Curia Minutes 2014-09

Barony of Madrone


Curia September 8, 2014



Attendees: 26

Baron and Baroness:  A couple weeks ago had our Sergeantry Trials and lot of you came out which was exciting. Had

a wonderful though long day. We now have 4 new sergeants – and 5 who passed trials – Kate took her second belt.

Official inducting of sergeants will happen at Emprise during court. Stefan – Emprise is going to be really big – have a lot

of guests coming – Crown, Crown Prince.

Social – got a call from the church – we can’t have Thursday nights any longer; could have Fridays – even every Friday.

But don’t want to compete with PDL practice and Social on Friday night so we don’t see this as a viable option. We are

realistically looking again for a new spot. Will post on list and FB page on what people think we should do. Discussed.

Please send in suggestions. Community colleges, churches, etc.


Events – Close out –

v  N. Sound Sergeantry Trials & Sable Rose Equestrian Tournament, Aug 22-24, 2014. Alicia du Bois – not on our

books. No financial close out needed. Event really great – had good feedback especially from Aquaterra’s side especially

re good use of the site Great event for newcomers. Small enough to ask questions of people participating. And to really

see a lot stuff in a really small place. Stefan – great to have support for Red Branch and those who participated in the

Court of Honor with their Excellencies. Kate – BAO may want to join next year. Annisa- eq downside – $10 per night fee

for horses (different landowner). Maybe somehow wrap into cost of site. Felt kind of isolated as equestrians. Couldn’t

leave horses and go over to event because we couldn’t set up a pen.



Events – In Process –


v  Emprise of the Black Lion – September 12-14, 2014 – Guillaume de Garrigues – is this weekend! Yay!! We will be

onsite at about 2 pm on Friday to start set up. No activities on Friday. All formal tournies on Saturday. There are going

to be a lot of people there – lots of noble dignitaries. Society Eq Officer is coming up from Caid. Society Exchequer and

Society Seneshal, too. Archery starts at 9:30 am (first – York). Procession starts at 10 am. Jousting at 11 am. My Chef

Lynn food truck will be on site (1130-230). 1 pm invocation for the pas d’armes. Court will be at 5 pm and there will be a

post-court revel and dancing. Sunday – archery starts 10 am – noblesse oblige tourney on Sunday – heavy/rapier super

practice and prize tourney. Tear down starts at 2 pm on Sunday. Site closes at 5 pm. [Passes out small shields with

judges’ arms quartered on them – very cool!] No camping but will have a number of pavilions set up for enjoyment and

shade of populace. Overflow parking is on the other side of the store. Reber has more horse boarders – we will be in a

different barn than last year – look for banners hanging from ceiling of right barn.

v  Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship – Emma la rousse d’Argentan – Feb 7, 2015 – EIF form to Mary-Grace


v  Marymoor Demo 2015 – Landinn de Marest –



Events – New –

Brighid – propose a bid – still organizing – have some small details. Stefan, Alianora and I putting KW Rapier and KW

Costuming 2015 – using hotel used for 12th N. September 2015. Have spoken with Wyewood – not looking to collaborate

– has talked with them and Baroness is ok with it. Stefan – Dona Brighid has run this event and done bids for it before

(2005 bid and 2008 bid). B- Autocrated 2008 one. Drachenwald is also putting in a bid. GdG2015 Emprise – 2nd weekend

after Sept Crown – B – this would be two weeks later. Alianora – hotel is very excited to have us because 12th N was just

there – willing to do without performance clause. B – there will be a lot of support from K and other non-baronial staff to

help with event.



Other New Business –


Officer positions accepting applications:

· Social Media Officer –

· Family Activities Coordinator –

· Chronicler –

· Exchequer – Have 2 candidates (Lianor and Emma). Want to make formal decision by October. Oct. 25

· Webmistress – Alicia du Bois – yay! Posted to list and FB page. Baron and Baroness need to talk with

· Deputy Seneschal(s) needed – need some one to do admin side – s/o to run meeting, shadow and learn the

exchequer training. Julian will post JDs and candidate information to the list/FB page.

