Curia Minutes 2014-06

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes for June 9, 2014


Agenda –


Baron and Baroness – have been having project night/social at our house – about 1-2x a month now due to the Social being reinstituted.  Goal is to go to 1x a night at our house or shift over to the actual Social in place of project night at our house. 


Progress – been hitting events like crazy.  Just went to Egil’s.  Had lots of fun, Adiantum welcomed us with open arms.  Sat Principality courts – sat next to Prince/Princess.  Had a big (the biggest) procession! 


Will be camping at An Tir West War and July Coronation – welcome anyone to camp with us.  Iacobo is landgrabber for ATWW and Ian is camp master for ATWW.  Will have some fun meals, etc.  Have big torches, etc.


The Socials – thank you all who came out last Thursday – 42 people showed up which is awesome.  Even our THROWN WEAPONS marshal closed range early and came out with his family.  We have an awesome large gym and an attached room with an adjacent very large kitchen.  Can use in the evening.  Rapier.  Finally negotiated – next Thursday will have heavy fighting in the gym.  Can have classes etc in adjacent room.  Had a class on fingerloop braiding.  Next class will be beginning event stewarding. 


Congrats to the following folks who received awards at June Faire:  Alicia [du Bois] and Cesare [Caravaggio] – AoAs, Ryan [of Pembroke] Lion’s Cub, Emma [la rousse d’Argentan] Goutte de Sange. 



Events – Close out


May Crown – May 16-18, 2014  – Sarra/Ro – last year had 877 attendees, which we thought was an oddity.  This year 837.  Still need a few receipts.  Looking $9500 total profit.  $2800-2900 total profit to Barony after share to Kingdom and Vulcanfeldt. 


Events – In Process


Peasants Revel  – July 12, 2014 – Anne Rose – David Rogers Park in Seattle – free – dinner is $3 – wonderful soup and bread, there will be cheese rolling!  There will be period games.  Culiary Guild will have their traditional games and Renzo and Enzio will have more period games. The Baron and Baroness will be stopping by on the way there to somewhere else – will be collecting taxes.   ? – no small children as taxes?  Maybe!  Set up at 10 to dusk.  Spike is doing cheese again. 

Joint Sergeantry Trials with Aquaterra – August 22-24, 2014 – Alicia du Bois – things are moving along with very well.  In communication with Baroness Sineidin.  Working out what different people need.  There will be a heavy tourney, and a York.  Thrown Weapons.  Rapier tourney.  Equestrian.  This has it all and a beautiful camping site.  And siege weapons!  Want to have an A&S display – need someone to help with that.  Stefan – thank you for volunteering to do this.  Come out and support your candidates!  We have [5]!  Gorgeous site – big green lawns.  I am personally sponsoring the heavy tourney and am putting up some castings as prizes. Alicia – also great opportunity to see what Sejeantry are doing.  Kate MacKim – trials are primarily on the 23rd – please do not interrupt the testing – very tight schedule.


Emprise of the Black Lion – September 12-14, 2014 – Guillaume de Garrigues – jousting, pageantry, York, and beautiful pavilions, hospitality, musicians playing.  Mark your calendars!!  Be in Kent with your Barony and the cooperative Barony of Wyewood.  If interested, another planning meeting is coming up.  Take your enthusiasm and put it towards the ever-increasing fun and coolness of this event.  Find the thing you love!  Stefan – Sunday? Tourneys on Sunday?  Archery championship will be on Saturday.  Madrone archery championship.  Are planning on adding a thrown weapons champion.  If we can work it out, will have heavy and rapier championships on Sunday. Have been blessed with long-running champions. 


Events – New


Arts & Sciences – Emma possible Event Steward [I did volunteer later in the meeting and the Baron and Baroness and Deputy Seneschal said to proceed.  Emma]

Marymoor Demo for next year – Landinn is Event Steward – Stefan – please explore talking with park and see if we can stay and camp?  She will check. 


Other New Business


        New Red Tree Herald – Matilda Stoyle – Yay!

        New Baronial Scribe – Rignach of Argyll – Yay!


