into the possibility of committing to a year to see if that will make a price break.

§  Need to look at logistics regarding holidays, etc.

§  Discussion regarding whether both practices will remain in force (Monday and Wednesday)


·      Amtgard

o   Discussion of a day in the park to bring the two groups together

o   Light on fighting

o   The idea is to bring the groups together to foster cross-pollination

o   Work closely with Chatelaine on this issue.

o   What do we do about logistical issues such as having people trying out armor, etc.?  Waivers, baby.  Waivers.

o   That’s exactly what we do at Ursulmas, after all.

o   Baron Pembroke admonishes us to remember NOT to “look down” on the Amtgard folks during this meeting.  We need to understand them just as much as they might want to understand us.

o   Athos and Cesare were the first people to say that this should be a fighting light event.

o   This meeting/event would be Madrone and Inland Ocean, local groups, rather than a bigger draw.

o   Shooting for a weekend day in the Spring.

o   Iacobo will work through that.


Officer Reports

New officers:

·      Social Media Deputy—filled

o   We need PHOTOS so that we can give her photos to use.

o   Take more photos.

o   May need a Twitter and Instagram presence.

·      Chronicler—filled

o   Content creation and dissemination rather than moderator!


Officer positions accepting applications:

·      A&S Minister—just opened, see below

·      Gold Key Deputy—still needed

·      Family Activities Coordinator—Arnora has volunteered.  Lady Gera will reach out to her to coordinate.  Had activities for the kids at A&S this past weekend!  Background check, etc. needs to be done.  Lady Gera will handle, and process Lady Sarah’s at same time.


Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya) – Inactive for season

Arts & Sciences (4/15) (HL Katryne MacKim)

My Warrant is up in April of this year.  I do not want to renew my warrant.  I would recommend Their Excellencies and the Seneschal call for actual resumes for those interested in the position.

Events upcoming:
Baronial Arts and Sciences: February 7th

Classes concluded: 
January Social was a garbed event, but low key.

Classes Scheduled (all upcoming)
February- Artisan’s display ( I hope)
march tbd.

Chamberlain (4/14) (HL Karrel der Ertmundigender)

Baronial items were used at Baronial A&S and returned. No other equipment loans scheduled at this time. <Seneschale’s note: Sergeant Karrel’s warrant expired last spring, but he’s willing to extend it for another term. Many thanks!>

Chatelaine (6/16)(Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)

We had 3 new email or Facebook inquiries in January: all new, but with some past history of the SCA. We also had 6 new members in the meet-up group. I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social (Madrone or Porte de l’Eau) as their first activity. I have also encouraged new people to go to Ursulmas. We had a few new people at the January Baronial Social.

Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)

Here is the February report for heraldic goings-on in January.

Events/Court Report

The Madrone Arts and Sciences Championship had a baronial court on Saturday, February 7th.  The following awards were given:

·      Arts and Sciences Champion – Adrianna the Fierce

·      Order of the Red Branch – Spike Zoetaert

·      Poisson d’Or – Sean O’Conner

·      Order of the Carp – Sean O’Conner (on behalf of their previous Majesties from 12th Night)

·      Various thank-yous and tokens for kingdom high scores in thrown weapons and darts were also given out.

·      Big thanks to Spike Zoetart and Athos Beliario for heralding at court, and to Oddr for joining me at the consulting table.



Misc Announcements


Gallant Kate MacKim is now officially my Court Reporting Deputy, making reports of awards given at court to the kingdom Order of Precedence deputy.  She’s been doing this in an unofficial capacity for several years now.

For those who missed the heraldic underwear being shown off at the A&S consulting table, it’s here:

For the rest of February I’ll be occupied with real-life job changes (and spending all my spare time prepping for Estrella War) so will not be giving any classes at socials this month.

