Curia Minutes 2014-07


Barony of Madrone – Curia

Minutes for July 14, 2014


Baron and Baroness – Stefan of Pembroke and Emmelina de Coventry.  Stefan – Peasants Revel last weekend – thank you to everyone we had an awesome time – got to take a nap!  Her Royal Highness was a little confused about the taxes, unsure about the stability of our barony – afraid we were poor, LOL.  Emmelina – had a great time sitting talking watching people chase cheese, dancing, music – it was awesome.  Very nice meal – it was great for $3.  Best meal for the money ever

Stefan – Social – some confusion – it is this Thursday – there is heavy fighting, dancing, rapier, arts and sciences, talking.  Very big gym with separate quiet hang-out room.  Kids run around and do PPW (public participation weapons).  Come out – have some cookies – welcome to bring cookies  Have a kitchen right there – can get it if you’re interested in that. 

Our Sunday night project night has been on hold for a while due to our move – thanks for the help with the move – we really appreciate it.  7/27 is next project night at our house and it is open to everyone!  Everyone is welcome.  Always tons and tons of food and drink.  Emmelina – will have a sort of housewarming and somebody’s birthday [pats Stefan’s shoulder] will be taking place.  Projects and sewing and socializing. 

Stefan – Coronation – we’re super excited for those coming to camp with the Barony – Company of Christopher and the ‘ships.  Wyewood will be next to us so we’re all together, yay!  Not going to have a potluck. Let’s plan one maybe for Crown.  We’re not Event Stewarding crown so we might be able to do it.


Events – Close out –

  • Baronial Banquet – April 26, 2014 – Steven Desjardin – just got some forms – will be finalizing.   
  • May Crown – May 16-18, 2014  – Sarra the Brave/Rowena d’Ath Fhirdia – have add’l close outs – Sarra – got final invoice today and will be sending in.  JG asks.  Sarra has ck req forms as needed.  We’re good. 
  • Peasants Revel  – July 12, 2014 – Anne Rose – thank you all for coming and playing.  84 people through gate.  Haven’t gotten final numbers yet.  But enough donations on cheese for 2 wheels which was awesome.  And the soft cheese was awesome – Felice de Burgogne.  Looking for autocrat for next year – let MCG know – Edward the Stuffy is looking for apprentice to help learn run the games.  This was the 36th Peasants Revel and the 23rd at this site.  Picked park because one of the few where we don’t need to deal with mundane issues that have plagued the event in the past.   I have a leftover carpet; is it yours? 


Events – In Process –

  • Joint Sergeantry Trials with Aquaterra – August 22-24, 2014 – Alicia du Bois – There is a lot happening.  Stanwood-Camano community fairgrounds in Aquaterra.  There will be a York, rapier prize tourney, Youth Armored Combat prize tourney, Thrown Weapons prize tourney.  Also now a Kingdom-level event – as the King and Queen will be there.  Stefan – it was planned that they would always be there but now they are King and Queen.  Heavy tourney.  Equestrian challenge – Sable Rose tourney.  Tourneys being sponsored by different people; I, Stefan of Pembroke am sponsoring the thrown weapons and heavy tourneys.  He’ll announce what they are.  Kate [MacKim] – I did a site walk through with Marguerite fitzWilliam have layout plan set up.  Need to find out where their Majesties will camp.  It is a beautiful site.  Stefan – please come out and support your candidates.  Have 5 candidates.  Sarra – how many acres is it?  Don’t know.  Tayla – is there camping reservations.  Kate – speaks to Alicia – have to talk with their Majesties re camping layout before its set up.  Emmelina – also a great day trip event since its so close.  Kate – EQ camping will be near the horses. 
  • Emprise of the Black Lion – September 12-14, 2014 – Guillaume de Garrigues – will be two weeks after September Crown.  Reber Ranch, Kent.  Madrone in cooperation with Wyewood.  Focusing on Equestrian tourney, heavy pas d’Armes and archery tourney. Have two confirmed judges Countess Elis and Gordon Frye.  Two invites out.  Will hopefully firm up other two within next couple of weeks.  Having regular planning meetings. Will come with list of items to borrow.  Hope to have about fifteen tents set up on the eric want to borrow them.  Styrkarr and Starna are planning on coming. Already talking with Matthias about his plans.  Will have court Saturday evening.  May have some locally focused tourneys on Sunday. Will update on that at the next meeting.  Will advertise at Coronation. Not a camping event.  Very easy drive to the south.  Can bring an RV or a horse trailer.  We do have in the infield a view vision – beautiful tents, pageantry and tournaments.  Really great place for interested friends to check out the SCA. Only need to pay the site fee to enter the infield so non-SCAdians can come right up to infield fence and watch.  If they want to enter the infield they can put on garb and pay the site fee to enter.  Will there be food – yes!  Mr. Gyro!  Yay!  Kate – need me to run site copy again?  Guillaume – that’d be great.  Kate – a week before please.  Stefan – we’ve been asked to do another party Saturday night.   Guillaume – need good heralds – have them talk with Alianora – she is our chief herald.  Awesome event to do field heraldry at.  Contact Ranulf for music – we will have a tent for musicians. 
  • Arts & Sciences Championship – date TBD – Emma la rousse d’Argentan – Setting up date and will be contacting church for reservation. 
  • Marymoor Demo 2015 – date TBD – Landinn de Marest – Mary-Grace – have some Porte de l’Eau interest.  Do more like an event.  Landinn – no camping or equestrian allowed. Have info from 2010 demo – happy to share with whoever’s interested.  Filled out questionnaire.  Anen Rose – says Heinrich may be able to help with it.  Landinn – there is a paid private campsite on Lake Sammamish that can hold up to 5,000.  Possibly event place not for the demo.

