Curia Minutes 2013-08

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes – August 12, 2013



Baron and Baroness – Elisabeth and Cire – hi everybody – long time no see!  Great fun at Sound Unity – the Sheep Saga – thanks to Aleksandra for putting that together. Please everyone stay healthy!  Got to play with sheep-y things – it was just lovely. 

  • Also, Wyewood’s Mostly Messes last weekend – a fun little event!  Constantia did dinner and I got to do my flax class. 
  • The only other thing is that Sept. Crown is coming up in a bit.  Laurel Sovereign of Arms will probably be at Crown.  Anne Rose – he will be doing Q&A and etc.
  • Elisabeth – the other thing – Temetgen is being elevated to Laurel there and Sir Heilyn unfortunately won’t be there.  We need alternate transport for the Baronial pavilion.  If somebody can get it there that would be lovely.  Please contact Heilyn. 


Events – Close out


Peasants Revel – Bergdis – held July 14 – the peasants revolted and there was cheese and it rolled down hill – 50 fed 60 attended.  Cheese scared some tennis players but it was caught every time.  There were no cheese related injuries. 

Sound Unity Tourney – Aleksandra – Aug 2-4 – Don’t have final numbers yet don’t have biffy bill and need some other receipts. 95 people through gate – had 10 kids which was great – rampaging everywhere and having a blast.  Event will be a net loss – break-even was 180.  Old Madrone came out and they said they would return and would be happy to help next time.  I would like to see this as a starting point and keep going.  Will have all final numbers next month. 


Events – In Progress


Emprise of the Black Lion – Guillaume – Sept 13-15 –  We will apply King Rene’s guidelines to all areas – a pas d’armes (coordinated by Viscount Pembroke), archers – beautiful long arc of the York round in full view of all of the rest of the tournament, equestrian display.  I hope you come and bring the people you think will add to the event. There will be royal presence and royal court and the baronial changeover will happen.  I hope you will all come and witness that.  Planning on doing court of Ian and Gweneth for 1 pm in the afternoon.  Then there will be a second court after all tourneys are completed at 5 pm. 

            Have Equestrian insurance for both the practice the weekend before the event and for the event itself.  There are a number of ways you can get involved.  Work nights at Kerij-e’s next two Tuesday nights, Equestrian meeting and then the meeting before practice.  Practice is a good way to qualify as ground crew.  One more planning meeting Thursday after Crown (9/5)

We are looking for heralds who have the gift of speaking directly, extemporaneously and clearly.  Great opportunity for heralds to strut their stuff – have them contact us – see equestrian guild page – Alianora is coordinating heralds for the event.  Also need volunteers for Friday set up, Saturday day and on Sunday.  Main tourney is on Saturday.  Not a camping event.  Will have some pavilions up for shade.

            Stefan of Pembroke – the night of Saturday Emmalina and I will be hosting a party for the populace – there on the grass in the middle of all the pavilions – everyone is welcome to eat, drink and be merry.  

            Guillaume – would like to coordinate the arrival of the Baronial pavilion.  Need pop-up shades.  Aleksandra – the Barony has three.  Guillaume mentioned the restriction of the terrain – very hard to drive stakes.  Also want to use the Ladies of Rose pavilion.

            Kerij-e – registration will start soon. Have a lot of interest.  Really need ground crew.  Anne Rose question – what is age to help with ground crew?  Answer: 10 is youngest to help with ground crew, 16 to be on the field.  Will have a commercial food truck – Mr. Gyros!  Salad, gyros felafel.  Hummus.  Also trying to get a coffee cart. 

            Pembroke – heavy tourney – will re-post on event page and the Madrone page – pas des armes in a true traditional style – victor determined by gallery of ladies, nobelese and chilvalry.  Win by looking best, being the most noble and chivalrous. Madrone Champ tourney will be held – same style  – ladies of the gallery will choose two to fight for the championship in a final fight – 9 fights of various weapons for the pleasure of the crowd. 

            Guillaume– will need to coord with Karrel to get some items from the locker.  Have one more Curia before the event.  I have postcards – please take some and distribute at events!  Printed by Temetgen [yay!]. 


Events – Future


Baronial Arts & Sciences Championship – first part of Feb 2014.  Iacobo will bid it but today’s his birthday.  Dragon’s Laire list has chatter re Candlemas being on the 1st of that month.  Aleksandra will talk with Iacobo re 8th or 15th and get date on calendar. 

