Curia Minutes 2014-05

Barony of Madrone – Curia

Minutes for May 11, 2014


Seneschal – will go through agenda fast so we can work on items for event this weekend. 


Baron and Baroness – Crown – we will have Baronial pavilion set up on eric – everybody is invited to come an set up chair and hang out.  Will have hospitality table at back – bringing something to share is welcome. May have some live music. 


Baron and Baroness’ calendar – Egil’s in Eugene – please feel free to join us – beautiful site/weather, welcome to camp with us. 


Socials – have confirmation from church for 1st and 3rd Thursdays of every month.  Starting in first week of June.  Won’t do first week of July.  Still working on getting heavy as part of it.  7 to 9 pm.  Believe may be extended to 9:30.  Parking is actually free even though it’s marked as paid.  May fight in parking light as it gets lighter later.  Would love to have guilds participate as part of Social like guild meetings. 


We were going send out names on the pending officer positions and will do that in the future.  Was a miscommunication –will be adding a translator to Mary Grace from his Excellency position. 


Events – Close out


Baronial Banquet – April 26, 2014 – Steven – has some lost and found.  Talk to me.  No financial report yet.  Etiennette – just handed in. 


Events – In Process



May Crown – May 16-18, 2014 – Ro – Kate is down – so having to contract printing out for site copy.  May need to raise budget.  Ysolt – Kinko’s ~$600.  Still hoping to get printing within budgetary amount.  Ro – currently under budget for everything else.  Need a ruling from the Financial Committee.  Julian – need to do in writing.  Mary-Grace – be sure to highball the quote from Kinko’s. 

Peasants Revel  – July 12, 2014 – no report.

Joint Sergeantry Trials with Aquaterra – August 22-24, 2014 – no report.

Emprise of the Black Lion – September 12-14, 2014 – Enzio – had first planning meeting, Wyewood is official on board to co-sponsor the event. 


Events – New?




Other New Business


Officer positions accepting applications will post names for populace feedback.  Have someone interested in Family Activities Coordinator.

Baron and Baroness/Seneschal – we meant to circulate names and did not – will do soon.

  • Chatelaine –
  • Social Media Officer –
  • Family Activities Coordinator –
  • Chronicler deputy
  • Red Tree Herald –


Old Business


v  Summer cloaks – Landinn – we’re working on them.



Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

v  Seneschal (3/16)  – Mary Grace – turned in quarterly report on time. 

  • Last month – asked for feedback on open FB page.  Overwhelming majority felt that we should keep FB page open.  Talked about second page.  Can do one individually but not a second official one.  Landinn – can’t have an unofficial page that says “Barony”.  Mary-Grace – can’t use name of barony in page name.  Thank you to everyone who provided feedback.  Stefan – non-Madrone event announcements – feel it’s beneficial to populace so give permission to people to post those. E.g., Baron and Baroness of Wyewood. 

v  Exchequer (1/15) – Julian Sinclair – I’ve been away. I have nothing to report.   Hopefully, we’ll have the bank statements at the meeting. 

  • Have check requests for people. Will write a check to MICC.  Will send Chronicler bank balances later. 
  • [Bank balances were emailed to Chronicler by the Exchequer on 5/14/2014]. 


v  Archery –

  • Thrown Weapons –

v  Arts & Sciences (4/15) –  


v  Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel – Got items back from Baronial Banquet (except black gate box – due to get at Curia).  Put back in storage locker.  Coordinated with May Crown event steward for property to be used at May Crown.


v  Chatelaine (2/13) – Landinn – We had 2 email inquiries.  There are 146 Meetup Group members
We had 7 newcomers at the Banquet, including one person new to the Society, 3 people new from outkingdom, and two people rejoining the Barony after a protracted hiatus. We also had a newcomer from out of Kingdom that has started attending Project Night, and we had 2 newcomers to the SCA also attend project night this last week.  I remain Yours In Service. 