Events – New –

Other New Business –

Officer positions accepting applications:

  • Social Media Officer – Mary-Grace– read job description and application process – will post on email.  Based on SCA social media officer. 
  • Family Activities Coordinator – Stefan – will re-post the job description and the call for it so we can then post the candidate and people can make comments.  Anne Rose – YAFA (Youth and Family Activities) is coming – Landinn – see for more info. 
  • Also stepping down in the near future:  Web minister (August), Chronicler (September).  Plus Exchequer needs to start training his replacement in near future.
    • Summer cloaks – Landinn- will try to organize people with parts to come to social and work on them there. 
    • Seneschal (2/16) – Will finish quarterly report next week.  Second half of Curia meeting time for training/classes?  Stefan – classes might draw more people out to Curia. Mary-Grace – maybe ask about that at a Social.  I will be head Lady in Waiting for their incoming majesties – let me know if you’re interested in volunteering along with me. 
    • Exchequer (1/15) – Julian Sinclair – working on the 2nd Quarter Report.  We will need to schedule a Financial Committee meeting in early August to review and sign the report.  I would like to begin accepting applications for Exchequer now, so that there is ample time for commentary and review.  I’d like to have the next Exchequer selected by October to provide adequate time for training before the end of the year.  Add Exchequer to list of positions that are open.  My second quarter report will be done by the end of the week.  It balanced!  Yay.   Bank balances –as of end of June – were reported.
    • Archery
    • Arts & Sciences (4/15)– Katryne MacKim – Events Concluded:
      • FEBRUARY 2014, we are still missing commentary sheets for participants in the A & S competition.  It has been five months and participants continue to ask where these sheets are, or if they are forthcoming at all.  An answer is strongly requested.
      • Upcoming events/Classes:
        • I now have a very good idea of what people want.  and proposing a display night for July.  with the ability to sign up for classes to be scheduled.   

Old Business

Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

Long term planning has begun with the Equestrians for some A & S Equine style at the Emprise.  this continues.

