Curia Minutes 2014-04


Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes – April 14, 2014


Attendees:  35


Mary-Grace – next month – asked Chronicler to send Agenda to everyone then people can view on their electronic devices.  Will start doing next month.

Agenda –


Baron and Baroness – Emmelina – went to Baronesses’ War last weekend – it was really fun because it was my first time there as a Baroness.  Had a great turnout and fantastic time – lots of people showed up to support.  Great time with friends and they loved having us there.  First time Madrone attended (used to be against Banquet).  We had 35 people wearing Madrone favor.  There were champions who fought and did us proud.  There were people from other areas who came out represented and supported.  Sunny and gorgeous.  Encourage everyone to go next year.  Don Enzio fought and won in the rapier tourney on Sat.  On Sun.  Cesare and Xavier also represented.  His Grace Duke Havork fought in tourney.  Thank you to all who came. 


Stefan – Social – will post to list and FB – just need to get on Church’s calendar.  Maybe a Monday night?  Summertime we will be allowed Thursday nights.  We’ll see how it goes.  Property manager is hard to get ahold of.   Emmelina – we are open to suggestions for other locations for the Social or we are open to having it at the Mercer Island Community Center.  Aleksandra – can do MICC month to month.  MICC has larger rooms for more money.  Tayler – need a place to hold gate class before Banquet and now May Crown.  Maybe the 5th or do after Curia next month?  Prefer something the week of the 5th.  Fold site copy at Curia instead.  Let Mary-Grace know preference re location, etc. 


Events – In Process


Baronial Banquet – April 26, 2014 – Steven Desjardin – due to email issues I haven’t been getting emails; has been solved to do check requests and contract.  Have 95 reservations.  Will need help in writing up site copy—schedule is mostly set.  Reservations are closed as of tonight.

May Crown – May 16-18, 2014 – Met with Her Majesty over the weekend and we got a lot done.   Emails will go out shortly asking for volunteers and shift commitments.  Madrone is working Gate all Friday night; Tayler will be getting schedule out for that within the next week.  Need help with eric set up and tear down, as well as general crew.  Lots of groups are coming out to volunteer.  There will be a torchlight buy a life tourney on Saturday night by her Majesty’s request on the eric.  Also will be a couple parties, etc.  Gera – if you want to camp with Madrone, let me know.  So far it’s just Sarra and me. 

Peasants Revel  – July 12, 2014 – Tayler – need to do forms – have autocrat – Anne Rose.

Joint Sergeantry Trials with Aquaterra – August 22-24, 2014 – Ian – sergeant from Aquaterra:   mid-terms June 7 for Aquaterra’s sergeantry – have 3 coronets dealing with.  It behooves us to work together.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Baron Stefan – Alicia du Bois is co-event steward from Madrone.  Great opportunity for Barony to come together and camp together.  Having lots of out of town folks coming – Wastekeep, Dragon’s Laire, Wyewood, etc.  There will be equestrian facilities, archery, etc.

Emprise of the Black Lion – September 12-14, 2014 – Guillaume – please mark your calendars because its awesome – period equestrian, period archery shoots.  Working on judges invites.  Temetgen will be printing advertising cards again this year.  Will start meetings probably on 1st Thursday of the month sometime soon.  Baron Stefan – Had 18 horses last year.  It’s awesome.  Really thank you [Guillaume] for all the work you do. 


Other New Business


Officer positions accepting applications

o   Chatelaine – Bergdis and Gera – are both candidates – we will be taking commentary until May 2

o   Social Media Officer – Mary-Grace – will create job description for this with their Excellencies this week.  Landinn – the Kingdom Chatelaine and I have been discussing – will send you our notes.  Anne Rose – several other Kingdoms and Baronies have this type of position – can maybe provide/use.  Baron Stefan – will not only be social media but also communication so different from social media Kingdom officer.

o   Family Activities Coordinator

o   Chronicler deputy – have someone interested.

o   Herald – Matilda and Lianor are our candidates – will open for commentary.  Matilda was incorrectly announced as officer last time since no commentary was solicited.  Will open for commentary through May 2. 


Old Business


v  Summer cloaks – Landinn – will send out email once have space – probably work on in late May early June. 



Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds


v  Seneschal (3/16) – will be working on quarterly report.  Send me copies of your quarterly reports. 


v  Exchequer (1/15) – Not much to report this month:  The correct revision of the Financial Policy has been printed and is ready to be signed.  The 1st Quarter report has been completed and filed.  Bank balances will be reported at the meeting.  I will be out of town for two weeks from April 21st to May 5th.  I’ll hand off the checkbook for the duration of my absence.  Julian


Have paperwork that needs to be signed.  Will sign financial policy after. Bank balances from end of March:  checking – $5699; money market – $17,524.80. 


v  Archery – We are starting weekly archery practice up for the year at our place in Redmond.  Contact me or Sir Aethelred for address/directions.  Mondays after 5:30 pm.  We shoot until it’s too dark or the bear wanders into the yard.  There is the possibility to shoot on Fridays at the Porte de l’Eau practice. Check the PdL site/FB to make sure practice is happening.  Bring your own marshal – I don’t get there til at least 7:30pm right now.  Shadhra


v  Arts & Sciences (4/15) – Events Concluded:  February was anything but quiet for the Barony

Upcoming events/Classes.  March 20th will be a class on making Easter Eggs taught by Morgan Donner at the monthly social.  We are all looking forward to it.– this class has been delayed because the social was cancelled for the month of April.  We are looking for another site.  Morgan is going to hold the class at Master Sean’s.  Long term planning has begun with the Equestrians for some A & S Equine style at the Emprise.


Requests for assistance:  None so far.


Dancing report from HL Ranulf Mirthe.


Other notes-– Participants of the A & S competition in February have not heard back from the judges, HL Ismenia Dunstan and the just stepped down Eduardo.


v  Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel – didn’t send anything – no change from last month – got stuff for Banquet.  Sarra – who has keys for the storage unit; arranged hand-off.  Karrel – make list of what you borrow. 


v  Chatelaine (2/13) – 2 new comers to An Tir but not SCA.  3 emails to the Chatelaine (including one donation to Gold Key that I forwarded for follow up to Gera).  No social this month, although in March there were 3 long-time SCAdian’s that had not participated in recent years that came to Project Night, and they seem to be engaged. (Efforts were all on the part of Their Excellencies).  144 members of the Meetup group. I have been cross-promoting with Aquaterra as well.   The search for my successor continues with two active applicants.

I remain Yours In Service, Landinn de Marest


v  Chronicler (9/13) – Minutes were taken and need to be posted to the website; the web minister set me up with a password and I have let to learn how to use that and post up the minutes.  I think I have a deputy somewhere now ….   In service, Emma


v  Herald (____) –


v  Lists – Ro – we have stuff no tourneys. 


v  Marshal (5/15) – Fighting continues, no injuries, wavers get signed. We are getting anywhere from 3 – 8 fighters. We still have a lot of newer folks showing up, and we’ve been able to get most armored up, we still seem to be short with shields and swords, so if you are showing up to practice and have extras that you can loan out for the evening, that would be great!  Thank you.  Master Sean O’Conner  Baron Stefan – I want to add that the Barony has 6 new heavy fighters in last two months – great job!


v  Rapier (12/15) – Practice continues; waivers get signed; no injuries to report; numbers fairly steady.  In addition to C&T practice, we will now be hosting and focusing on melee practice on the first Monday of each month.  


A rapier community meeting was held, with fighters suggesting uses for the annual marshal budget, requesting more melee nights, discussing a possible study night, and offering possible locations and times for a follow up meeting.  The next meeting will be held on June 4th, at 8:30pm.  The location is yet TBD, but we will make sure the venue has more food and non-alcoholic drink options, this time.  


Kate’s been training the sergeantry as marshals, and the community seems to be enthusiastic to help.   Reviewing my own behavior and participation, as well as that of others, I would caution this enthusiasm:  While it is understandable that fighters may wish to provide examples of unsafe behavior for the sake of this training, I would ask that such examples be limited to the Kate’s express requests, and be carried out only with full armor and protection.   Thank you, The Dread Sea Lord Renzo the Red  =P 


Enzio – note that Monday C&T only happens when Don Samuel is there.  He’s the only C&T marshall we have.

v Scribe (2/14) – Baron Stefan – Scribe is not here but Scribal is happening.  Scribal night is at Rampant Hedgehog now.  Great space for dedicated painting. 


Scribe’s Report:  Greetings Madrone!

This week was the first Scribal Night at the new location.  Eight people came through the door, 6 painted charters or bookmarks.  Our Baron and Baroness were in attendance.  Everyone approved of the new location, so for the time being all further Scribal Nights will be held at the Rampant Hedgehog Inn.  I have 10 Kingdom charters – if you would like one, let’s set up a hand off.
New Baronial Designs are welcome.  Please turn in any Baronial or Kingdom charters you may have finished at Curia so I can get the Kingdom ones back to the Royal Scribe, and get a good count of Baronial Charters so our Baron and Baroness can Award the Deserving Populace of Madrone!!!  Maedha. 


v  Web (8/14) – Hello All, My apologies to all for my sporadic availability for the past several months. Some of my commitments have eased up so I have a little more time now, and I will attempt to better keep up with updates.


