Curia Minutes 2015-01

Barony of Madrone Curia
Meeting Minutes for January 12, 2015
Prepared by Luaithrenn the Falconer’s Wife (Laurie Magan)
B&B Welcome
• Following through on his promise of last month, His Excellency chooses to move
the front row of chairs!!
• Her Excellency speaks of 12th Night!!! Announcements regarding special happy
12th Night events.
o Court Barony for His Excellency Stephen!!! Many thanks for his Marshal
o Dona Brighid recognized for White Scarf!! And made the Sweet Sixteen
in QRC.
o Two knightings for Madrone!!! Sir Athos, and Sir Phillip. Exciting,
emotional, super wonderful all the way around.
o Many, many, MANY forget-me-nots, Kings Favors, Bountiful Hands were
given to members of Madrone for their service during this reign.
• Baron Stefan noted that during Athos’ knighting, many Amtgard folks came out.
Athos best friend is current King in Amtgard and brought a lovely sword for Sir
Athos. So VERY proud of Our King and Kingdom with how the King of
Amtgard was received. It was a really special moment when he was called into
court and everyone was cheering. He said that he was treated with respect by our
peers and our populace. Stefan’s inbox was FLOODED today with people saying
how much they wanted to meet and learn about the SCA and come to events.
Master Fearain had a long discussion with many Amtgard members on their
Facebook page today, and gave information regarding our fighting page, etc.
Encouraging folks to go to Amtgard’s practice/event this Saturday. The courtesy
that our Kingdom and our Crown showed to Amtgard this weekend didn’t bear
any great cost to us, but we will certainly reap those rewards!! So personal thanks
from Pembroke for that!!!
• Social night is tomorrow!!! Everyone is encouraged to dress in garb:) (And, we
will try NOT to do Social right after Curia again!) We are going to try to do this
quarterly, maybe have a court at Social night, etc.
• One other announcement, Duke Stephan of Bellatrix will be coming to teach a
class at A&S. Sir Rauokinn has generously offered to buy the ticket!! There will
be a Saturday class regarding honor taught by Duke Stefan. Sunday she will do
the $20 fighter class, those funds will cover the cost of airfare and the rest will be
donated to the Barony. Stay tuned for more details!!
Financial Committee Meeting
Will take place on. Monday February 2, Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park.
7-9pm. The populace is welcome and encouraged to attend.
Bards & Blades
The event was very well attended. There were many competitors, which was in
part due to a format which lent itself to having lots of competitors. Kudos to the
Barony for breaking new ground!!! Also, Dona Brighid is the Gecko Rapier
Close out
None to report or discuss at this time, other than as noted above.
In Process
• Baronial A&S (HL Emma La Rousse D’argentan)
o Proto-schedule has been distributed to appropriate people
o There will be pies pies pies for dinner!! Be sure to get dinner
reservations in quickly so that the Guild may prepare enough food.
o There will be a painting class by Mistress Laurellen
o Dancing after dinner??? Luaithrenn can lead dancing
o Touch base regarding musicians
o Plans for doing incorporating dance into the event, rather than an
afterthought, include the following: have dessert as a sideboard,
banqueting course. Caries on from dinner into a dessert and a dance.
o Remember, this is a celebration of Elizabeth I!! Dinner is about as
Elizabethan we can get.
o We do need reservations for dinner, as noted above. RESERVE BY
o A solicitation for reservations will be set up
o Help for set up and clean up is needed. Also decorations. Baron
Stefan is head dishwasher. And GATE volunteers are needed. And
decorating volunteers are needed. A call for volunteers will be put out
on the list.
o The schedule will be published soon, once the ptb’s (powers that be)
provide feedback
o Baron Stefan wishes to extend the deadline for championship entries,
so that as many people as possible can participate.
• Emprise of the Black Lion (Master Guillaume de Garrigues)
o Communications are ongoing with site owner regarding price structure
Challenge of the Rose
Iacobo reports the following: At 12th Night, on Friday, on about five minutes
notice, he spoke to the Order of the Rose and Valorous Estate about challenge of
the rose, being taken very positively, questions about the date, Summits has a very
full schedule in May, but we are looking forward to an answer by next business
The Challenge of the Rose is similar to a Defender of the Rose tourney. Each
member will bring one idea of her “ideal” as a challenge, and the participants
have one year to complete said challenge. There also will be a Court of Love held
as a major part of the event. Members of the Orders who live in the Summits
would like to see it a different weekend, but we were proposing May 1, 2016.
