Curia Minutes 2014-02

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes


February 10, 2014


Aleksandra – this is my last meeting as seneschal – Mary-Grace is new seneschal – I will be seneschal through our next event, A&S, and then she will take over.

Agenda –


Baron and Baroness – Emmalina – thanks everyone for coming – its nice to see so many smiling faces.  Pembroke – we will have a trial Social at a new location on 2/20 – 3rd Thursday of month at Calvary Christian Assembly – posted on Facebook and on email list.  6:30 – 9 pm sharp.  Please be on best behavior – great partners – clean gym and get out on time.  Rapier fighting, youth armored activities – populace participation – dance, music etc.  Please spread the word! Curia stays on Mercer Island.  Reminder that project nights on Sundays at our house is open to everyone. 


Gold Key – need donations – want nice stuff.  Encourage new people to attend.  Thank you to Nicolin Gray – made a donation of full box of twelve Black Swan outfits. Had some leather shoes and plates donated – thank you to everyone! 


May Crown – will have Baronial encampment.  Have campmaster, Gera.  You can camp next to us if you don’t want to be in the Baronial encampment.  Will try to put period stuff towards front but non-period stuff is welcome.  Not going to do a dinner because so many people are working the event.  Table it for Coronation – will do a Baronial potluck dinner there. 


Events – In Process


Baronial A&S – February 15, 2014 – Iacobo – dinner is sold out.  There will now be a waiting list.  8 or 9 competitors.  Each will teach a half hour class over course of day and there will be comment cards.  Judges will take cards into account before.  Great site.  Schedule for classes will be put up at the event on a board.  Duke Haouc will be teaching a fighting class.  His wife, Mina, will be one of the judges.  It is a theory class, no need to be armored.  1 pm.  Court – will be before dinner so those who aren’t staying for dinner can stay for court.  Gate opens at 10.  Opening court at 11 am.  Tayla – anyone with allergy issues talk to me before this weekend.   Anne Rose – will not have a Lion’s Blood meeting. 


Baronial Banquet – April 26, 2014 – Stephen Desjardin – needs kitchen clean up help (Pembroke volunteered and will set up washers).  Have sampled some great fare that will be served at this event.  Rose – tokens.  Please put your reservations in! .  Must pay to complete the reservation.  $25 per person, no youth price. 



May Crown – May 16-18, 2014 – Sarra – is proceeding, no paperwork tonight, will provide shortly after this weekend.  Need more volunteers to do more things.  Opportunity to show up the day before and help lay out and decorate the site.  Gate, parking, during event.  Will put out email asking for help. 

Peasants – July 12, 2014 – Anne Rose – “not” Anne Rose’s birthday.  Come celebrate with me.  There is going to be cheese.  Might resurrect some very old games (found in old MCG minutes). 

Emprise – September 12-14, 2014 – Guillaumehappening – just forwarded signed contract and deposit receipt.  Thank you for much for working out the calendar (to the BnB) with their Excellencies of Aq. 

Joint Sergeantry Trials with Aquaterra – Aug 22-24 – Pembroke – Skagit County Fairgrounds.  Goal is to eventually join with Wyewood and maybe BAO to have north Sound sergeantry trials.  They are splitting the profit to the sergeantry’s budget.  Want barony to be able to camp together and do things together on a smaller level where the fee is smaller. You don’t need to be a sergeantry candidate, you can come and support the candidates.  There will be lots of fun activities.


Events – New


Landinn – March 22 demo – Saturday – Nordic Hall – were contacted about this.  Want people to show up in costume and talk about Viking life.  Stefan volunteered to coordinate. 


Other New Business


Officer positions accepting applications

  • Chatelaine – have applicants – interviews under way
  • Social Media Officer – still need to define JD
  • Baronial Scribe – great applicant for this
  • Family Activities Coordinator –
  • Chronicler deputy
  • Red Tree Herald – have two applicants
  • Exchequer – needs a deputy.  Stepping down at the end of the year.  Open to training replacements. 


Old Business


v  Summer cloaks – Landinn – nothing new. 


New Business


v  Landinn – Chatelaine – fees for Meet-Up group.  Have been paying myself.  Three choices $19/mo, $45/quarterly, $72/6 months.  Get lot of new people (scribes).  Sarah – can run three Meet-Up groups for same price.  Snohomish’s coordinator is stepping down – go in with Aquaterra and Wyewood – have Meet-Ups for same price.  Landinn will check into that.  $144 a year – falls within already-approved $175 a year budget.  Approved. 


Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

Seneschal (2/14) – Aleksandra – financial policy is completed, will be signed and posted on website shortly. 

Exchequer (1/15) – Julian – balances end of January – checking 11288.80 money market 17512.08. 

  • Financial Committeee meeting – The year-end report was completed, balanced, signed, and delivered on time.  Finished revising policy.  P.O.B. and storage unit both went up $25 more than estimated.  Have letter from storage unit – need insurance or vendor will provide.  Takes effect 2/1 at $9/month.  Julian will shop around and find one and sign for it. 


  • Seneschal change will result in update of list of signatories.
  • The signatories on the account will be as follows (listed by SCA name with rank and/or office – regular name):
    • Duchess Mary-Grace of Gatland, Seneschal – Nancy-Ellen Martin
    • Her Excellency Emmalina, Baroness of Madrone – Emily Selbo
    • Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna, retired seneschal of Madrone – JoAnna Buxton
    • Etiennette Genevieve de Montaigne, Kingdom Exchequer – Stephanie Ray-Solum
    • Lady Constantia – Kelli Bausch
    • Lady Tayla Ysolt of Windy Hill – Tristin Sale
    • Lord Julian Sinclair, Exchequer of the Barony of Madrone – Jason Greco
    • Other signature changes: 
      • Master Trahearn – Peter Durham wiloryl be removed as a signatory.


v  Archery – Shadhra


v  Arts & Sciences (4/15) – Kate – German brickwork class by Alianora – Feb 20, March Social – Ukranian decorated eggs – Morgan Donner; two entries for research paper competition, thanks for entering.  Events Concluded:  January was quiet for the barony, most of us helping out at Ursalmas.  Upcoming events/Classes – February 20th will be class by Alianora Greymoor, on German Brickwork– to be held at the new social location:  6801 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA.  March 20th, Class on Ukrainian Decorated Eggs by Morgan Donne.  February 15th will be the Baronial Championship.  Guidelines are as follows: each entrant will have one ‘skill’ entry, and have to teach a class of 30 minutes on the day of the event.  The class need not have anything to do with their display. We had two submissions for the research paper contest.  The winner will be announced at A & S on the 15th.  Long term planning has begun with the Equestrians for some A & S Equine style at the Emprise.  Requests for assistance:None so far.  Dancing report from HL Ranulf MirtheRanulf gave me a wonderful report about the 12th night ball,and I have mis placed it, will resubmit shortly with that report.


v  Chamberlain (4/14) – Karrel – Still have stuff, no insurance.  Talking to event stewards for Baronial A&S and Baronial Banquet to bring stuff to the event.


v  Chatelaine (2/13) – Landinn – there was no social in January, so no numbers.  138 Meetup Group members, at least three of our members were at 12th Night.  I received no email inquiries


v  Chronicler (9/13) – Emma – Minutes were taken and distributed for review. 


v  Herald (7/15) – Pembroke – need help creating a tabard.  Anne Rose at July Coronation, Saewyn –  Herald Extraordinaire – will have own heraldic title, Dandelion Herald. 

From Basil:  No injuries to report. 😉  I have had to get out of the office of Red Tree, due to major problems with my car. That’s also why I won’t be able to make it to Curia, nor
Social.  Quarterly report turned in. Have acquired four important books for
Baronial Herald’s Library. Have kept up with email, done research and
commentary at kingdom level.  Nothing else to report.


v  Lists –   


v  Marshal (5/15) – Sean – too cold last week but starting to see lots of people turn up.  Fighting continue no injuries waivers get signed.  Other then last week when temperatures were 23° at practice, and very few people showed up, we’ve had very large practices the weeks before (8-14 fighters in armor).


v  Rapier (12/15) – Renzo – fighting continues; no injuries or issues have been brought to my attention; one fighter was re-authorized; the Mastodon [Master Sean] continues to collect signatures; attendance has slowly increased as weather improves; THL Conal has been offering classes (which is good!).  I’d like to invite comments and suggestions for use of the rapier marshals budget.  Currently looking at masks and gorgets for *baronial* loaner gear.  

