Curia Minutes 2013-4

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes

April 8, 2013 C.E. (A.S. 47)


Attendees: 24


Baron and Baroness – here’s something cool to see [new Baronial coronets were displayed] – unpadded but done! The gemstones show up better in real and not artificial light. They include garnet, bloodstones, tourmaline, star sapphires, and lapis lazuli. All stones were donated so the cost was reduced. Roundels with Madrone tree – Master William carved a new coin dye to make those. Pearls are flat – really like that as they are less likely to get knocked off. Not only pretty but meant to last. Come and look at beautiful engraving. Came with boxes and Elisabeth will make bags for them. [Chron. Note: they are gorgeous and there were many oohs and ahs including mine; photos were posted to the Baronial list and the Baronial website.]


Get ready for camping including May Crown. Elisabeth sent out message to central region baronesses with request from autocrat team for more fire watch teams. Sergeants ….


Next project – new Baronial chairs.


At May Crown Cire and I will be having a very brief Baronial Court, fifteen minutes max. It’ll be a thing – be there. We will announce where and when. It will be separate from Royal court and will take place in our Baronial pavilion


Thank you for everyone’s efforts in making newcomers welcome. Is has been really good for the Barony. A lot of our new folks are people that move from elsewhere and have good skills already which we can employ. We have noticed.




May Crown – May 17-19, 2013 – Sarra – 6 weeks away! Merchant packets are coming in, eric and camping space being reserved. Email went to the Madrone and Porte de l’Eau lists regarding the Baronial encampment. Contact Iacobo and Anne Mary regarding that. Volunteering is good. Q: Where will Baronial encampment be? A: Stewards camp is in middle yet hidden; we are planning to put Baronial camp next door. Q: Will there be food vendors? A: Lianor – no contact from anyone however Temple Caffeina will be there. Yay! 6 confirmed merchants. Waiting for 23 more. Potentially 29 and still getting requests. Even sending money! Merchant registration closes April 28 (last Friday of April). Aleksandra – we had a lovely site visit and were the corners of the erics. Eric registration is full now per Tayla. Madrone and Vulkanfeldt are lining entrance to erics. Hosting branches are the welcoming corner to the eric space and we will decorate there. Tayla has maps to view at the break. Gate and water bearing all need volunteers. Need more tables if there are ones you are not planning to use. A&S is requesting 10 tables for the largess and Laurel/apprentice/ Scribal displays that are going on. Need nearly 20 tables. Sarra will post something on the list about it.


Peasants Revel (this year’s) – Bergdis – Sunday – 7/14/13 – Bastille Day – perfect! Same as every year – no meetings – sit in the park in the sun. Have cover, tents and trees. Stupid games, cheese. Rogers Park Queen Anne Hill.


Sound Unity Tourney – the Sheep Saga – Aleksandra – 8/2-4/13 – moving along. Aleksandra will be able to get out to Druim Doineann to their meeting this month.


Emprise of the Black Lion – Guillaume – 9/13-15/13 – Hello – working with Wyewood and having conversations with Ameline. Willy and I will go to Wyewood meeting this Friday to make sure how much of the event Wyewood wants to cooperate on. Will try to get that settled so we can get postcard text worked out and start handing them out at Crown. 5/2 will be first Emprise-specific meeting at Guillaume’s house. Event staff needs filling out – invites will be going out shortly. Hoping Wyewood will do archery. Equestrian Guild will organize horse tourney.


Peasants Revel (next year’s) – Bergdis – 7/12/14 – is on the Kingdom calendar.


Baronial Banquet (next year’s) – Bergdis – 4/12/14 – is also on the Kingdom calendar.


New Events


Any other new event ideas? Bids? No.


New Officers


Two officer applications have been submitted –

Deputy Seneschal – from Sarra the Brave. Asked room for objections to appointment – none – paperwork will be done during break. Yay!

A&S Minister – from Kate MacKim. Any objections? No. Yay! Paperwork will be done during break. Yay!

Still need two more officers – Baronial heavy marshall and archery marshall.


Baronial Selection Process


Definitively on September timeline; announcement went out to list. Note that this process will overlap reigns so any day on the timeline that is after May Crown is not set in stone. Currently I have four nominations for four different couples. I am awaiting responses. Nominations will continue to be open until April 20. Send to Aleksandra and cc their Excellencies. Both I and their Excellencies have been in good communication with the Crown and everything is proceeding properly. “And we have lovely new ‘hats’ for them”.


Officers Reports


Seneschal – Aleksandra – see above re new officers and baronial selection process.


Exchequer – Julian – Disneyland was awesome! Had a really happy birthday. Not a lot to report. Wrote a lot of checks. Statements were not in the PO Box so I don’t have them. Last checked had money in the bank.


Need to schedule Financial Committee meeting – those are open to the populace – will announce once scheduled.


Archery – no report.


Arts & Sciences – Kate – new officer appointed tonight – yay! Aleksandra summarized Kate’s report since Kate had to leave earlier in the meeting. Following is the report Kate sent to the list:

Mistress Anne Marie has requested to step down and Their Excellencies are calling for resumes for those interested in the position.

Requested projects from their Excellencies:

The barony needs new Banners. Especially a new processional banner. I will be putting out a request for assistance in this issue.

Other new banners are also requested to dress up the baronial pavilion

Also requested new regalia cloaks for the Baron and Baroness made from lighter materials than the wool currently used, perhaps for summer use.

