Curia Minutes 2014-12

Barony of Madrone
Curia Minutes
December 8, 2014
24 attendees
Baron and Baroness – We are very excited for the event next weekend – Bards and Blades.Its going to be fun!We will have some out of the area guests.Lots of competition for Defender and Bardic competitions.We went to the Midhaven Harvest Feast and it was Madrone “takeover”- 20% of feast was Madronan.Retinue and serjeants did great service.Then we will be at 12th Night and Our Arts & Sciences Championship.
Events – In Process
·Bards and Blades – Anne Rose – Everything is set up.Anne Rose checked with the event stewards today and all is well.Come meet the canton!There is a dessert potluck – does not need to be period.If need an idea, contact Culinary Guild (Tayla).Dinner is first come, first served.65 spots.930 am gate opnes.Children’s site fee is free.
·Arts & Sciences Championship – February 7, 2015 – Emma la rousse d’Argentan – updated – have insurance waiver all set, will need set up help.Flyers went out at several events.
Other New Business
New baronial pavilion – Discussed.Still taking commentary until December 22, 2014.Then the Financial Committee will meet to discuss.They will post a reminder as to when commentary will close.Big discussion want everyone to comment.Please feel free to continue to comment.
Seneschal change – Mary Grace – my mundane job changed and I haven’t had the time to do seneschal work as I wanted.I signed off on forms tonight for official hand-off as of January 1, 2015.Lady Gera will be the new seneschal.Stefan – it was awesome that we had three great candidates. Thank you to all of you for applying.It was a hard decision.
·Officer positions accepting applications –
oChronicler – Ellisif let us know today that she cannot continue in role.Need new one.
Officer Changes
During the meeting break warrants were executed for new Exchequer – Carol Magalhaes (Lianor Pereira do Valle), new Deputy Exchequer – Jason Greco (Julian Sinclair), and new Seneschal – Jeri Sisco (Gera Gangolffin).Retiring Seneschal is Nancy-Ellen Martin (Mary-Grace of Gatland).
Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds
•Seneschal– see note above – change in officer happening 1/1/2015.Lady Gera is new seneschal.
•Exchequer (1/15) – Balances as of the end of November are checking 11573.22 and money market is 17577.47.Lady Landinn will be our new Exchequer starting in January.Change of officer forms (Landinn is new Exchequer and Julian is Deputy Exchequer) are being passed around for signature.
The discussion of the Baronial Budget began at November Curia and will continue this month.Attached is a copy of the current budget projection.
Other outstanding items:
·The Change of Officer Form needs to be completed.
·The 3rd Quarter Financial Report needs to be reviewed and signed.
·A Financial Committee Meeting needs to be scheduled in January.
It has been an honor to serve Madrone as Exchequer.
•Archery –
•Arts & Sciences (4/15) – Katryne MacKim –
Upcoming events:
2-7-2015 Arts & Sciences Championship will have three different competitions:
Baronial A & S championship run by Aeron Corrino, current Champion
Research paper Contest run by Kate MacKim
Dirty Dozen Largess competition run by Morgan Donner
Classes held: 10-16-2014 Nalbinding –12 people; 11-24 -2014 How to work with fur- 12 people – Master Charlesde Bourbon
•Chamberlain (4/14) –Karrel der Ermutigender – We have stuff.Coordinating requests for items for Blades and Bards this weekend.What will A & S need in February?
•Chatelaine (2/13) – Bergdis – now need a deputy to do Gold Key (Gera is currently Gold key – will continue until we get a new one).Question – Socials – are they being held?Currently 1x a month – variable dates – check website and email list.Stefan – Captain Kate has been scheduling them at the Bellevue Library.I may take over scheduling.May continue at library – its free and we had a ton of walk-ins.For January social – will do a garbed social and dance (and music?)
December 2014 – In November, we had 1 new email or Facebook inquiries: a relocation from another branch. We also had 5 members in the meet-up group. I have provided information, and generally encouraged the new contacts to come to a Social (Madrone or Porte de l’Eau) as their first activity. I have also updated the Meet-up Social listing, and the website social listing. We had 2 new people at thvember Baronial Social, many of which came from meet-up group contacts, and one returned from last month
•Chronicler (9/13) –
•Herald (7/15) – Here is the December report for heraldic goings-on in November.

Events/Court Report – No Madrone events were held in November.I plan on being available for consultations at Bards and Blades this weekend.

Misc Announcements – Congrats to Basil Dragonstrike on his new official position! He is now the Lions Heart Herald for external commentary, which means that he’s a member of the kingdom heraldic staff who comments on other kingdoms’ heraldic submissions during registration.

The Lions Blood kingdom submissions herald has announced a new mailing address for submissions:An Tir College of Heralds, PO Box 2379, Corvallis OR 97339.The previous address in Bellevue will work for a while (so don’t panic if you just sent something there) but please do try to send them to Corvallis.

In case anything should happen to your submission in the mail, I recommend scanning your forms before sending them off and printing a hard copy for yourself. (300 DPI resolution JPG format files are used for the SCA College of Arms commentary and archives, so it makes sense to use those settings.)