Baronial Banquet –  April 26, 2014 – Culinary Guild/Bergdis – date has been changed on Kingdom calendar and courtesy email sent to Midhaven.  Have tentative reservation for the site. Are working on the menu.  Middle eastern food. Have potential autocrat. 


Other New Business


Officer positions –

    Archery Marshall – still open, however Shadhra has indicated she will take it if we can’t find anyone else.

Baronial Selection –  wrapped up as everyone knows.  [What really?  No!!]  86 of 261 paid members responded (33% response rate). 

September Crown camp – Ysolt is putting together a Madrone camp – she put email up on list a while back.  Will take one set of eric ropes to ID camp.  Discussion whether they need all of them. 

Summer cloaks – Landinn – we have several pieces cut – are working on the pattern pieces.  Probably won’t need help again until after the Emprise.  Elisabeth – want to thank everyone who donated materials to the Barony for this. It was a really great thing to do.  Aleksandra – how did the meeting room work?  It was smaller than this but it was free and had tables we could move around. Books up quickly in advance so need to give them several months notice. 

Other – A possible future event was discussed positively. 

Miscellany – Etiennette – small lion patches – 30YC site tokens – 600 of them. Shot glasses.  Herbalists guild paperwork.  Do fundraiser with patches?  Discussed. 


Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

Seneschal – See above.

Exchequer – Julian – Financial Committee meeting was last Wednesday.  Apologies to Culinary Guild for scheduling opposite it; will try not to do again.  Reviewed Q2 financials; have copies for anyone to review. 

  • Earlier tonight met with new personal banker to make changes to signature cards for bank accounts:  Emmalina (Emily Selbo) is taking Cire’s (Eric Mohr’s) place as a signatory.  Still need two more signatures for the card.  Banker will come back as we need for signatures, either at a Social or future Curia.
  • Julian needs to coordinate with Chamberlain – letters of stewardship for Baronial property not stored in locker and want those implemented before the end of the year. Baronial changeover seems to be a good time to start that process because of transfer of property from one coronet to another.  Also need to sit down with Karrel and record everything.  Need to locate everything. 
  • Kingdom has scheduled the Administrative Retreat for last weekend of September.  Aleksandra, Etiennette and I all have to go to that.  Registration is $80 pp and it is recommended that the Barony pay for officers to go.  Proposed – Barony pay for Aleksandra and Julian’s fees and mileage (Etiennette is covered by Kingdom as Kingdom Exchequer).  Moved and seconded that Barony pay for same.  Passed by room vote.
  • Balances – statements were not retrieved in time for meeting.  Person responsible will get them tomorrow, scan and send them to Julian. 
  • At the Exchequers meeting at July Coronation, the Kingdom Exchequer pointed out that while there is a prohibition against online bank transfers there is not a prohibition to electronically accessing the bank account.  Does Barony trust me to have electronic access?  Would still be getting paper copies and Aleksandra would be signing off on them so can check to make sure everything is okay.  Also allows you to verify if checks have cleared.  Moved – allow Exchequer to see bank statements electronically – seconded. Passed by room vote. 

Archery –  Office open, no report.

Arts & Sciences – No report. 

Chamberlain –  Karrel – Greetings unto the Barony, we have property.  I am planning the yearly work party/inventory and need assistance. Please contact me if you are willing to help.  I have not been contacted by any event steward, so  we will not be loaning any items out for upcoming events.

Chatelaine –  No report. 

Chronicler – Emma – Minutes from the July Curia were taken and distributed.  Another issue of the Leaf was sent to the webmistress for posting on the website.  Ginevra emailed me today that she is going to put easier to find links to the newsletter on the website.  I also fielded a request to add a thrown weapons practice to the newsletter which I re-directed to the webmistress and chatelaine for electronic publication.   Ginevra hopped right on it and posted this new practice on the website.   The practice is Thursday evenings in northeast Seattle.  I need a new deputy – Kate is pinch hitting for now.  The area where I really need help is in doing the newsletter.

Herald – Basil – Heraldry is happening, no injuries to report.  There was a mini-court at July Coronation, three people petitioned to try out for the Sergeantry [Chronicler’s note – they were Gallant Kate MacKim, Lady Gera Gangofflin, and myself].   Court was held at Sound Unity, Town Cry went out on Sat., etc., etc. I’ve announced times I will or might be available for consultation. I’ve started work on the Herald’s Page on the Barony’s web site.  Doing, studying, learning, etc.