  • Requests for assistance:
    • None so far.
    • Dancing report from HL Ranulf Mirthe.
      • Madrone Baronial Social, June 26th:  HL Soelig and Alen visiting from Aquaterra. Amoroso, Anello, Mercantia (15th century Italian dances) taught and led by Master Trahaern. “Hunt the Squirrel” (Walsh’s Country Dancing Master, 1718; req. for hunt-themed event by their Excellencies Aquaterra) taught and led by HL Soelig. “Grimstock” (Playford 1651) taught and led by Lady Emma d’Argent. Music (recorders) by Ranulf Mirthe, Mike Stephan.
      • An Tir-West War:  Dance taught and led by Henry (fka Ian of Asheton)..
      • Other notes—Participants of the Arts & Sciences competition in February have not heard back from the judges, HL Ismenia Dunstan and the just stepped down Eduardo.
      • Note:  June was very slow for me, as I was still recovering from multiple surgeries, which took a great deal more out of me than I thought it would.  July and august will be better.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience while I get fit again.
      • Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel de Ermutigender – 1.  We have property.  2. We loaned out some of the property for a demo and I believe it has been returned or in the process of being returned.  3. We need more property. If you have any donations, see me at Curia.
      • Chatelaine (6/16) – Welcome to Madrone.  I am still getting familiar with the Meetup Group, and getting information from Landinn.  We had 2 email inquiries. We had several newcomers at Peasant’s Revel, including two people new to the Society, 2 people new from outkingdom, and one person who has played elsewhere in the kingdom. We had 2 people who have not been very involved recently attend the social in late June.


I am trying to make sure that all information about activities that is available online through various social media is current and consistent. Please remind me of all regularly scheduled activities with the Barony and Canton, official or not. For each regular activity, please let me know if newcomers are welcome to drop in any time, if newcomers are welcome when you are notified in advance, and what I make publicly available online about the activities. I will also be asking who in your group I can send newcomers to for more information, so please clarify that.

  • Chronicler (9/13) – Emma la rousse d’Argentan – minutes for June meeting were taken, finalized and distributed.  HL Landinn has graciously agreed to step up as Deputy Chronicler and will be working on the newsletter.  Thank you, Landinn! 
  • Herald (6/16) – Matilda Stoyle – Greetings, Madrone.  Name and device consultations are happening. 

July Coronation is this weekend.  If you’re going and would like to get some experience as a voice herald, there are opportunities to help out with announcing at Saturday’s rapier tournament, Sunday’s champions tournament, or town cry (making announcements around site) anytime.  Find the voice heralds near the tournament field—they’ll tell you what to say!  I believe that there will also be a tent elsewhere at Coronation with name and device consultations.

The Emprise of the Black Lion is coming up in just a few weeks.  Please consider contributing to the pageantry by being a personal herald for one of the competitors.  Make your friends look and sound more noble and powerful… not out of any ill will, but to amuse the ladies.

Since the baronial herald’s tabard has not been seen in some months, I’d like to try making one more search attempt.  If it’s still not found, could we have another one made?  S – we are working on getting them replaced. M – have books.  Interested in certain specific time periods, etc. talk with me.  Can give submissions to Anne Rose.  Anne Rose – v close to online heraldic submissions.  Beta test by September hopefully. 

  • Lists
  • Marshal (5/15) – Sean O’Connor – Greetings all, I will not be at Curia tonight because of dancing classes that I’m taking with my wife.

Fighting continues no injuries and waivers get signed. Other than the Wednesday before An Tir/West War when we only had one fighter show up, we continue to have in armor, 4-10 fighters.

  • Rapier (12/15) – Renzo di Ilario di Venturius – Fighting continues; waivers get signed; no incidents or injuries; one new authorization; attendance is steady; I will not be at the meeting in order to unpack from ATWW war. 
  • Scribe (6/16) – Rignach of Argyll –

Scribal Night –

  • Date & Time: The scribal night happened the first Tuesday, but we have decided that is not the best day for the majority of Madrone scribes to attend, so discussion of another time is necessary when we can get most of them together.
  • Location: The location was good, some discussion of moving it to a larger place, but need will depend on attendance growing.
  • Charters: Handed out charters for painting.
  • Office Materials:  I still do not have all the Scribal Office things. Outstanding are:
    • Library Books & Inventory of books (Sara)
    • Baronial Charter Scroll for framing (Sara)
    • Seals (Excellencies – at last sighting)

Supplies (not sure here, only received about three brushes and 22 tubes of paint – if that is all then I need to purchase brushes and water cups.