Seneschal and officially announce it.

job. Also a drop dead deputy. Could be the same person. Mary-Grace will post to FB group and list. Want to

do succession planning etc.

Old Business


•           Summer cloaks – Landinn –



Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds


•           Seneschal (2/16) – Mary-Grace –

•           Exchequer (1/15) – Julian – Sorry I’m late with this, I’ve had vacation brain. Still accepting applications; need to

get information out to the list for commentary. A draft of the proposed financial policy revision regarding event admission

for minors has been sent to the Financial Committee for review. We still need to schedule a financial committee meeting. 

Can we find time to do that at Emprise?

Bank balances as of the end of August were reported.

Proposal to revise re minors being admitted free – drafted addendum and sent to Financial Committee and to the

Kingdom Seneschal for review.

Stefan – got input fro the barony – almost all in favor of doing this.

Still need to schedule a Financial Committee meeting. Have bank statements that need signing. Have at

Emprise? Emmelina – not in favor of doing on Sat. Will schedule for sometime next week instead.

Stefan – one change to format of this meeting – each officer should stand up and be recognized – say your name

so everyone can be recognized.

Budget process starts next month. Think about what your requirements are. New officers need to bring a budget

proposal. Supposed to cover ordinary purchases of the office. One-time expenses should be proposed/approved


Might want to create a line items for “New Offices” created mid-year. Budget gets ratified at the December Curia


•          Archery – Shadhra –

•           Arts & Sciences (4/15) – Katryne MacKim, Gallant Madrone

Looking for my replacement – W Reg Reporting Dep for A&S – stepping up. I will post JD on FB/list. I am

seeking a deputy, as I am planning to take another position shortly.  I would very much like to have a deputy to transition

into the role of the Madrone Minister of A & S.

This is not a difficult job, and you get to have a wonderful time assisting others and planning classes etc.

please contact me if you are interested.

o Changes to how reporting works from meeting at September Crown: 

o Events Concluded:

o Events upcoming:

o Classes concluded: 

Would all guilds please send me a copy of their reports, as they submit them for the month, so I can add them

to my quarterly report for Kingdom. Thank you.

o Serjeants Trials– whew it is finally done.  Three of the candidates presented A & S projects, and

o Emprise of the Black Lion– which will have a crest competition,  I hope this goes well.  (if not, I

o A & S day in Dragon’s Laire, the date is not yet set, but I encourage all to attend.  

o August Classes:  Crest class run my Mistress Keirj-e.  Unfortunately I had to leave early, so did

o September 4th, Class on how to fit garb, or bring your problem garb issues, run by Morgan

o Classes Scheduled (all upcoming)

o November (first social)–Master Charles de Bourbon has offered to have a class in how to

o Requests for assistance:

o Dancing:

•           Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel –

•           Chatelaine (6/16) – Bergdis – We’ve had a number of new people recently. Think a number are going to

Emprise. Will have some Gold Key. If you have anything that you can contribute for that event only, please let me or

Gera know. Keep an eye out for new people and speak to them. Need anything of any size/age. Have a fair amount of

kids’ garb. Simple stuff is best. Brighid – ok to donate permanently. Bergdis – bring nice simple garb. Stefan –

something you’d put on your mom or friend.

Welcome to Madrone,

o I have taken over responsibility for the Meetup Group, and paid the fee. I am still getting familiar with it, but

o This past month we have had 4 new email inquiries to the Barony. One of those was actually looking for

o Of past new contacts, some have continued to participate, and others have not made the planned contact. I

o The Meet-up group now has about 175 members. The Meet-up group is not just for Madrone, so some new

o I am trying to make sure that all information about activities that is available online through various social

o One from Rik (new comer) and his wife for assistance in sewing/garb fitting.  We set up a class

o Ranulf and Trahaearn did a wonderful job at helping our Candidates learn dance.  Emma la

Landinn gave me a good intro.