  • Had 2 children demo requests this week – take them offline. 


v  Chronicler (9/13) – Emma – minutes were taken and distributed for review.  March and April minutes sent to Webmistress to post.  Prepared and printed out agendas with reports ahead of April meeting, will continue to do so and to also distribute them via the Madrone list.


v  Herald (7/15) –

v  Lists –   


v  Marshal (5/15) – Sean – Fighting continues, no injuries, wavers get signed. We are getting 
anywhere from 5 – 8 fighters. We still have a lot of newer folks showing up, and we’ve been able to get most armored up, we still seem to be short on just shields, so if you are showing up to practice and  have extras that you can loan out for the evening, that would be great!


v  Rapier (12/15) – Renzo – Fighting continues; no injuries; waivers signed; no fighting events in barony since last month; a few new fighters have appeared; majority of fighters were *not* interested in the call for melee; goats are adorable.

v  Scribe (2/14) – Maedha – Greetings!!!  One person was in attendance at the Monthly Scribal Night.I learned how to make Baronial Seals (Thank You Sarra!!)  Provided enough Charters and Seals for awards at Banquet.  I am down to 4 charters for handing out.  If you have any, PLEASE get them to me ASAP! Thank you! 

  • Am resigning position due to family matters.  I will stick around until filled again.  Stefan – thank you for all the service you’ve given not just to the
  • Barony but to the K over time.  We know you’ll come back and do more later. We’re sad because we love working with you.  Let us know if we can do anything. 
  • Stefan – already have interest from qualified people – please get your applications in.


v  Web (8/14)  –  


v  Youth Armored Combat (2/16) – Sarah Pixie – No practice and no workshops in April.  What I did do in April; planning for May crown, building YAC iron key, had a baby and bought a house.

The barony of Madrone received a couple of plastic rounds and wood shield blanks, a pair of sport knee/shin guards and a sports helmet from the barony of Aquaterra.





v  Culinary – Ysolt – if you’re interested in CG, we will be moving some events around – watch the list for more information.  We’re starting on the next (4) projects already.  Website with contacts for CG re working again. 

v  Dance –


v  Equestrian – Greetings to the Baron and Baroness Madrone, the populace of Madrone, members of the equestrian guild, and the most honorable Kingdom Equestrain Officer, please accept this as my monthly report for April, 2014.
April practice had 8 horses, 9 riders, 2 groundcrew, and one new authorization.  No May practice due to schedule conflicts with marshals.   Next practice is Saturday, June 21, 2014 in Maple Valley, WA. at C.M. Trinity at 22205 270th Ave SE, Maple Valley, WA. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. 
April Guild meeting was attended by 14 people.  Our next Guild meeting on Thursday, May 22, 2014 will be held at a new site (due to restaurant closing). We will meet at 7 p.m. at AFK Elixer & Eatery 3750 E Valley Rd, Renton, Washington 98055 (425) 738-0025. 
Per our charter, the next guild meeting includes our guild elections for guild head and steward.  Anyone attending may vote.  Ballots can also be sent with anyone attending.

“Second, there shall be elected from the guild members attendant to the May meeting, a guildhead and a steward. This office shall be re-elected at the beginning of every year of the society, being May.

  • And when the guild shall sit, the guildhead is to have, each night so long as the guild sits, two glasses of refreshment and two candles, and the steward the same. The guildhead, or his or her designate, shall record the discussions and decisions as made by the guild and report them to their Excellencies and the general populace at the Baronial Council and to the Madrone public boards, repositories, and to others who may have interest. If the guildhead cannot fulfill the duty, then these duties fall to the stewart. Should anyone wish to view these records they should be made available. “


Minutes and agenda can be viewed at the Madrone Equestrian Guild Website.

It has been my honor to serve you this past year. 

I am your servant,

Mistress Kerij-e


v  Pewter – Tokens!  Crown and newcomers – thank you!!

v  Sewing –




v  Porte de l’Eau – Ysolt – had meeting last Friday – still waiting to hear re KW Heraldic – will know next month.  Having lots of people showing up.  Turkish costumes on 5/30. A&S last Friday of the month.  Will need to move last June meeting – same date as KWHS this year – will meet a week later and will know then.

v  St. Bunstable –


Submitted by Lady Emma la rousse d’Argentan, Chronicler, Madrone