  • Class: No class happened in July due to my short time in office, but August has a class in Charter Painting scheduled. It will need to be confirmed when we change the date.
  • July Goals:
    • Reprint Charter Original Art for Masters
    • Get the Awards list from Excellencies for upcoming charter needs
    • Pick up Kingdom Charters at coronation for distribution at August meeting

Come up after meeting tonight to discuss when to hold Scribal meeting.  Will probably get Kingdom charters next week at Coronation.  Will have a lot a lot to paint. 

  • Thrown Weapons – THL Klaufi Hafrssonn GdS – Potlucks are last Thursday of each month.  Needs a chain saw – can probably borrow one from the NE Tool Library.  Rignach – may have some wood for rounds.  Anne Rose – Porte de l’Eau has a bring your own TAM/TWM policy on Friday nights – have archery butt/ TW round.  Stefan – thrown weapons is one of the fastest growing sport in An Tir.  Mary-Grace – needs waivers from thrown weapons practice.  Klaufi – have them, will bring them next time. 
  • This report will go back to March as no monthly or quarterly report has been filed because I am lame. Baronial reports will be coming on a monthly basis now, because somehow I think I am less lame now.
  • TW practice for Madrone started for the year on March 13, 2014 and has been going on a weekly basis since then.
  • We meet on Thursday evenings at my home in North Seattle and we generally have a decent turn out. We generally throw until too dark to see the targets except on the 1st and the 3rd Thursdays when we quit early to attend Madrone Social. We have two hard targets (for axe and knife), a soft target for spear and Atl-Atl and an AnTir Darts setup.
  • Introductions are in order, I am His Lordship, Klaufi Hafrssonn GdS. I have been playing in the SCA since AS 31 and started in Archery that same year. I discovered Thrown Weapons in AS 32 and am now Arcarius to THL Giovanni del’Arco, OGGS who is the gentle that first taught me how to throw way back then. I am a Senior TAM, Senior TW, and Junior Heavy Marshall. I hold the Thrown Weapons rank of Grand-Master, and am currently the Archery champion of The Shire of Earnrokke, TW Champion of Dragonslaire and came in a close second for Aquaterra’s TW Championship earlier this month at Boar’s Hunt/All Champions.
  • Emma la rousse d’Argentan is my drop-dead deputy and is qualified to run the range in my absence. She is also a source for training, questions and answers about getting started or improving in Thrown Weapons. She currently holds the rank of Accomplished Thrower, as well as being a Yeoman’s candidate for our fair Barony.
  • The Barony has no official gear yet, all stands, targets and weapons to loan, come from my personal stash and collection. The barony will be receiving a budget request at the appropriate time.
  • On the last Thursday of the month we are having what we call the “Live Steel Social” and encourage folks to come and bring a potluck dish and something to grill on the BBQ and stay for the evening. The first one was June 26 and it was a great success.
  • In addition to hosting practices, I run or arrange to run Thrown Weapons at Madrone hosted events, such as May Crown and North Sound Sergeantry trials  [NSCC] (upcoming). May Crown was a rousing success with many new throwers, as well as veterans.
  • Plans for a Thrown Weapons competition at NSCC sponsored by His Excellency, Viscount Sir Stefan of Pembroke are currently underway. No details to be released beforehand other than competition starts after morning court, bring your gear if you have any.
  • At the time of this writing, we are planning on bringing AnTir Darts to Peasants Revel. Look for report on success of failure next month.
  • All waivers and score sheets are on file and available for inspection upon request.
  • 03/13   Two attendees                        No injuries       Emma larousse d’Argentan qualifies as junior Thrown Weapons Marshall.
  • 03/20   Two attendees                        No injuries       Emma larousse d’Argentan designated as my drop-dead deputy.
  • 03/27   Four attendees                        No injuries       First averages Emma achieves rank of Thrower, Klaufi achieves Master
  • 04/03   Two attendees                        No injuries      
  • 04/10   Three attendees                      No injuries
  • 04/17   No practice
  • 04/24   Two attendees                        No injuries       Emma achieves rank of Two-Weapon Thrower
  • 05/01   Three attendees                      No injuries      
  • 05/08   No practice
  • 05/15   Two attendees                        No injuries
  • 05/17   Twelve Participants                No injuries       May Crown, Madrone hosted and ran TW, on targets and stands borrowed from The Barony of Dragons Laire, gear from Klaufi. Loegaire, Kingdom Royal Archer transported equipment from Dragons Laire. Emma transported Klaufi.
  • 05/22   Two attendees                        No injuries
  • 05/29   Eight attendees, two minors   No injuries       His Excellency in attendance, does well. Klaufi makes Grand Master
  • 6/05     Two attendees                        No injuries
  • 6/12     Three attendees                      No injuries
  • 6/19     Eight attendees                       No injuries       Two visitors from The Barony of Aquaterra, one new to the SCA thrower as well
  • 6/26     Eleven attendees                    No injuries       Two observers new to the SCA, one visitor Her Excellency Wyewood who threw axe and spear successfully for the first time and has a full score toward her average. Emma achieves rank of Accomplished Thrower with an average of 80.6