Name and Device Registrations


Recently registered:

·      Gera Gangolffin – name and device

·      Elizabeth Nightingale – name

·      Antoine Dragon – name

Currently in the registration process:

Have been decided on by Laurel, but the Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) is still being proofread:

·      Landin de Marest – name and device

Being decided at this month’s Laurel meetings:

·      Alicia du Bois – name and device

·      Henry Hosteler – name change from Ian of Ashton

·      Agnes Hosteler – name

·      Agnes and Henry Hosteler – household name and joint badge

·      Xavier the Sinister – name

·      Ordo Equi – order name change

·      Oddr Þiálfason – alternate name ʻAbd al-Nūr ibn al-Hasib ibn al-Tayyib al-Faqīh

On an An Tir Letter of Intent (LOI), which contains checked submissions being sent to Laurel for a final round of discussion:

·      Stefan of Pembroke – badge on 2014-12-31 LOI

·      Xavier the Sinister – device on 2014-12-31 LOI

·      Enzio Bandinelli – name on 2014-12-31 LOI

·      Enzio Bandinelli – device on 2015-01-31 LOI

·      Morgan Donner – device on 2014-11-25 LOI

·      Genevieve Marie Etiennette de Montagne – badge on 2015-01-31 LOI

·      Mariia Aleksandra Lavrovna – badge on 2015-01-31 LOI

·      Rowan of Atherdee – name and device on 2015-01-31 LOI


On an An Tir internal Kingdom Letter of Intent (KLOI), which contains submissions in their first round of checking:

·      Annori Vieri – name on 2015-01-19 KLOI

·      Oddr Þiálfason – blanket permission to conflict with his arms on 2015-01-19 KLOI

Lists (HL Rowena D’ath-fhirdia) – Inactive for season

Knight Marshal (5/15) (Master Sean O’Conner)

            NOTE:  New ABC of Heavy Combat has been published, and there are                                significant changes!!!

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

I helped with the YAC tournament at Ursalmas doing lists and talking with visitors from who were interested in the program. No official practices were held. No Youth workshops, information nights or practices scheduled yet but the program will be starting back up soon.


Rapier (12/15) (HL Renzo di Venturius)

Fighting continues; no injuries or incidents; waivers are getting signed; attendance has notably increased.   One re-authorization and one new fighter, of late.    Looking forward to Monday’s indoor practice.

Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)

            NOTE:  Looking for a deputy because she will be gone from July through                October this year.

            ALSO:            discussion of having scribal at the new indoor space?  More                                     discussion to come, but it sounds like a great idea.

            Has already created a copy of the job description, distributed to      B&B/Seneschal as well as anyone who is interested.

Scribal Night:

Date & Time: The scribal night is happening the first & third Mondays now. The Next meeting is tonight at Rignach’s House Feb 2nd,   7-9pm.

Charters: Handed out charters for painting. Desperately need to collect some back. Calling all painters! Please return what you have.

Attendance: We had seventeen scribes in attendance January 19th amazing beginner calligraphy class by Ismenia  and the first week in January was cancelled.

Classes: The class on calligraphy  (Jan 19th by Ismenia) was very successful. Mark your calendars for part B in March. It will be the next step. If you want to come to this please message me there is a small project to complete beforehand. Nothing major. You will not want to miss this one!

Upcoming subjects for February and March will include: Resources, Matching Calligraphy hands to that disconnected image, Shading in the medieval fashion, by Alicia du Bois,  and Calligraphy Part Two by Ismenia.

Office Materials:

·      Astroparche charter paper ordered ($72.73 for 250 shts)

·      Quality Brushes in various useful sizes ordered ($60.00 for 8)

·      Still Needed:

·      Droppers

·      Black and Green Wax (I am out completely)

·      Black wax melting/pouring pot (using coke can for now)

·      Box to contain all the seal making elements

·      Archival storage for past reign charters & masters – looking at portfolios and acid free boxes

January Goals:

·      Get quotes for re-framing the Baronial Charter Scroll and Officer Regalia (15thc book page) – (Complete)

·      Confirm teachers for February classes – (Complete)

·      Prepare awards for A&S – (Complete by Curia)

·      Acquire supplies for making charters (paper and wax) – (In progress – waiting for wax order – Sarra the Brave?, paper ordered)

·      Build up an inventory of charters ready to be signed and sealed (in progress)

February Goals:

·      Get approval for continued work on Framing project – (In Progress)

·      Attend A&S – (Complete by curia)

·      Make a contact list for the Scribes Manual – (Not Started)

·      Confirm Teachers for March Classes – (In Progress)

·      Build up an inventory of charters ready to be signed and sealed (in progress)

·      Make a large print run so I have more charters to hand out – (In Progress)

·      Add a Port d’leau scribal night – (Not started)

Serjeantry (HL Katryne MacKim)

Our meeting in January was virtual, and this actually worked out quite well. Items addressed:

·      New shield board making party Sat Jan 31. Rignach completed two new boards: thank you!