Potential to be a high pageantry level event. A number of people indicated that
the entrants would be going on a quest for a year to win the favor of that Rose.
Alexandra will help run the event. Aeron will be coming up with a setup to use
social media toward the course of the year to track progress and encourage the
participants. Also working on tokens regarding completion of tasks. The
particular event will be a weekend event, camping event, so that folk will indeed
travel. The hope is to turn this into a yearly event that has a large draw for
camping. Our roses are inspirations to us all. Let’s give them a way to continue
to inspire the entire Kingdom.
Kingdom Feast
What is Madrone’s culinary guild involvement? Main course, of course!. Help
from all baronies was requested, both in terms of volunteering and financially.
Unless a branch feels very moved to do both, it’s really one or the other.
Madrone is ponying up LABOR. We will probably not be doing financial. We
are doing sweat equity, and the B&B are in agreement!! Our contribution is
probably worth MORE than money!
Noble Estate Meeting
His Excellency repots that TRM asked the members to introduce themselves and
to tell what barony they were from as well as what their Barony known for. He
was so very proud to be able to have MUCH to speak of with regard to Madrone.
Madrone is known for culinary, equestrian, pewterers, and dance, to name a few.
WE are famous not just here, not just in our Kingdom, but society wide for our
2016 Crown Event bids needed
Baron Stefan as whether there interest in the Barony in putting on a Kingdom
event next year? Autocratting? Helping? Running an event? Coordinating?
There are crews that have worked at such in the past, and have expressed that they
are tired and might not have it in them to do it again soon. But we might have
new blood to help, and maybe folks will be excited and ready when that happens.
We are not necessarily putting a bid on anything, but we are keeping the option
open. When push comes to shove, I think we can draw folks out.
May Crown
The Event Stewards are looking for more help at May Crown. Volunteers are
needed, if there are any baronies to step forward and take on a piece of
volunteering the request has been made. All they have is a volunteer coordinator.
Madrone might “owe” a return of the past favor. Our signature piece of service is
helping with gate at event. May Crown is being held couple of hours south of
where May Crown was for us, so it would really be pushing for a crew to do gate
on Friday night. Discussion about gate starting Saturday morning, or parking,
etc. Alianora (Kristen Mohr) volunteers to be a coordinator for Svava to find out
what is needed. Then, based on the schedule, we can volunteer. Will Seargentry
help with lists again? Taking that to the Seargent’s list. As a barony, we’ve got
your Back!!!
Special Note
Baron Stefan noted that Madrone was noticed more than once at Curia this
No space reservations available on the eric!!! Baron Pembroke will be going out
there to do some volunteer work. We may end up having to share space with
another barony. Let’s double up with Wastekeep!!
Baronial Banquet,
The date is set for 17th October, and we have been approved for contract. Let’s
get the deposit in.
Other New Business –
Officer positions accepting applications:
• Chronicler
We are restructuring this office to make it a more moderately-sized role. The
Chronicler, a required office, will be focused on producing a quarterly (or
thereabouts) newsletter. Note-taking for Curia will become a Notes Deputy to
the Seneschal.
• Regarding the office of Chronicler. It’s been difficult to find a volunteer who
is interested in BOTH reporting and note taking. So note taking is being
transferred to the Seneschalate, as noted above. This means that the
Chronicler will only be responsible for the newsletter. This will help make
the Chronicler’s job a little bit easier:) We are also anticipating a transition to
having the Newsletter published in blog form as opposed to pdf. Also noted
was the fact that at the Curia meeting at 12th Night, as announced by Octavia
the office of Chronicler will be changing from the top down. It may be “going
away”. As a barony we are required to do a quarterly newsletter, but no one is
reading them. So it’s exciting to see some new formats on the horizon.
Landinn has super blog experience. Reach out to her if you need anything.
• Social Media Deputy. We have two applicants for this position. (Malka and
• Gold Key Deputy. (reasonable chance we will need gold key for A&S, Sarra
the Brave volunteers for JUST THAT EVENT)
Old Business
• Baronial Pavilion
o Needs to go to the financial committee
o Lord Edward let us know that panther says they will not be raising their
prices at this point. Not until late first quarter or early second quarter at
least. That gives time for more discussion.
Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds
Seneschal (12/16) (Duchess Mary Grace of Gatland/Lady Gera Gangolffin)
Lady Gera : Welcome to my first meeting as Seneschal!!!