  • Web – (8/14) – Ginevra


  • YAC Marshall – (2/16) – Sarah Pixie –



·       Culinary – Tayla – hope everyone had a lovely time this weekend [yes!].  We are reprinting the pamphlets we are running out of and they may be at Coronation this weekend.  Edward the Stuffy is the keeper of the pamphlets –  keep an eye out for video nights and reconstructions – always want new people.  Anne Rose – and I can attest you don’t need to cook! 

  • Dance – see above. Emma – is this really a guild?  ?? – ask Trahaearn.   
  • Equestrian – Mistress Kerij-e –
  • The Madrone Equestrian guild met last month and was well attended.    Minutes were posted on the guild website.
  • Join us for our next meeting on Thursday, July 24, 2014 at AFK Elixir & Eatery in Renton at 7 p.m.  Agenda will be posted at the guild website.
  • There was a well attended practice last month.  As directed by our Baron we held a competition, a lovely duck themed tourney designed by our new junior marshal Lady Katelyn of Shetland Isles, and won by M’lord Bernard of York on Bourdain.  M’lord Giancarlo on Sunfire was second.  There were 8 competitors and four groundcrew.  Thank you to everyone who assisted and participated!  Especially to Lady Cassandra who came down from Lionsdale to help.  We had one new rider and were delighted to welcome HL Aeschine and Willow back after a long absence.  In addition to the tourney, there was a joust practice where many (foam) lances were broken.
  • The guild is proud to announce two new Junior Marshals, Lady Katelyn and Lord Bernard.
  • There is no scheduled July practice due to a busy schedule.  Join us for our next practice on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Maple Valley, WA.  See the guild website for directions.
  • Speaking of the guild website, we have begun a refresh kicked off by a movie night and site bash. The organization has not changed, but new information has been added and broken links are being fixed or removed.  A link to the guild Facebook page was added, as were several new biographies for contributors and members.  Additional project nights are being planned and will be announced as they are confirmed.
  • The guild has offered to participate in the Baronial Social presentations/demo.  It will be discussed at our next guild meting.  We are also hoping to hold one or two workshops on building Crests for the upcoming FABULOUS CREST competition (open to ALL, equestrians, fighters, fashionistas, and anyone at all interested) to be held at the Emprise of the Black Lion.  Contact Kerij-e for more information (


  • Pewter – pewter site tokens for May Crown.  Got soapstone!  Lots of site tokens all over! 



  • Canton of Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose – happens on Friday nights.  Schedule listed under armored combat on our website.  A&S minister is looking at idea for classes on Friday nights.  T – had well-attended Turkish clothing class in June.  A-R hae about 5-10 fighters per time. Most folks who show up for social are not attached to a fighter.  No FP this Friday . 
  • College of St. Bunstable



Alicia – I was requested to set up a public Google Calendar on the website and have set it up.  Is working with Ginevra on setting this up.  Stefan – we want to get guild meetings etc. up there with contact emails to get info re same.  Tayla – need to understand what’s covered by social media officer and what’s covered by the guild head, etc.  Mary-Grace – yes, need to figure out stable events, etc.  Stefan – yes, let’s take this off line and talk about more.  Bergdis – would want different things for newcomers. 



Submitted by

Emma la rousse d’Argentan, GdS

Chronicler, Madrone