·      No new sergeantry petitions for 2015. Her Excellency Emmelina would like not to impose hard deadlines but accept petitions when they occur and assist candidates thereafter.

·      There is an An Tir-wide Sergeantry largesse challenge, with the next targeted event September Crown.

·      Gera and Angharad (of BaO) have created a kingdom-wide sergeantry FB group to discuss items like the above.


Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson) – Inactive for season

Web (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)—I will transfer her report from the email.


Discussion was had in Curia regarding:

·      Website requirement committee in process.

·      Will come up with recommendations to present to the populace.


Report as submitted in email format follows:

From December 2014:


·      To do in January 2015:

o   update officer email addresses as necessary (done)

o   solicit feedback from the barony regarding the new website

o   remove Bards and Blades from the events list on the front page (done)

·      Also website updates to A&S Event page and Officer’s page were made upon request.

o   Baronial Website Update:

o   We will use WordPress for the new website since it will be easier to use than Joomla.

o   Goal is to have the new Website done for

o   WordPress has been installed on a new server

o   Google calendar, comment anti-spam, and security plugins have been installed and configured.

o   Working on a sitemap so we can see if we need to rearrange/add/subtract information


·      To do in February 2015:

o   solicit feedback from the Barony regarding the new website

o   identify members of the Barony who may be able to help

o   upload curia and financial committee minutes



Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill) 

·      Discussion regarding reservations, advance payment, etc.

·      Strongly suggest to return to prepayment.


The Guild is quite active with multiple activities last year and coming up in 2015.  In addition to providing dinners and banquets, we have added a new volume to our Feudal Gourmet series.  A Gothic Feast – Food in the time of Chaucer is roughly half research and history of food in the late 14th century, and half recipes.  It contains 18 recipes for main courses, sides, vegetables, sauces, desserts and spice mixes.  While I was the editor, it was a group effort to complete, with contributions from more than five guild members.  We’ve already sold roughly a hundred copies since Twelfth Night.

Monthly we hold:

·      Business meeting with a potluck dinner – The first Wednesday of the month we host our business discussion and planning meeting at a rotating location.  We have between 8 and 15 attendees.

·      Reconstruction – The 2nd Thursday of every month we spending an evening working on recipes for upcoming events/dinners.  Right now we’re hosting it in Bellevue, and have about 6—8 attendees.

·      Video night – We are working our way through Ken Albala’s History of Food video lecture series, now with coordinating food.  We hold this in Woodinville and have 6-10 attendees

Activities last quarter:

·      Blades and Bards – Sarra the Brave was the Kitchen head, presenting a Venetian dinner for about 60 diners

·      Guild party – The guild holds a Christmas party every year, usually in January.  The Theme was Dr Who foods, and we held a gift exchange

Upcoming events:

·      Baronial A&S – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill will be the kitchen head and we will be serving and Elizabethan dinner of Chicken Pie, compound Salat, Buttered Onions, and a banqueting dessert course to accompany dancing later in the evening.  The dinner is already sold out.

·      April – Perfectly Period Feast – Several members of the Guild will be working in the kitchen, and we may provide some equipment

·      July 11th – Peasants Revel 

·      Oct 17th – Baronial Banquet – We are working on an Italian feast of new recipes from Scappi, Genevieve Marie Etiennette de Montagne is heading up the research and will be the Kitchenhead. 

·      Nov 7th – Kingdom Feast – The guild will be providing a main course of Italian dishes from our existing recipes.  Ysolt Tayler of Windhill will be the Kitchenhead

A new culinary guild website is still in the works. 

Dance (Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan)

God ye good den. Sorry for the delay.