Upcoming events/Classes:

We are planning some classes for the summer at the social, as people become available.

April will be a wrapped button class given by Kate MacKim.

Hoping to have a class on appliqué sometime shortly, looking for an instructor.

Is there something you want to have a class on, or to give a class? Contact me and let me know. I would love to have more, or even to get teachers and students together.

In April there will be the Celtic Bardic event also in Blatha An Oir,


Dancing report from HL Ranulf Mirthe [included in Kate’s report]:

3/21 Baronial Social, three dancers (Rafaella bint Yusuf from Wastekeep, Mikey & Caedwyn). Taught Pavan, several miming bransles (Arbeau, French), Rufty Tufty & New Bo Peepe (Playford, English), and Petit Riens (15th cent Italian). (Master Trahaern to the East on mundane business; Soelig unable to travel.)

Some online planning for St. Bunstable’s Day of Games and Dance May 25th (location TBD); Trahaern may teach if not called away on business. Depending on Bardic preferences, possible dancing at Ermine Cross Bardic Sept. 28th. [Chron. Note: Ermine Cross schedule is not confirmed yet.]


Chamberlain – Karrel – no report but lots of Baronial property is going to May Crown.


Chatelaine – Landinn – staying home and keeping germs to herself. Had good numbers at Socials and Meet-Ups.


Chronicler – Emma – Need a deputy now that Kate is A&S Minister. Minutes were taken and distributed. Most of a newsletter was written while I was on leave after surgery but plans to complete it were derailed by the bronchitis I just got rid of. I plan to issue a new Leaf next weekend, probably in several parts each covering 3 months each since no issue has gone out since last June. I won’t be able to attend May Crown but am recruiting stringers to gather material for the newsletter. Bergdis – has old Leafs – want them? Yes! Give them to me, I will work to digitize them.


Lists – Rowena – No activity.


Rapier – Enzio – there will be a rapier Tourney at May Crown on Saturday. Had a 35 person rapier regional practice last Saturday.


Scribe – Sarra – Hello Everyone! The March Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Diapering happened. Bunch of painting etc etc. All that good stuff. There were three of us in attendance (plus a couple quick visitors). This was an “all painting all the time” gathering. I have many Kingdom Charters available for painting. I’ve arranged to turn in charters at May Faire, so they’ll be distributed at May Crown! Please put your brushes to paper and make beautiful things happen! There are plans afoot for a “color” class in the near future.


As always: I try to have painting happen once or twice a month at PdL’s Friday Night Fighter Practice. Watch your emails for notification. Also, we (the Kingdom & Barony) are always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!


WebMistress – Ginevra –

There’s a new section on the website with information about the Baronial Changeover process.  It currently contains the schedule for the process, and will be updated as more information happen.  Gallant Kate MacKim has been working hard to provide me with content to expand and update the website. We’re working on several new sections including Awards, Sergeants, and Madrone History. Send Ginevra and Kate any material you have.  The Awards section is not quite complete but is live, useful, and usable, with award descriptions, some past recipients, and a link to e-mail the Baron and Baroness with an award recommendation. Thanks, Kate!  Please note that I’m not always aware of Madrone events that have been scheduled, so if you are involved with scheduling an event and it’s time to announce it (that is, at least the date has been finalized) then please send me the info to put on the website’s Upcoming Events list. It might not ever get there if you don’t notify me. Thanks

Please continue to send website-related comments and update requests to (or to my personal e-mail addresses. That’s ok too, just please don’t publish them.)


Question: is Facebook page managed by the WebMistress? A: which page – the Madrone/Porte d’Eau/St. Bunstable page – Landinn “owns” it. Is there a reason why its private/closed? Originally created as a newcomers page. Fixed about 2 months ago. Tayla and Anne Rose are adding people to it now.


Culinary Guild – Bergdis – recently re-edited a number of the Guild’s pamphlets and the new, revised ones are now available for sale. Mostly tiny differences. There is one with big changes: Dining on the Edge. If interested, you can replace your pamphlets with the news one. Will have an errata sheet for Dining on the Edge.

The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat.

We plan to hold Peasant’s Revel on 7/14/13. Master Edward the Stuffy is the Event Steward. We need to get it on the Kingdom Calendar.

We plan to provide food for Porte de l’Eau’s Ermine Cross Bardic, and possibly a bag lunch at the Emprise.

We are looking toward the next Baronial Banquet, possibly on 4/12/14. We will try to reserve that date, and resolve on an Event Steward later. [Chron. Note.: date is on the Kingdom calendar.]



Porte de l’Eau – Anne Rose – we need a new herald. Elisabeth – why? Because Anne Rose will be Lion’s Blood Herald for the Kingdom. Yay! So, Anne Rose technically cannot do submissions after May Crown as she will be ruling on them. We need a herald or an A&S person.


St. Bunstable – Matilda – business meeting tomorrow. Day of Dance is scheduled for Saturday, May 25. Only time they could find that was available.


Equestrian Guild – Jonathan – Had practice last month. This month it will be on April 20 at the usual locaiton. Next business meeting Thursday, April 25, at the Denny’s off of NE 8th exit in Bellevue. Question – how is attendance going? Last practice – six, one before quite a few more.



Emma la rousse d’Argentan

Chronicler, Barony of Madrone