Curia Minutes 2013-03

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes

March 11, 2013


18 Attendees


Baron and Baroness –Cire – Baroness is out of town so you only get me tonight.  It was nice to see  many Madrone people come to Kingdom A&S and represent us so well. 


Events in Progress


May Crown – May 17-19, 2013 – Sarra – twenty-three merchant packets were just sent.  Will start advertising in about a week.  There will be an all-hands site visit 3/24. 


Re truck rental – for a 16 foot truck it would cost $550 for everything (rental, insurance, gas, etc.).  Measure approximately twelve blocks of space in truck at four cubic feet each for $46 per block of space.  Didn’t check out larger trucks.  After loading up Baronial equipment, it would probably leave five or six blocks for rent.  May have more room if Baronial pavilion, poles, etc. go with other people. Figured Barony would pick up about half.  Discussed:  how does Baronial portion impact the event budget?  Would come out of the profit and leave approximately $1500-1800 left.  Why wouldn’t it be an event expense.  Mix of items, not all Baronial.  As long as adding truck into budget keeps the budget within 10% of original proposal, its ok.  If it becomes an expense – what about those who buy in?  It becomes a donation to the barony. 


Peasant’s Revel 2013 – July 14, 2013 – Bergdis – Wyewood has given their permission for us to conflict on the Sunday of their Champions weekend.  Thanks to Wyewood!!  Master Edward is Event Steward.  Budget is 0.  No gate fee – only cost is if you choose to eat dinner. 


Sound Unity Tourney – Aug 2-4, 2013 – Aleksandra –  Permit paperwork and fee has been submitted to Skagit County.  More event staff falling into place:  Chirurgeon In Charge is Baroness Gabri of Wyewood, land reservations will go through Lady Careann in Druim Doineann (DD), Lady Laurin, also of DD will be acting as my deputy steward.  The new Barony of Wyewood will be reprising their Saturday night chocolate social and subtlety contest, they’ve also expressed a willingness to be in charge of rapier.  Sarra will be running gate. 


Emprise of the Black Lion – Sept 13-15, 2013 – Enzio – deposit made.  Receipt going out tonight.  Ok with Wyewood – still in talks re labor distribution



New Event Proposals


Baronial Banquet 2014 – April 12, 2014 – Bergdis – have a date we like but not official as don’t have an Event Steward yet.  Discussed – ok to reserve date without an event steward so will reserve date and site.  Same site as last year with the wonderful kitchen. 


Arts & Sciences Championship –  February ??, 2014 – Iacobo – once he hears from the current A&S champ as to which monarch she wants to celebrate he will submit an event proposal. 


Peasants Revel 2014 – BergdisJuly 12, 2014



Other New Business


News from Kingdom Exchequer, Etiennette, re return of monies to baronies from lawsuit payout.  Kingdom is paying back to baronies 95% of what they paid out.  Kingdom is not keeping any of it. 


Discussion re sustainability of kingdom-level fiscal policies and a proposal was made to donate the money back to Kingdom.  Aleksandra will add an agenda item to next month’s Curia re this.  Etiennette will send out a separate email re subject. 



New Officers Needed


Aleksandra – We have several positions that are open.  I’m getting crickets folks.  This needs to happen, please! 

  • Marshal – While traditionally this office has been filled by a heavy marshal, technically it can be a marshal of any discipline who fills the Baronial reporting office.  We would still need a heavy marshal to monitor the official practice, but these do not need to be the same person.  Must show membership and warrant cards to Seneschal to be baronial marshal.  Cire is talking with Payne who said he’d do it if no one else would do.  It was commented that, really, the paper work is “Payne”-less. 
  • A&S – Anne Marie has stated her definite wish to step down at this time. Cire reported that the current A&S deputy, Gallant Kate MacKim, notified him that she will send in her paperwork tonight for the position. 
  • Deputy Seneschal –  Kingdom would like to see all major officers, but especially the Seneschal, have drop-dead deputies in place so I need to get a body in place.
  • Chief Archer – Our current officer needs a replacement before her baby arrives.



Officers, Guild, and Sub-Groups Reports


Seneschal – Aleksandra – I attended Kingdom A&S in Blatha an Oir, our neighbors to the south, and witnessed the elevation of our neighbors to Baronial status.  Congratulations to the new Barony of Wyewood!  Two Madronans were awarded the Jambe de Lion for their achievements in Arts and Science: Morgan Donner, our current Baronial A&S Champion, and her lord, Renzo di Ilario di Venturius.  All went extremely well, with our own Owen the Merry competing strongly in the Bardic Championship.  We are planning some classes for the summer at the social, as people become available.  April will be a wrapped button class given by Kate MacKim.