Jan 9-11th
12th Night, Eugene, OR
Report by Marcello Fornarius:

“Dance Musicians: Malek and Khanzara (drums and harp, mostly), Galleran de Chantrel (drum, recorders), Marcello Fornarius (cello), Geoffry Higgenbothem (recorders, lute?), and Elisabeth the piper and her friend Elanor (Cello) stopped by for a while. 

Petra coordinated the dancer side of things, she and Bastian taught many of the dances, but His Majesty insisted on (and taught with Her Majesty) Hole in the Wall, which we scrambled and found in our stacks of music. The other pieces we played were: Gathering Peascods, Rufty Tufty, Heart’s Ease, Black Nag, Jenny Pluck Pears, and Trenchmore. I don’t know if the dancers continued without us after we finished playing. 

There were quite a lot of onlookers, and I think when His Majesty was there we had 30 or 40 people dancing. 

Before court, Galleran lead a 20 person ensemble in three pieces (Stella Splendens, Riu Riu Chiu, Gaudete), two of which were reprised in the hall before the thrones as people settled into court.

Guillaume with the rauschfife had a band during court on Saturday, where they danced Hole in the Wall in the aisle (Because someone told the King court was boring). There was some prominent cutting involving the queen, but I wasn’t close enough to see properly. 

Ambience musicians played in various nooks around the hotel throughout Friday and Saturday. Galleran and his lady Rhi hosted a bardic circle Saturday evening which I was unable to attend, as I was fighting in the Queen’s Rapier Championship.

Let me know if I can be of further service,

Marcello Fornarius”

Tues Jan 13th
Madrone Social

Dance taught and led by HL Soelig Swetegle and HL Alen of Aquaterra.

Sat Jan 24th
Ursulmas in Aquaterra (Everett)

[Did not attend; report from Lord Patrick]

Day and court music by Camp Fromage Party Band (Master Guillaume de Garrigues on winds, Mistress Annise, Master Sean of Wales and Lord Cesare Caravaggio on percussion) joined by Lord Patrick on Viol da gamba and fiddle. Some pickup singing by Mistress Alisaundre, Anneke de Venoix and Colette de Venoix (Bardic Champion of Madrone).

Sat Feb 7th
Madrone A&S

Day music: Mistress Alisaundre (Vielle, Nickelharpe, dulcimer). Master Leif (whistles. oudh), Anneke de Venoix (voice, percussion), Colette de Venoix (voice, percussion), Lord Patrick (Viol da gamba, lute), Camp Fromage Party Band: Master Guillaume (small pipes, rauschpfeiffe, recorders), Mistress Annise, Master Sean, Lord Cesare, Lady Alinora (percussion), and Ranulf (recorders).

Court: drums by Camp Fromage, trumpets by Lady Matilda & Ranulf.

Dance led and taught by HL Luaithrenn (w/Ranulf). 6-8 dancers. Mostly Playford (London, 1651), with Pavan and Galliard from Arbeau (Langres, 1589) and Karabushka (20th century folk). Dance music by Camp Fromage Party Band, with Lord Patrick (voice, lute) and Lady Matilda Stoyle (sackbut).

Thank you for your time and attention.

HL Ranulf Mirthe


Equestrian (Mistress Kerij-e)—

The guild held its first practice of 2015!  There were 7 horses and 8 riders.   Join us for our next practice on Saturday, February 28, 2015  at the C.M. Trinity in Maple Valley, WA
We also held our first guild meeting of the year and in addition to regular business discussed our winter goals and announced all of the 2015 practices.  Join us for our 
next meeting on Thursday, February 26, 2015 at the AFK Tavern in Renton.
Sir Rapheal put together a display at the Arts and Sciences event this past weekend.  Thanks to Master Guillaume and Mistress Annisa for their contributions.
For directions to meetings and practices.  Please see the guild website:

Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)


Canton of Porte de l’Eau (Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)

·      Small profit made on Blades & Bards

o   Contemplating this year’s event

o   May not wish to do December because of so many other events during that time frame

o   May just end up being a picnic in the park during the summer, and then in Spring next year for new choice of Rapier Champion

·      Will be working on updates and new website

·      Tentative plan for Spring A&S date

·      Meeting this Friday at 7pm