Curia Minutes 2013-05


Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes

May 13, 2013 (AS 48)


Attendees:  24



Baron and Baroness


Elisabeth – I know everyone is deeply involved in May Crown prep – very cool to see – great to see how everyone in the Barony has gotten behind getting ready for this.


Other bits of news:  Ivor and Ludwige have been chosen as the next Baron and Baroness of Stromgard and Durin and Ceridwen for Adiantum.  Still waiting to hear re Blatha an Oir’s selection. 


Cire and I want to make sure that we have everything as nice and tidy as possible for our successors.  To that end, we are getting rather low on largesse.  Haven’t asked for a lot because people have been very kind in giving us some but it would be good to get some more for Baronial use.  We’d like to turn over largesse to our successors as well as use some short term.


We will be at May Crown but won’t have court before the party as we won’t be able to do the piece of business we thought we could.  Will leave for Crown at noon on Friday.  Sir Heilyn is bringing Baronial pavilion please come and help put it up mid-afternoon-ish – just 10-15 minutes will do it. 


New Baronial chairs should arrive in next month or two.  Not sure if Baronial arms will be carved on them.  Seats are plain black canvas – easy to replace. 


At the end of the evening, her Excellency noted that the Baronial pavilion is the Baronial living room – everyone is welcome to come in and hang out. 


Events – Upcoming

May Crown – May 16-18, 2013 – Sarra and Rowena – free printing for event copy – yay!  Tables – still need more.  Bring any spare tables you have.  There’s still room in the moving truck – plenty of space left – 4x4x4 cube for $50.  Get stuff to Heilyn’s by 2 pm on Wed.  We will be folding site copy and stringing tokens tonight during tonight’s meeting. 


[Chron. Note:  Day of Dance – College of St. Bunstable – May 25 – per prior Curia minutes.]


Peasants Revel – Sunday, July 14, 2014 [Bastille Day!] – Bergdis – event copy now posted on both Kingdom and Madrone websites.  The rest will be taken care of about 1 month in advance.  


Sound Unity Tourney – the Sheep Saga – Aug. 2-4, 2013  – Aleksandra – progressing along.  Crier copy in – will have flyers up at Crown.  Want to do planned schtick at June Faire. 


Emprise of the Black Lion XII – Sept. 14, 2013 – Guillaume de Garrigues – had first meeting at the beginning of this month and it went well.  Will meet again on 1st Tuesday in June.  Still working on staffing.  Need an Archery MIC and a Heavy MIC.   Will follow up on same. 


[Chron.’s note:  Ermine Cross Bardic – Porte de l’Eau  – September 28, 2013 per Kingdom Calendar.]



Events – Proposed


  • Iacobo – will put one in probably next month for A&S.  Monarch for theme is Suleiman the Magnificent!
  • Her Excellency Elisabeth pointed out that we don’t have any bids for an event at which to hold our heavy, rapier and archery championships.   Maybe at Sound Unity or Emprise?
  • Aleksandra – also Madrone’s 40th anniversary is this year – do we want to celebrate this?  Sarra – when at storage unit we looked at the Baronial charter; it was signed in July of year 8.  Peasants is closest event to actual date.  What do you want to do to celebrate?  Give it some thought and let’s talk about it next month.  As for the charter, it can use some TLC:  the Baronial Scribe will come with a proposal for restoration and a new frame. 



Other Business



  • We now have a Heavy Marshall – Master Sean O’Conner – has agreed to take this position.  Paperwork to be signed tonight.
  • Position still open:  Archery Marshall – needs to be filled before Ismenia has her baby.


Baronial Selection

  • Candidates have been announced
  • Forums to meet and greet the candidates are scheduled for:

▪                     Friday, June 7, 2013 at Porte de l’Eau practice; and

▪                     Thursday, June 20, 2013 at Baronial Social.

  • Current instructions from Crown are that we will be doing an e-poll during the first part of July.

Officers who live outside Madrone must give Aleksandra your contact info so she can give Baron James your contact info. 


Officers’ Reports

Seneschal- Aleksandra –

  • Baronial selection process going along very nicely. 
  • Have agreement from Kingdom Seneschal and the King and Queen to extend my warrant for six months to February 2014 with another six month option; this will avoid having both the Baron and Baroness and Seneschal turning over at same time.