I have been working on the beginnings of the Baronial selection process.  I wanted to make sure that the Barony has plenty of time to make this all happen around a busy summer season.  [Chron. note:  please see later in these minutes for Aleksandra’s detailed outline of the selection process.]


Exchequer – Julian – Out of town this week.  Aleksandra has the checkbook.  Balances not reported.


Arts & Sciences – Kate – Requested projects from their Excellencies:  the Barony needs new Banners. Especially a new processional banner, pretty banners for the Baronial pavilion, new cloaks for the Baron and Baroness.  I will be putting out a request for assistance in this issue.


            I am working on classes for the summer. 


            At the March Social (March 21) I will be making a presentation on the sergeantry petition process.


Chronicler  – Emma – there was a very helpful policy interpretation in the 10/27/12 BOD quarterly meeting minutes. I summarized it in the meeting but I think using the direct quote here would be better: 


“SCA participants including officers are no longer required to go through the onerous and debilitating and ultimately futile process of attempting and failing to get model releases for every captured model from the photographer as long as it is for informational or promotional purposes and not for commercial purposes.  If the individuals or SCA is contacted by any party wishing to remove the photo or video, the SCA will comply promptly.”


            This means that I and any one acting permanently or temporarily as my deputy or someone who just takes a photo they want to send to me to put in the Leaf  or on the website no longer need obtain a model release from the people they photograph.  My personal policy of asking if I can take or use your photo will continue.  I think I am aware of those of you who are camera shy and I will not take or use photos of use unless you okay it.  I know that we all strive in our daily lives to act honorably and that extends to the way in which we document our fair Society. 


            A question was asked; can you send me your photos?  Yes, absolutely! 


Scribe – Sarra – the March Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. There were seven (7) of us in attendance (plus a couple quick visitors).  Lady Matilda taught a wonderful class on “whitework” (all the decoration that makes charters/scrolls look so pretty).  We had a good discussion on scribal arts and several “a ha” moments.  There are plans afoot for a “color” class in the near future.  Kingdom Charters were turned in & given out at Kingdom A&S&B Courts.  I have Kingdom Charters, for Ulfr & Caoimhe. Please let me know if you would like to have some to paint.

Also, Baronial Charters have been distributed & completed ones returned.  I try to have painting happen once or twice a month at PdL’s Friday Night Fighter Practice. Watch your emails for notification.  For those with Kingdom Charters in your possession, the earlier you return them, the more likely they are to be given out at Court (see above KASB comment)!  Also, we (the Kingdom & Barony) are always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!


Webmistress – Ginevra – has been busy – there’s a photo of the Baron & Baroness as Baron & Baroness on the site – yay!   Updates to the baronial website continue.  I’m making a website for May Crown. The autocrats have seen the first draft and seem pleased with it. I’m expanding the site, creating a designated mobile version of the site, and waiting for more content from the autocrats before the site goes live.


Culinary Guild – Bergdis –  The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat.  In addition to 2013 Peasants Revel event proposal, I also submitted our second proposal today for the 2014 Peasants Revel.  Next Baronial Banquet may be middle eastern.  2nd Thursday of month is now reconstruction night.  Meeting night remains the first Monday of the month. For Emprise we want to look at doing some food due to possible Baronial changeover.  We will talk with the Equestrian Guild re same.


Chatelaine – Landinn – had generic Chatelaine business cards made up – anyone can give out.  Supplies on table at front. Great way to chat up SCA and give someone an easy way to follow up.  Social: 20 adults, 2 youth, 1 child, Emails: 7.  MeetUp Group members: 70.


            March Social – The Social is upon us soon, and we would like to give you some food for thought in addition to Renaissance Dance Practice.  Bring your portable project work as well.  Gallant Katherine McKim will be describing the process of petitioning to become a member of Her Excellency’s serjeantry.


Porte de l’Eau  – Tayla – Friday night fighter practice has been very busy.  We taught our first A&S class at the end of last month on hoods patterning.  We will be dying easter eggs last the last Friday before Easter.  There will be adopt-a-zombie project box, 3/29.  3/23 – a sew-what at Tayla’s – cut out and work on hoods.  There is a PDL fighter practice page on Facebook; that is usually where announcements of this type happen. 


St. Bunstable – no report.


Equestrian – Johannespractice this weekend Maple Valley Trinity – meeting in 2 weeks. 


Pewterers – May Crown tokens being made, really pretty. 


Misc. – Iacobo – has created an Interkingdom Anthropology Facebook page – contact him for more information.