Wyewood. We have also had one potential new person asking for information on the Facebook page, and

again receiving helpful responses from the populace.

am trying to track them all, so I can do later follow-up.

members may be looking to participate in other branches.

media is current and consistent. I have gotten a number of responses, but will still be looking for more. Please

remind me of all regularly scheduled activities with the Barony and Canton, official or not. For each regular

activity, please let me know if newcomers are welcome to drop in any time, if newcomers are welcome when

you are notified in advance, and what I may make publicly available online about the activities. I will also be

asking who in your group I can send newcomers to for more information, so please clarify that.

•           Chronicler (9/13) – Emma – minutes were taken and sent to Webminister for posting on website. Landinn’s issue

of the Leaf was posted and sent on to Kingdom. Thank you Landinn! My term in office ends today.

•           Family Activities Coordinator – 

•           Herald (6/16) – Matilda Stoyle – Greetings!

o I have a vehicle again; so will generally be more available for in-person consulting.  (However I am out of town

through tomorrow and may not be making it to the business meeting.)

o Please enjoy the pageantry and heraldry at the Emprise next weekend!

o The Kingdom Heraldic and Scribal Symposium is the weekend of October 11th in Midhaven.  Even if you don’t

consider yourself to be a scribe or herald, you may enjoy classes such as “Town Cry for Event Stewards”, “How

to Document a Name”, “An Tir’s Sumptuary Customs”, “Beginning Gouache Painting”, and “Introduction to

Calligraphy”.  There will also be a heraldic consultation table for most of Saturday that will be unusually well-

stocked with books and attended by a variety of heralds.  Event information is

here: .

•           Lists – Rowena d’Ath Fhirdia –

•           Knight Marshal (5/15) – Sean O’Connor – Fighting Continues no injuries and waivers get signed. We continue to

fluctuate with our turnout at practice with 6-10 fighters in armor.

•           Rapier (12/15) – Renzo – I’ve missed a few practices – some of this is secondhand. Fighting continues; waivers

get signed; one new fighter; no incidents or injuries; attendance is steady.  

•           Scribe (6/16) – Rignach of Argyll –  

Scribal Night

o Date & Time: The scribal night is happening the first & third Mondays now. No scribal meeting on the first Monday

due to crown so next meeting is the Monday after the Emprise. The Baron and Baroness have offered their home

for the third Monday of the month Scribal Night. This site is temporary until a better one can be arranged.

o Location: Baron’s new manor. Reply for address.

o Charters: Handed out charters for painting. Both Kingdom and Baronial. Several scribes from all over the kingdom

responded for the needs we had and the work is beautiful! Make sure you attend court at the Emprise! Go see

people’s awards. They are amazing.

Office Materials:

o I still do not have all the Scribal Office things. Outstanding are:

o Pan for melting wax (Maedha?)

o Still Needed:

o More paint colors. Some tubes in the kit are getting stiff and will be off in the next couple months.

o Droppers

o Cups

o Black wax melting/pouring pot (using coke can for now)

Class: Class at the upcoming meeting on creating original artwork for scrolls and charters. Seriously, I taught my ten

year old how to make a charter and it *did not* look like a kindergartener made it! Please bring the following items if you

want to participate.

o Ruler 12”-18”, straight edge, pencil, thin tip sharpie, Drawing board/surface big enough to tape down an 11 x 17

sheet of paper, If you have one, a square/right triangle. I will have some tools, but if we get a big group it would be

great to have more to share around.

July Goals:

o Reprint Charter Original Art for Masters (complete)

o Get the Awards list from their Excellencies for upcoming charter needs (complete)

o Pick up Kingdom Charters at coronation for distribution at August meeting (complete)

August Goals:

o Finish new charter designs for new awards (three new, four duplicate) – partially complete

o Prepare awards for Sergeant Trials and Emprise – ( Trials done, Emprise in progress)

o Find teacher for September class – done

o Finish thank you scrolls – herm … cannot comment on this at this time

o Find artists to help with original scrolls (need six) – done

September Goals:

o Find a stunt Scribe for the Emprise (complete)

o Inventory the books in the scribal library and develop a program to get them into the hands of scribes (not started)

o Build up an inventory of charters ready to be signed and sealed (in progress)

o Confirm teacher for October class

o Finalize the Baron’s new projects (shhhhh)

•           Thrown Weapons – Klaufi –

•           Youth Armored Combat (1/16) – Sarah Pixie – Had a YAC tourney at AW. Had a couple kids in armor for the

first time. No official practice this month.