My officer warrant expires in August, and I would love to hand the website to a successor.  I’ll be happy to help with the transition, or if my successor is knowledgeable and would prefer to work alone, I’ll be happy to step aside and let them handle it. Would the appropriate persons please help me with whatever needs to be done to find a successor?


Thanks!  Ginevra da Lucca, Madrone Webminister


Tayler – please send me any updates for Baronial addresses; there need to be some updates made. 


v  Youth Armored Combat – I hosted a Youth Program workshop and information night on March 11th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Kingsgate Library in Kirkland. I will had program fliers with dates at Madrone A & S as well as I will be advertising on multiple email lists, Facebook groups and Meetup. We had one visitor.  I 18 year old who is interested in Rapier and found about the SCA thru attending the super bowl party at the baron’s house.   I pick up foam noodles at $1 and have started on the baronial Youth Iron key.  No social this month so no official practice was held.  No workshop scheduled for April.  Working with May Crown planning Youth combat activities for that event as well as Youth combat activities at Wye war the weekend after May crown. 


Sarah Pixie, Youth Armored Combat Warden of Madrone






v  Culinary – The Culinary Guild is of course very busy with Banquet coming up in 10 days.  We look forward to providing a spectacular 14th Century Cairo Feast for the Barony to enjoy.  In March our Video night started up again and we held a reconstruction on the Eastside at PDL’s Friday night Fighter Practice.  Our Business meeting was April 2nd in Ballard.   Due to the focus on Banquet some of our usual activities are canceled this month, including our regular reconstruction and Video Night. Instead we will be holding a precooking day on April 20th


In addition to Banquet, the guild is undertaking a review of all our electronic resources, including a potential rewriting of our website, and the creation of a new blog.  Anyone seeking to get a hold of the guild should use the address while resolve an issue with the mail to links on the guild’s website. 


As always, we’re looking for new people interested in food and cooking!    Our May Business meeting will be the 7th on the Eastside.


Ysolt Tayler of Windhill, Guildhead. Madrone Culinary Guild


It was noted that there will be a Great Known World Culinary Symposium in Northshield (against Sept Crown). 


v  Dance –


v  Equestrian – March equestrian practice due to most of the Sr. Eq. Marshals being out of town. Equestrian guild meeting was held 4/27/2014.  See guild site for minutes.
Next equestrian practice is 4/19/2014. The next equestrian guild meeting is 4/24/2014.
Guildhead election will be held at the May meeting.   Baron’s challenge tournament has been postponed to May practice.
Please go to for directions and agendas.
I am your servant, Kerij-e,  Madrone Equestrian Guildhead


v  Pewter – Sean – tomorrow will be official focused pewter night.  Plugging away.  Rose will be ready to pour banquet token this week.


v  Sewing





Porte de l’Eau – Anne RoseDecember event – Bard and Blades and Sven’s Musical.  Muirghean of Bristol is event steward. 


I presented to Canton to bid – result was that we voted to host.  June 2015 Redmond Marriott – putting in bid for Known World Heraldic to Black Lion Herald – goes on OSCAR.  Will be announced at KW Heraldic in June 2014.  Heralds loose in Las Vegas! 


Come out on Friday nights – look at site for schedule.  Usually A&S on last Friday of the month.  Friday night fight practice/social – S – excellent practice. 


v  St. Bunstable –



Baronial Facebook Page – Change from Closed to Public –


Stefan – let me apologize first.  It seemed like a non-issue to those of us we had discussed it with and I was wrong – it was a big deal.  It should have been something that there was more discussion and commentary about.  I made the change and it was wrong.  I know we can’t go back.  It was a matter of my being very gung-ho and me just charging forward and do things.  We’ve taken a lot of commentary on it since we solicited it.  Most of it was about the procedure and how it was just implemented and no commentary taken.  Again, I apologize, that was wrong.  Some people want it Closed, most don’t care but cared about how it was done. 




Mary-Grace – will put out ask for commentary out to all sources – FB page, Madrone list, etc.  Come back next month and discuss: 

–       Should we have a second Facebook page that’s Closed? 

–       Proposal to have two or three admins (officers) and create a generic email address for Closed group. 



End minutes


Submitted by

Lady Emma la rousse d’Argentan

Chronicler, Barony of Madrone