Chamberlain  –  Karrel – Still have property, not used in last month.  Baronial eric poles all painted for May Crown


Herald – Evrard – Baronial Arts and Sciences:  Court report already submitted.  Consults: I would be remiss to not thank my deputy for his help at Ursalmas at the heraldic consult table.  I have personally consulted with four potential submitters with creating and conflict checking with their devices.


Marshal – Raoukinn – Fighting is still happening.  Not a lot else to report.  I unfortunately am suffering from a cold and will not be at the business meeting tonight.


Rapier – Enzio – no report.


Dance – Trahaearn – not much for me to report directly – I was vacationing during the February Social and so Toivo ran the dancing. There’s a chance business may have me traveling during next week’s Social; if so, I’ll need to arrange again for a substitute.


Porte de l’Eau – still flowing along.  Their Seneschal is looking for a replacement

Baronial Selection Process


Aleksandra – I have talked with the Kingdom Seneschal, the Kingdom polling deputy and the King.  Here is the draft timeline for this.  Yes, there is some slush time built in, mostly to allow for adjustment if whoever steps up at July Coronation can’t make Emprise work in their schedule.  HM Ulfr has indicated that while he understands that this will overlap reigns, he intends to be involved as much as we need him during the time that he is on the throne. Bergdis will be assisting me. 


Timeline proposed [at Curia] [Chron. Note: see below for revised timeline sent via email later]:


  • April 15-30 – nominations open and nominees notified. Sent nominations to Aleksandra; she will notified the nominees.   [Per question in meeting:  anonymous nominations can be made:  Cire and Elisabeth’s nomination was.]
  • May 5 – nominees’ acceptances due.  
  • May 10 – candidate list delivered to the Crown for vetting. 
  • Final slate of candidates announced. 
  • June – Meet and Greets will start to be scheduled. 
  • June 20 – Social will include a Meet and Greet. 
  • July 8 –  Curia  replaced by in-person polling. 
  • July 18 –  comment and possible mail-in polling closes.  Current King does not want to do mail-in polling again since the live in Canada and the postal cost/speed differences were part of what slowed down Their decision re Wyewood.
  • August – Anticipate their Majesties’ decision early this month.
  • September 13-15 – unless next King and Queen cannot attend the Emprise, Baronial changeover to happen at Emprise of the Black Lion, as is Their Excellencies’ wish.  It will be the third anniversary of their investiture as Baron and Baroness. 


Questions and Discussion: 

Polling on a weeknight – won’t that impede certain people from voting?  It is not the only way of having your voice heard; there are other options.  Everyone has right to write commentary to their Majesties re polling.  Any blue card member in good standing within the Barony’s zip codes can poll.  Officers, sergeantry, and champions who live outside the zip codes can poll.  Cire noted that Corpora requires we “poll” official members of the SCA, Inc. resident in the branch’s zip codes.  It is not a vote.  Only restriction on the crown is that those they select must not be substantially opposed by the populace.  This is a recommendation to the crown, not a vote. 


Revised selection timeline:


The Seneschal’s March 23, 2013 email to the Madrone list regarding Baronial selection:


Greetings to the Barony of Madrone,


What follows is the basic time line for the Baronial changeover.


It is Their Excellencies wish to step down in September at the end of Their three years, so we will be crossing two reigns and will have to maintain some flexibility in our timeline until after May Crown.  Therefore, all dates after May Crown should be considered tentative until confirmed after that event.


Stay tuned to this list and the Baronial website for updates through the coming months.  Also, this would be an excellent time to make sure your membership is current and will remain so through the summer.


Please feel free to contact myself or Their Excellencies  if you have any questions.


Thank you.

Baroness Aleksandra Lavrovna, GdS

Seneschal, Barony of Madrone



Baronial Selection Timeline


**Please note that due to our selection overlapping Crowns**

**some dates may be subject to change after May Crown**



  • 1st – 20th – Nominations open & nominees notified
  • 25th – Acceptance deadline
  • Candidate list delivered to TRM/Kingdom Seneschal for vetting



  • Before May Crown – Final, approved slate of candidates announced
  • May Crown – final scheduling of polling and changeover courts determined in cooperation with TRM & TRH
  • Meet & greets scheduled



  • Meet & greets
  • 20th – Baronial Social M&G



  • 8th (tentative)  –  Polling  using Curia time already scheduled at Mercer Island Community Center
  • Comment and possible mail-in time would close 10 days later



  • Decision from Crown



  • 13-15 changeover happens at Emprise of the Black Lion



Submitted by Emma la rousse d’Argentan, Chronicler, Madrone