Some points on Gera’s philosophy regarding meetings. If you can say it in an
email, do so and Lady Gera will append that report to the meeting agenda. Let’s
save discussion time for what NEEDS to be discussed during Curia.
Also, Lady Gera would prefer to run the meeting straight through according to the
agenda, and then break after for socialization rather than break in the middle.
Tonight’s agenda has been published and distributed, but we’re going to divert
ever so slightly.
If you have questions, suggestions, complaints, email and Facebook are the best
ways to contact Lady Gera. Telephone contact is not always possible given
the demands of her mundane job.
Luaithrenn the Falconer’s Wife has volunteered and been accepted to be the
Seneschal’s Contingency Deputy and Notes Deputy. Sara the Brave will be
Record Keeping Deputy.
Exchequer (1/17) (HL Julian Sinclair/HL Lianor Pereira Dovalle)
HL Lianor is now officially our Exchequer, although HL Julian will be staying on
as contingency deputy for at least a time.
The bank balances are as reported on the primary and secondary reconciliation
reports, and were verbally reported in Curia as follows:
$ 11,397.97 checking
$ 17,584.17 money market
HL Julian’s written report submitted for December is as follows:
“This is my final report as Exchequer of the Barony:
The Year-end report will be ready to be reviewed and signed on Monday
before Curia. Would someone with keys to the PO Box, please pick up the
December Bank Statements?
Our banker will be at the Community Center at 6:30 p.m. with new signature
cards. Check signers, please try to be there early to sign the new cards.
It has been a privilege to serve the Barony of Madrone for the past two years.
I leave you in capable hands.
In Service,
Julian Sinclair”
Archery (Mistress Shadhra Aliya) – Inactive for season
Arts & Sciences (4/15) (HL Katryne MacKim) HL is ill, so we do have her email.
HL Katryne’s written report is as follows:
“My Warrant is up in April of this year. I do not want to renew my warrant. I would
recommend Their Excellencies and the Seneschal call for actual resumes for those
interested in the position.
Events Concluded:
Bards and Blades: Madrone Bardic championships.
Events upcoming:
Baronial Arts and Sciences: February 7th
Baronial A & S Championship
Dirty Dozen contest (Morgan Donner)
Research Paper contest (Kate MacKim)
Classes concluded:
We kept December low key, with a social but only a few in attendance
Classes Scheduled(all upcoming)
January- will be a garbed event at the Bellevue library.
February- Artisan’s display ( I hope)
March tbd.
Requests for assistance:
Dancing: [see below]
Guild reports: NTR
Pewter’s guild: NTR
Culinary Guild: NTR
Sewing Guild: paused until further notice.”
Chamberlain (4/14) (Karrel der Ertmundigender)
Karrel noted that the expiration date on his warrant appears to be 2014. As this is
indeed a warranted position, we need to get this re-warranted. Falls under
exchequer as well. Will send an email out to make sure that no one has an
objection to extending Karrel’s warrant. This will be posted to the group to notify
that this is our intent. Two-year warrant. THANK YOU, KARREL!!
Karrel’s written report is as follows:
“Collected and returned to storage items used for Blades and Bards on
December 13. Coordinating with event steward for Baronial A&S on
February 7.
Karrel der Ermutigender
Baronial Chamberlain”
Chatelaine (6/16) (Baroness Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir)
Baroness Bergdis’ written report is as follows:
“In December, we had 3 new email or Facebook inquiries. We also had 7 new
members in the meet-up group. We had 2 new people at the December
Baronial Social, plus one returned from last month.
Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir
Chatelaine for the Barony of Madrone”
Herald (6/16) (Lady Matilda Stoyle)
Volunteers are needed for field heraldry at Ursulmas. This is an excellent
opportunity to help out!! Natashia O is in charge of that. If you are going to
Ursulmas and you’d like to give it a try, go to herald’s point to volunteer or ask
one of the heralds on the field. They’ll be more than happy to walk you through
how to herald a field.
If anyone wants to learn to play the trumpet, let Lady Matilda know!! It was
noted that her efforts at 12th Night were greatly appreciated.
Also, there will be a full-service consulting table present at Ursulmas. Go talk to
them!! Bring them your questions!!! Make your submissions!!!
Lists (HL Rowena D’ath-fhirdia) – Inactive for season (not present tonight)
Knight Marshal (5/15) (Master Sean O’Conner)
Master Sean’s written report is as follows:
“Fighting continues, waivers get signed. Attendance has been off due to the
holidays. But the first practice of the year was fairly attended. Also we had
two new people show up and were both interested in both armored combat
and Rapier.