Officer positions accepting applications

  • Chatelaine – went out to list – decision has been made –Kingdom Chatelaine asked us to hold Landinn in position until June – gave us some time to decide – Bergdis will be stepping up tonight – Yay! 
  • Social Media Officer – will have a position open for this
  • Family Activities Coordinator – also open still
  • Chronicler deputy


Old Business


v  Summer cloaks – Landinn – costuming event on June 28 in Snohomish – how many people are interested?  Have all linen and patterns etc.  Just need to get people together. 


Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

v  Seneschal (2/14) – Mary-Grace of Gatlin – May saw the Barony pulled together and hold an amazing Crown List event with the great support of Vulcanfeldt and others.  I will be working on the 2nd quarter report so if you have anything in particular you would like to see included please be sure to let me know. We have filled the Herald’s office and Scribe. Thanks to Lady Matilda and Lady Rignach of Argyll, Lancer of Madrone, who have offered up their valuable time and talents. The new Chatelaine will be announced at June’s meeting.  The office of Social Media officer will be discussed at June’s meeting as well and we will be taking applications. This office reports to the Seneschal.

v  Exchequer (1/15) – Julian Sinclair – Nothing much to report. End of quarter coming up. Need to schedule the next financial committee meeting.  April statements handed to Sarra to open during meeting, 

  • May bank balances were reported to the Chronicler by the Exchequer on July 10 via email. 

v  Archery – no report

v  Arts & Sciences (4/15) – Kate MacKim – Am getting back to my real life.  Thank you for the list of requested classes – will start scheduling them. 

Upcoming events/Classes

I sent out a request for classes people wanted to have.  Now with this list, I will begin to schedule classes and demos as per this list.  

Long term planning has begun with the Equestrians for some A & S Equine style at the Emprise.

Requests for assistance:

None so far.

Dancing report from HL Ranulf Mirthe.

Now that we are resuming the Baronial Socials, we will resume dancing with our wonderful Ranulf and Master Trahaearn.

Other notes-– Participants of the A & S competition in February have not heard back from the judges, HL Ismenia Dunstan and the just stepped down Eduardo. 

v  Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel der Ermutigender – Baronial items were used at Crown were returned.  Sarra- actually still in Heilyn’s barn – will arrange to return. 

v  Chatelaine (6/14) – Landinn de Marest – Have a couple of newcomers this week – one moving from Caid.  Had a demo request – jointly pursuing with Amptgard maybe.  Is now deputy chatelaine for Kingdom. 

  • Emails 3
  • Social none (no social, no project nights)
  • Meetup 152
    I had one demo request for a LARP group in Redmond. Forwarded appropriately. We have two more newcomers from other kingdoms, hoping to get them to attend one of the upcoming Socials.
    Just a reminder that my term will be ending in June. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to serve the Barony.

v  Chronicler (9/13) – Emma la rousse d’Argentan – minutes were taken and distributed for review.  Finalized minutes sent to webminister for posting on the baronial website. 

v  Herald (7/15) – Matilda – Basil already gave me the heraldry library.   No one has seen tabard since … ??  Stefan – talking about having a new one done.  Julian – did Basil give you list of books he wanted to buy?  Still have $$ in budget.  Matilda – will check. 

v  Lists – Rowena d’Ath Fhirdia – did lists at June Faire.  Will help with Wyewood Champions. 

v  Marshal (5/15) – Sean – report sent to list:  Greetings all, I will not be at Curia tonight because of dancing 
classes that I’m taking with my wife.  Fighting continues no injuries and waivers get signed. We continue to  fluctuate with our turnout. In armor, 4-10 fighters. The next Thursday Social we are suppose to be able to have Armored combat, His Excellency should have more info on that.

v  Rapier (12/15) – Renzo di Ilario di Venturius – Waivers are being signed; no injuries to report; attendance at practice is solid, with about 9-15 fighters regularly.   Sean Wales has generously offered to cover marshalling this week’s upcoming social, and I hope to have Cesare authorized as a Junior in time to cover next month’s.  The Barony hosted one fighting event – May Crown – which included two official tournaments.  Attendance was 14 for the Torch Light tourney, and 38 for the Cadets tourney.   No injuries or incidents were reported.   Lady Alessandra was all out of bubblegum, helping with lists and checking cards, on a Sunday, during coffee-drinking hours.   Many fighters requested and suggested more daylight fighting opportunities for the future.  