Exchequer –Julian –

  • All financial info all migrated to a spreadsheet modeled on one that Kingdom uses.  Very spiffy – yay!  Q1 worksheets are with Julian if you want to review.  The spreadsheet keeps constant track of budget spend.  Have budget as end of March in case you want to review your office’s spend. 
  • The Financial Committee met last Tuesday – Q1 reports were signed, there was much enthusiasm about the spreadsheet.  Made two small additions to budget:  (1) $72 to cover increased cost of storage unit; and, (2) $50 to regalia purchase line item to cover potential cost of shipping new Baronial chairs.  Next Financial Comm meetings will take place in early August and early November. 
  • Bank balances were reported.. 


Arts & Sciences – Aleksandra reported for Kate – Barony still needs new banners (processional and for Baronial pavilion) if anyone wants to put in a proposal  New lighter weight cloaks for Baron and Baroness are also needed.  Elisabeth – someone can be point person on arranging it get done.  Landinn volunteered to work on cloaks.


Dancing [included in report Kate posted to Baronial list] –  Ranulf – April 18th, Madrone Social – Master Trahaern taught and led. Six local dancers, plus Alen and Soelig visiting from Aquaterra.  Dances taught: Amoroso, Petit Riens (15th cent Italian), Rufty Tufty (Playford, English), some Bransles (Arbeau, French), Old Measures and Gresley (English). Music (recorder) by Ranulf.  Future plans:  May 25th: St. Bunstable’s Day of Games and Dance, HUB Building on campus (room TBD), afternoon.  Pending discussion:  Sept 28th: Ermine Cross Bardic (possible dance, possible bardic circle). 


Chamberlain – Karrel – loaned lots of equipment to Anne Rose – looking at ordering replacement for some of the equipment – not sure re enough $$ in budget for replacing spigots on some of the equipment.  Julian checking budget for same, will let Karrel know.


Lists – Rowena – called in favors for running lists at Crown


Rapier – Enzio – happens – tourney this weekend at Crown. 


Scribe – Sarra – Hello Everyone!  The May Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. There were four of us in attendance (plus a couple quick visitors), including a new painter.  This was another “all painting all the time” gathering.  I had the great pleasure of turning in 23 charters at May Faire, many of which will be distributed at May Crown!  There are plans afoot for a “color” class in the near future and I’ve had a request for another calligraphy class. Stay tuned.  As always:  I try to have painting happen once or twice a month at PdL’s Friday Night Fighter Practice. Watch your emails for notification.  Also, we (the Kingdom & Barony) are always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!  I look forward to seeing you all at Crown this weekend!


Aleksandra – it is very cool that Sarra turned in 23 completed charters at May Faire.  Between Madrone and Glymme Mere we have provided charters for next 2 – 3 months to Crown – hooray.  [Please also see note above under Events -Proposed re Baronial charter and its refurbishing.]


Culinary Guild – Bergdis – will be doing food for Ermine Cross Bardic [Chron. Note:  on September 28] – planning ahead for Baronial Banquet – we will resolve the event steward question later.   Question:  Does next Baronial Banquet have a theme?  Answer:  Possibly middle eastern but nothing set yet.  There is a display going to May Crown from the Guild which will include some goodies.  And will have pamphlets to sell. 


Equestrian Guild – Guillaume for Johannes who had to leave.  Had practice – it was good.  Practice next on the 25th.  It is guild election month.  Come to meeting on Thursday May 23 and you can take part in election. 


Pewterers – Sean – have been busy making tokens for Crown – yay! 


Porte de l’Eau – Ysolt – probably won’t meet next week post Crown. 


Bunstable – no representative at Curia, nothing reported. 


Heavy Marshall – Raoukinn – Fighting is happening as usual, people are preparing for Crown.  It looks like Don Sean will be taking over this office, he has been doing sign in at practice for he last four years, so it will not be much of a change.  Thank you, Sean.  Sir Vilius and [Her Excellency] Tirzah continue to look for indoor space for us to rent for fight practice for the wet season.  Additionally, remember the barony has loaner armor and if you request it in advance it can be brought to practice so you or a friend can try out heavy fighting.


Chronicler – Emma – Minutes for last month’s Curia were taken, sent for review and distributed. Two issues of the Leaf were completed and sent to the webmistress for posting on the website.  A third issue is nearing completion and will be sent for posting as soon as its done.  These issues are all dated May 2013 (AS 48) but cover varying time periods and events since last June.  The issues sent are Parts II and III covering, respectively Sep – Nov 2012 and Dec 2012 – Feb 2013 (all AS 47).  The third issue will cover events in June – August and also has an article on the sergeantry.  Thank you all for your patience while I worked/work on these publications.   I am recruiting temporary deputies for May Crown for material for the next Leaf.  Also, I need a permanent deputy since Kate MacKim is now A&S Minister. 


Submitted by,

Emma la Rousse d’Argentan


Barony of Madrone