Master Sean”
Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)
Lady Sara’s report is as follows:
“No practices, no activities in the months of December.
Sarah Pixie
YAC Warden of Madrone”
Rapier (12/15) (HL Renzo di Venturius)
Email report read into the record by Don Enzio Bandinelli. HL Renzo’s written
report follows:
Sorry for the 11th hour report: fighting continues, waivers get signed, no injuries
or incidents to report, attendance has been steady around 8-10 rapier
Scribe (6/16) (HL Rignach of Argyll)
Has charters with her this evening. If anyone can grab it and take it home and
paint it and bring it back to scribal next week!!
Also, next Monday, January 19, during Scribal Night, Ismena will teach a
calligraphy class, 7pm to 9pm, at the Shoreline library!!!
Thrown Weapons – (HL Klaufi Hafrsson)
Web (8/16) (Lady Alicia du Bois)
Chronicler (____) – Position Vacant
Family Activities Coordinator (___) – Position Vacant
Culinary (HL Ysolt of Wind Hill)
Active times five!!! New cookbook “Gothic Feast from the Time of Chaucer”
from a banquet in 2009. Many lovely lovely recipies. Reconstruction this
Thursday working on stuff for baronial banquest and A&S. Guild party is this
Dance (Master Trahaearn ap Ieuan)
Greetings from Trahaearn! Here are some notes on dancing in the Barony in the past
* I helped with running dancing at two local events in the area in December
– Yules in Aquaterra and Wyewood. Ranulf organized music at the Aquaterra
* Ranulf ran the dancing at the December social because I had a family
commitment around the holidays.
* Ranulf and I will not be able to attend the January and February socials
because we have standing commitments to Seattle Early Dance on Tuesdays
(we’re preparing for an Early Music Guild Northwest Showcase performance
with SED at Trinity Parish in Seattle on Tuesday, March 10). However, Soelig
has been contacted to run the January dancing.
Equestrian (Mistress Kerij-e )
No meeting or practice in December, 2015. The holiday party was well attended.
Thanks to Lady Katelyn and m’lord Bernard for hosting.
Insurance has been ordered and received for all practices in 2015, except the pre-Emprise
practice. The practice site owner has been contacted and approved the practice
dates. Dates on the guild website are being updated and the Kingdom Equestrian Officer
The first practice of 2015 is Saturday January 1/17/2014 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Maple
Valley, WA. See the website for directions
The first meeting of 2015 is Thursday, January 1/22/2014 at 7 p.m. at the AFK Eatery in
Renton, WA. See the website for directions.
Your servant,
Mistress Kerij-e
Madrone Equestrian Guild
Pewter (Master Sean O’Conner)
Webminister (Lady Alicia du Bois)
Alicia’s written report is as follows:
“Announcement: If anyone needs updates made to the website (events, classes, project
nights, guild meetings, meetups, practices, etc.) or needs email addresses/mailing list
changes, please email me at
November 2014:
Website updates:
– Added B&B email address to the home page as requested by Baron Stefan of Pembroke
– Updated awards pages and linked them to the OP.
– Outage issue. Called 1and1 Hosting support to ask their assistance in fixing it. Our
home page had been sabotaged. Everything is back to normal now.
– Researched website migration to new host. See below for recommendation.
– Successfully contacted Tim Williams regarding the domain registrations he has for the
Barony so that we can get them transferred to the Barony’s account.
December 2014:
December was a quiet month for the website. No updates were requested.
To do in January 2015:
– update officer email addresses as necessary
– solicit feedback from the barony regarding the new website
– remove Bards and Blades from the events list on the front page
Website Migration Project:
– I will be migrating the Baronial Website to a new hosting provider. This will give us a
more up to date hosting package and help us consolidate all of our domain names in one
spot. The hosting cost will be very similar.
– The Baronial Website will change from using the Joomla! content management system
to using WordPress. This will make updates and functionality changes much easier.
– The design of the website will likely change but it would be nice to keep it in a similar
– Target migration completion date: 3/15/15. Our hosting contract with 1and1 will end on
Humbly Submitted by
Lady Alicia du Bois
Webminister, Barony of Madrone
Canton of Porte de l’Eau (HL Anne-Rose Smythe/Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna)
The Canton has a new Seneschal!!! Canton meeting will be held this Friday at
practice in Duval. The event (Bards and Blades) went extremely well. There is
talk of doing it again, although perhaps alternatives on dates. Otherwise just
happily chugging along.