v Scribe (2/14) – Sarra – ran a theoretical scriptorium at last social.  Rignach is new. 

v Thrown Weapons – Klaufi – average turnout – 5 to 10 people on Thursdays.  Usually only about 3-4 throwing for score.  Everyone is welcome – fastest growing sport in An Tir!  Stefan – really nice lawn and set up – places to sit and you can sit right there and watch people throw.  Claw – When we go into evenings, we’ll get the brazier going. 

v  Web (8/14)  – no report. 

v  Youth Armored Combat (2/16) – Sarah Pixie – May: There was no practice but I helped organize the YAC activities at May Crown. Tournament was very successful with 16 youth fighters.  PPW fighting happened throughout the day on Saturday and many visitors came by to ask questions and play. Sunday we hosted a melee battle that was also well attended and a few Heavy fighters came out to get beat up by the kids. It was fun and there were no major injuries.  I also hosted Youth PPW activities at Wye War. Some heavy fighters volunteered to get beat up by the kids and then we did some melee, some bridge battles and then some one on one work-shopping on the basic rules of the game, a marshals job, and chivalry on the erics.   One Kingdomlevel an official YAC badge has been posted – are in process of getting.  PPW – Public Participations Weapons.



v  Culinary – Ysolt Tayler of Windhill- Greetings Fair Madrone, Your Culinary Guild is getting back up to speed after Baronial Banquet.  Our reconstruction hiatus will continue through June, but we expect to be revisiting Italian recipes in July.  Our reconstruction will be moving to the Eastside for a while, but will still be on the 2nd Thursday of the month.   We’ll be bringing games and toys to the Baronial Social on the 19th so stop by and check them out!   Our culinary history Video Night is coming up on June 26th.  We’ll be having Roman for dinner to match one of the Video segments. 

Peasants Revel is just around the corner, we hope you will all join us on the 12 for the fun and games! Watch for announcements about cheese rolling to come towards the end of the month; Head Culinary Feline Wrangler

v  Dance – Happened at the Social! 

Landinn – have a newcomer who is interested in 14C music – please send me info – Kate will forward to Landinn to give to newcomer. 


v  Equestrian – the Madrone Equestrian guild met last month and held its annual elections.  I have the honor of being re-elected as Guild Head.  Mistress Annisa was elected our honorable steward.  We held our meet at a new location, AFK Elixer & Eatery in Renton, and it was found to be acceptable.   Minutes were posted on the guild website.   The next meeting is June 26, 2014 at 7 p.m. at AFK Elixir & Eatery.  Agenda will be posted at the guild website.
There was no May practice.  The next practice will be June 26th.  It will be an opportunity for Junior Marshals to run a mini-tournament planned by Lady Katina and me with the theme of ducks!  There will also be jousting.  If there are any sergeantry candidates that would like to authorize as ground crew, this is your chance!
Your servant, Mistress Kerij-e, Madrone Equestrian Guildhead


v  Pewter – has been happening – May Crown site tokens – demo at June Faire – also doing for other groups outside barony

v  Sewing  – no report –Landinn – probably not an official guild – probably need someone who can manage it.  Stefan – at this point – remove Sewing guild from agenda.  Not defuncting them – just removing from agenda for clarification. 




v  Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose – we are here – come out and see us on Friday nights – get 3-10 fighters depending on the – bring your own TAM and you can shoot – have range in backyard. Having social this pat Friday – had ME garb survey.  Planning on a class 1x a month, may have bonfire in summer months.  Look on our website under armored combat for updated schedule.  Check there for any changes. 

v  St. Bunstable – Stefan – is hibernating – so not a lot for next two months – is a hot topic for myself and the Baroness – want to draw them back out and get them active.  Have a couple who are interested in playing.  Putting together a task force for people to do some demos and draw them out. 




Klaufi – also had THROWN WEAPONS at May Crown.  We need funding.  Julian – until budget process in September, can’t approve new budgets mid-year but we can approve spending mid-year – submit expense reports and there we go. Ask for approval and get refunded make out a check request. Send email to Seneschal, Baron and Baroness and the Exchequer to get expense approved.  Figure out what cost of loaner gear is, submit and ask for approval.  Can add line item in for next year. 



Submitted by

Emma la rousse d’Argentan, GdS

Chronicler, Madrone