v  Scribe (2/14) – Sarra – This month, there were a few of us at the Scriptorium (held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month). We painted Baronial Charters.  I will be painting at the back of Curia tonight. Maedha – will be Sarra’s replacement. 


v  Web (8/14)  –  


v  YAC Marshall – Sarah – will do another 3/11 information session at the Kingsgate Library – will have flyers at A&S. Getting things ready to do some tourneys this summer. I helped Marshal at Ursalmas doing armor inspections and talking with visitors from King county who were interested in the program.  I held a Youth program information night at the Mercer Island library on Feb 3rd. The event was advertised on fliers handed out at Ursalmas and several facebook groups as well as the general madrone list. I had 6 maybe’s rsvp to the event on facebook but attendance ended up being myself, the baron of Madrone and a little boy who didn’t speak english that occasionally wandered in to play with a metal helmet I brought.  The 1st official practice will be at the social on Feb. 20th.  The next Youth Program workshop and information might will be on March 11th from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm at the Kingsgate Library in Kirkland. I will have program fliers with dates at Madrone A & S as well as I will be advertising on multiple email lists, facebook groups and meetup. 






v  Culinary – Dinner sold out for Sat.  Prep on TH.  Next month back to regular schedule. 


v  Dance – Trahearn, Janelyn and Ranulf taught dance on Friday at 12th Night. 


v  Equestrian – ground crew authorizations will take place on practice on 2/22 – Anne Rose – there will be horses at Sergeantry trials – may allow ground crew authorizations at the trials. Don’t need to have a horse.  Held January Practice – 6 horses, 7 riders.   Next practice is Saturday, February 22nd at C.M. Trinity Ranch, Maple Valley.  Sergeants are invited to attend and learn more about the equestrian marshallate.   There will be opportunities to authorize as Junior Ground Crew. 
Held January Meeting – well attended. We discussed past and upcoming events for the year, winter goals and projects.  Lady Rignach discussed the sergeantry requirement to become equestrian marshals; see minutes on guild site.  The guild has volunteered to sit gate at the Baronial Banquet.  Minutes and next agenda on the Guild Website.  Next meeting is Thursday, February 27th at Denny’s in Bellevue.


v  Pewter – have someone working on Baronial banquet tokens.  3rd Tuesday is Pewterers guild at Master Sean’s. 


v  Sewing




v  Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose – 6:30 pm business meetings – very fast meeting with fight practice and socializing after.  Madhu makes soup (smoked turkey this week – yum!)  December 13 event – Blades and Bards.  Morphed bardic event into one where rapiers can play, too.  Need chatelaine. 


v  St. Bunstable –



Submitted by

Lady Emma la rousse d’Argentan

Chronicler, Madrone



Open office job descriptions:



+ Chatelaine – The Chatelaine’s office is responsible for providing an introduction to the Current Middle Ages to new or prospective members; for advising newcomers of the conventions of the Society, their Kingdom and branch; and for encouraging participation in the group. The chatelaine can provide access to educational information such as handouts, booklets and other materials. In all of these activities, the chatelaine’s main charge is to represent the S.C.A. accurately and favorably, and to encourage all members to do likewise.


Please send an email to,, and if you are interested in this position. (Open until filled)



+ Social Media Officer – This is a new position for the Barony, as well as being a relatively new position for the Kingdom and society as a whole.  As such, it is still being fine-tuned.  As the Kingdom officer is a deputy to the seneschal, we will be copying that structure at the Baronial level.  Their Excellencies and  I see this being someone who can be a resource to groups with in the Barony who wish to use social media as a way to deliver their messages about what they are doing.  This officer will be an administrator on any social media site that carries the Barony’s name or is used to deliver information on Baronial happenings.


Applicants should send an email of interest to and (open until filled)



+ Deputy chronicler – Lady Emma, our current chronicler is looking for some help with the newsletter.  She is very willing to continue to take meeting minutes, but would like to find someone else with the talents/passion to make a newsletter.  The newsletter is published electronically and needs to come out at least once a quarter.  A branch newsletter is a branch requirement.


Please send an email to,, and if you’d like to help out with this. (Open until filled.)



+ Family Activities Coordinator – Mericke’s blog on the Kingdom page gives excellent information on what is going on with this position.

This is not a required office, but is an important one as more of our membership now have families.  A background check is required for this position.


Applicants should send an email of interest to and (open until filled)