If you are knowledgeable about any aspect of SCA heraldry — names, arms, voice heraldry, SCA paperwork processes, research on real-life court protocols, etc — and would like to be listed as such on the baronial herald’s webpage, please let me know. I’d like to have the page list all of the folks in the barony who can give advice on heraldic topics.

Name and Device Registrations – Currently in the registration process:

Have been decided on by Laurel, but the Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) is still being proofread:
Stefan of Pembroke – badge
Gera Gangolffin – name and device
Elizabeth Nightingale – name
Antoine Dragone – name
(Official results on these should be made public in the next month or two.)

On an An Tir Letter of Intent (LOI), which contains checked submissions being sent to Laurel for a final round of discussion:
Landin de Marest – name and device on 2014-10-31 LOI
Agnes Hosteler – name on 2014-11-30 LOI
Alicia du Bois – name and device on 2014-11-30 LOI
Henry Hosteler – name change from Ian of Ashton on 2014-11-30 LOI
Agnes and Henry Hosteler – household name and joint badge on 2014-11-30 LOI
Xavier the Sinister – name on 2014-11-30 LOI
Oddr Þiálfason – alternate name ?Abd al-Nur ibn al-Hasib ibn al-Tayyib al-Faqih on 2014-11-30 LOI
Ordo Equi – order name change on 2014-11-30 LOI

On an An Tir internal Kingdom Letter of Intent (KLOI), which contains submissions in their first round of checking:
Enzio Bandinelli – name and device on 2014-11-25 KLOI
Morgan Donner – device on 2014-11-25 KLOI
Xavier the Sinister – device on 2014-12-03 KLOI

Request for permission to conflict being drafted:
Juliana Patient – device

Report at meeting:Heraldry is awesome – do more of it – you can have up to 6 total heraldic devices!Oddr and Toshi are moving to Issaquah and plan to have commentary evenings.Matilda wants to update Baronial Herald site with those who are willing to consult and advise on registration etc.She will post to list
•Lists –
•Marshal (5/15) – Fighting continues, waivers get signed, no injuries. Attendance has be all over the place with the weather and Holidays. As Renzo mentioned that one of the days we had 19 rapier fighters, on that day we had 0 heavy fighters.
•Rapier (12/15) – I apologize for the late report – I’ll set my notification up a few days earlier for next month. There are no injuries or incidents to report.Attendance has fluctuated as it usually does around the Holidays – numbers have varied between 5 and 19.Waivers are getting signed.We’ve had one new authorization.
•Scribe (2/14) – will have meeting on 3rd Monday of December and will do a social.Bring food/hang out.1st Monday won’t have meeting in January.3rd Monday of January – Ismenia’s calligraphy class.
•Thrown Weapons – Thursday night practices being held, waivers being signed.An Tir Darts will be happening at 12th Night in Eugene.
•Web (8/14)-
•Youth Armored Combat –
•Culinary –Tayla- worknight for event on east side.Reconstruction this Thursday at Bergdis’.
•Dance – happened at Social.Aquaterra Yule.Wyewood Yule.Glymm Mere in Feb.12th Night.
•Equestrian – no practice this month.Xmas party 20th?
•Pewter –
•Porte de l’Eau –have new seneschal – Aleksandra.Event this week.Friday meeting – fight practice continues.New bank cards all set. Watch website for holiday cancellation.Bring your own TAM/TWM – have spotlights.
Budget Discussion
Most officers haven’t spent anything in last 2-3 years and don’t have fixed expenses so have reduced their budgets to $50 for 2015.Can spend within budget then get approval in advance for anything else.Budgets for officers with recurring expenses budgets are as follows:Chatelaine $200 (Meet-Up group), Exchequer, Seneschal $100, Scribe $135-150.Baronial award costs have increased to cover paper and seals.
Sergeantry $100. Just got a check from Aquaterra for sergeantry trials share.Donation to sergeants.What to do with check?Because a donation has strings attached – is a fund – over and above budgeted amount.Still allocate budget as set?Yes – we have expenses – regalia and shield boards/tree.Rignach has been using wood scraps she has in her house.Baldrics – need more – have an outstanding order for them.Will discuss use of fund with financial committee and sergeantry.
Baron and Baroness – $300 – hospitality table, propane for torches and Emprise party.Web hosting $150. Storage unit going up to $____ [1120??] in March.PO Box $200.$50 Baronial property upkeep.Big tickets – Curia and Social spaces.
Two new officer – will have some officer training in that budget.Hotel/food – put in budget?Can just approve.Proposal to add officer training (herald training) to budget every year.$200.Curia and Socials allocation.$1200 a year.Had allocation 2x for Socials.Libraries – only allow month to month reservation of rooms – can reserve ahead.Greater attendance at Curia.Have asked MICC to extend for 3 months.Bergdis – see a benefit for Socials moving around – accommodate more people’s schedules.Another person pointed out that when an officer makes a 2 year commitment to attend a meeting it makes a difference to go to different places.Stefan – want something cheaper or free. $2000 for Curia and Socials.Total 2015 $5570.$4500 net loss projected.
Motion by Etiennette to accept the budget.Seconded by Iacobo.Passed by room vote.
Adjourned 8:35 pm
Submitted by
Kate Waterous

(Emma la rousse d’Argentan)