Lists –  No report.

Marshal – Sean – Fighting continues, no injuries, waivers get signed.  Fighting has pick[ed] up on Wednesday evenings. (6-8 armored fighters). 

Rapier – No report. 

Scribe –  Sarra – Hello Everyone!  The August Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. There were several in attendance, including the future Baron and Baronesses. We got some painting done, handed out charters, and discussed charter designs.  We have new Kingdom Charters to be painted.  As always:  I try to have painting happen once or twice a month at Porte de l’Eau’s Friday Night Fighter Practice. Watch your emails for notification.  Also, with the soon-to-be new Baron & Baroness, we will need charter designs for the Barony. Let me know if this interests you!  

Web – Ginevra – Website updates are happening, often, but not always, in a timely manner.

     A new Leaf newsletter was just added to the Chronicler’s page. I’ve been finding it inconvenient to get to the Chronicler’s page, so I put a direct link to it on the main menu, with the title Madrone Chronicles (because I thought that sounded cooler.) When I receive updated Madrone History I’d like to put that here too.

     Speaking of website organization: with any website containing a lot of information, organization always presents some difficult choices. Which information should be most obvious to find? Which can be secondary? How to present links so that the primary information is easiest to find but secondary information is still findable? What to name each page and each link so that it’s clear what it means but still fits in the menu space?  I mention these choices because I recognize that not all the information on the Madrone site is optimally presented, and I’m always trying to improve it. I found that accessing the Chronicler’s page was a repeated hassle, so I changed it. If there’s something that you find similarly troubling about the website, please let me know! I don’t promise to take all suggestions, but I will consider them all, and if multiple people make the same request it will almost certainly happen. Thank you for your input!



Culinary – Bergdis – The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat.  We plan to provide food for Porte de l’Eau’s Ermine Cross Bardic, 9/28/13.  We are looking toward the next Baronial Banquet, and will resolve on an Event Steward later.

Dance – No report.

Equestrian – Unto the Baron and Baroness, the Officers, and populace of Madrone, and the guild members – the guild met on July 26th for our monthly meeting. Minutes to be posted on the guild website ( .  No practice was held in July due to events.  Help is needed at our  guild working parties for the Emprise:

– Tomorrow, Tuesday 8/13 at 7 p.m.  (Cutting, painting, and prepping jousting tips and equipment

– Tuesday 8/19 at 7 p.m.  (painting and reburbishing tilt and equipment)

Both are held at Roguehaven – 6301 308th Avenue SE, Preston (425-222-7629). Soup/salad or pizza/salad provided.  Bring your own drinks.  Work will be held outside or in a hay barn.  Cats and dogs in house.  EVERYONE WELCOME!!!

Our next guild meeting on Thursday, August 22, 2013 at Denny’s at 649 116th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA.  Our next equestrian practice on Saturday, August 24, 2013 – C.M. Trinity in Maple Valley, WA from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.  

Several guild equestrians are planning on attending and competing at September Crown. Please come out and support them.  Emprise planning is ongoing and the guild is intimately involved.  Attending a MEG meeting practice is a great way to get to know some of the SCA equestrians in the greater Madrone area. Everyone with an interest in SCA equestrian activities is invited and welcome. You do not have to consider Madrone your “home” branch.

   Pewter – No report.

   Sewing – No report. 




   Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose – PDL Exists!!  Have a new herald, A&S minister, and other officers.  Need a new Exchequer.  We meet the third Monday of the month at Ginevra’s.  6:30 to socialize then meeting starts at 7. 

     We’re having an event:

  • Ermine Cross Bardic – September 28 – Lake Washington United Methodist Church.  2 new autocrats.  Anne Rose is also listed but Muirghean and Tsurokome are the event stewards. Need contestants.  Will we have Madrone Bardic Championships there??  Owen the Merry will run it since Julian will be away.  Heilyn current bardic champ.  PDL officers have gotten exemptions from Admin Retreat because of event and other obligations. 
  • Fighter practice on Friday nights has gotten 15-20 people.  Now have target archery – but its “bring your own TAM!”  Social happens even for people who are not associated with fighters. 

St. Bunstable – no report/dormant.