· Webminister – Greetings Madrone, Website updates continue, nothing else to report.

I’m delighted to see Alicia has applied to replace me as Webminister. Her web experience would be a wonderful asset to

the barony. I’m only aware of Alicia’s application, but if anyone else has applied, I’m delighted about that too!





•           Culinary – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill – Chief Herder of Cats – a number of upcoming activiites – starting in

December. Meal in December and on in Feb. for A&S. Bergdis knows what can go up on Meetup.

•           Dance – see above under Arts & Sciences

•           Equestrian – Mistress Kerij-e – Unto the Baron and Baroness, the Kingdom Equestrian Officer, the Equestrian

Guild, and the A&S Officer, greetings from the Madrone Equestrian Guild head.


The guild has been preparing like mad for September Crown and Emprise.  A second workshop for additional painting

was held and well attended.  Kerij-e offered a crest building class at the Social, which was not well attended, but those

that did attend were hopefully inspired.


In August, the Equestrian Guild did not have a regular meeting due to the proximity to September Crown.  Instead, we met

as part of the Emprise Planning meeting.  Join us for our next meeting on Thursday, September 24, 2014 in AFK

Tavern in Renton, WA.  the main topic of discussion will be Emprise Post Mortem.


Three Guild members entered the Kingdom Equestrian Championship, Sir Rapheal, Mistress Kerij-e, and Mistress

Annisa.  Rapheal and Kerij-e went on to compete.  Although neither were victorious, they were proud to represent the

Barony and garnered much praise for the guild.


An early September Practice was held at Reber Ranch in preparation for the Emprise. Much equipment was unloaded

and stored.  There was jousting by 3 riders, and other games practices as well as general riding.  Goose herding was also

attempted.  There were 7 horses and 11 riders.  There was one new horse and rider, and a second who was there for the

second time.  Both were preparing for authorization. Join us for our next practice on Saturday, October 18, 2014 in

Maple Valley, WA.


See you at the Emprise!

•           Pewter – Sean –




•           Canton of Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose Smythe

Muirghean of Bristol – December 13 – Blades and Bards Sven’s Musical – Lake Washinton United Methodist

Church (same site at Ermine Cross). Site opens at 9. Lists and armored inspection. 1st time rapier defender for Porte de

l’Eau. In spirit of St. Bunstable’s. Tourney start at 10. Prior to that invocation. Planning on having noshy bits and

whatnot for lunch. Bardic starts at 12:30 and conclude around 4 – 4:30. Court at 5 pm. Yule dinner. Bardic is Madrone

Bardic Champion. Dinner will be for first X people who show up and pay. Venetian food. Tayla – will determine number

of seats available.

Anne Rose – more PDF business – we are having a business meeting at 6:30 this Friday, end at 6:50 so fighters

can fight starting at 7 pm. Home of Heilyn and Madhu in Duvall. Will be polling on the Porte Chalice – do not need to be

a holder to submit a recommendation for same. If you are from the barony and hold it – it would be awesome if you

submitted. Awarded for service to the canton –numbered blue cups for each year given. Sir Gerlakr, Lady Madhu,

Dennis the Lawyer, Heinrich, Tayla, Ameline have all been recipients. Will present at Blades and Bards.

•           College of St. Bunstable – asleep. Dormant!



Tayla – Madrone email list – Kingdom servers were offline for a while – think that some emails were lost. If you sent

something please make sure it got sent through. Limit of how many groups you can cc at one. If more than three people

on the send, it won’t go through. Also a size limit.

Submitted by

Emma la rousse d’Argentan

Chronicler, Madrone