Curia Minutes 2013-01

Barony of Madrone

Curia Notes

January 14, 2013


Baron and Baroness – we’re very very sorry we didn’t make 12th Night; we had to move Elisabeth’s mother with very short notice and it took longer than we thought to do.  Apologize for not being there to represent.  But real life comes first!  Heard many good things about volunteering at 12th Night – gates, lists, marshalling, etc. 


We encourage you to enter the baronial arts and sciences competition even if you just come and geek out to show off your cool stuff.  Last year was really fun.  Even closer is Ursulmas and we have distinguished visitors here to speak to us about that.  Pack your wool-ey socks and let’s go! 


2013 is our last year as Baron and Baroness – will be stepping down around the time of the Emprise of the Black Lion.


Cire – I started a new occupation today, gentleman farmer, went to transfer station with big load of stuff. 


Visitors from Aquaterra – Countess Octavia – Event Steward and Chair for Ursulmas.  Most important thing this year is for everyone to have a good time.  We are addressing the complaints from prior years like can’t drop armor and its cold.  One of the new things is that we are in 2 buildings this year, the Evergreen State Fair building as well as the combat arena.  There are now stands in the combat building.  Building with vendors and demos is heated and is a different and closer building than the one several years ago.  Not going to have fairground food vendors.  Can order pizza and have it delivered to the front door.  Tomorrow is last day for pre-reg including armor drop.  Need volunteers.  Madrone has space near the Royal pavilion.  Jan 25-26.  Main gate is in the grandstand.  If you don’t pre-reg, you have to go through the grandstand before you can fight.  Archery’s in the same place. 


Events – Close out



Events – In Process


v    Baronial A&S – Iacobo- February 2nd, 10 am – 10pm
Magnolia Lutheran Church – 2414 31st Avenue West, Seattle WA 98199

Event went up on the Madrone Facebook.  Put up flyers at 12th Night.  Dinner – tell Iacobo if you want dinner – can’t guarantee until have $$.  Any questions?  Ismenia sent an email regarding the competition.  Two entries.  Some advantage to people who show a breadth of knowledge in their entries but you can submit two of the same thing.  Newcomers challenge – something most in the spirit of Alfonso X – there will be a prize for that.  Games tourney – 2 part – backgammon and chess – play as much as you like, get points.  Rummage sale – 10% for local arts group.  Castilian dinner.  Master Trahearn will come up with Spanish dances – trying for 13C ones.  Beer, wine, cider and mead only.  No hard alcohol.  Iacobo will put something on the list about Alfonso X.  Libro de Juegos.  Ismenia – have 1 competitor – please poke your A&S people to compete. 

From the current A&S Champion, Ismenia Wystan: 

As was recently mentioned by our illustrious event steward, Iacobo ibn Daoud, Madrone Arts and Sciences competition rapidly approaches.  People who are interested in competing should contact their excellencies and myself. If you would like to submit  a single entry, those are also welcome. Please contact me at .  For those interested (or considering) entering the competition, here is more information on the competition itself.  Each entrant will need to bring two (2) entries. While these entries can be similar, a breath of experience is encouraged. These entries need not be completely finished, works in progress are happily accepted. Come show us what you are working on.

Documentation: There will be no requirement for written documentation, however, during the judging process candidates will be expected to talk about the historical context of their pieces (where is it from, who would have used/made it, how would it have been made, what did you do that was not in the medieval style, etc…) For this presentation candidates are REQUIRED to be able to cite TWO SOURCES discussing medieval pieces of this nature, or similar pieces. This is designed to encourage candidates to look into the more scholarly aspects of their craft.

Importantly this competition is designed to be fun. A chance to show off what you have been geeking out about to an appreciative audience. We hope that many of you will come and join us.  Looking forward to a great event.

v    May Crown – May 17-19Met with Reggie and Jen at 12N to hammer out more details regarding contract.  May request a check soon. Have had a lot of volunteering activity. 

Countess from Aquaterra noted that they need help with teams for July Coronation – Kingdom trailer set up specifically – want to do a run at May Crown. 

Maderun and Dragon’s Laire have volunteered to help out with anything.  Are sponsoring A&S and anything we need.  Vulkanfeldt is taking on Friday night.  The Event Steward’s camp will feed them. Three Mountains and Wastekeep have also volunteered to help. Alina is volunteer coordinator.  The Kingdom Equestrian Officer wants to make sure that equestrian happen – use the local in-land marshalls who were recently warranted. 

v    Peasant’s Revel – July Edward the Stuffy still resolving date for 2013 but have 2014 date.  Sarra – will be ES for the 7/12/14 Peasants Revel. 

v    Sound Unity Tourney – Aug 2-4 – Tentative planning has the event happening at a site outside Mount Vernon, however, I’m not happy with how the budget is penciling for doing it on a $1500 site and I’m going to spend the next couple weeks continuing to look for other alternatives.  I’ve contacted some folks I know in the Carnation & Duvall area to see if any of them can help me find something in the Snoqualmie Valley, which would also more centrally locate the event.  I’m hoping that we can draw an average of 50 people per Puget Sound group (6) which would put attendance around 300, but since this is a new event I want to budget the break-even in the 150-200 range.  Thus, my continuing to look for other site options.  If don’t find anything between now and next Curia, will go with Mt. Vernon site.  Will talk up at Seneschal meeting at Ursulmas. 

v    Emprise of the Black Lion – Sept 20-22 – Guillaume – first proposal –handouts – talked with Jinx – not going to make a dog park – yay.  Have Todd Reber’s permission to put up tents in the infield.  Apparently didn’t break any pipes last year.  May want less deep stakes.  Guillaume de Garrigues will event steward but wants a co or full Event Steward so he can compete.  If interested, talk with him – it is established event with lots of great traditions and goodness.  Wants to propose similar cooperative event as last year.  Propose Madrone take point on equestrian part, Wyewood on archery, Sir John on tourney – see if can get on tourney circuit.  If have coronet change for Madrone, may have the King & Queen there.  Wants to have three weeks after Sept Crown/Autumn War week-long event and have been talking about 2 weekends with Reber.  Glymm Mere event 2 weekends after – conflict zone.   Want to fill out a date reservation for either of them if ok.  Aleks- send her an email once you know which weekend you want. At the end of Guillaume’s report Constantia expressed interested in Event Stewarding.


Reports from Officers, Subgroups & Guilds

v    Seneschal –  There was a ton of new and important information that came out of the Seneschals meeting at 12th Night and I’d like to thank Sarra for going and taking notes when I couldn’t be at the event.  I need to have a chance to chew some of it over, but the most immediate action item is that I need to get a deputy in place.  So – if you’re interested in being Deputy Seneschal, please let Their Excellencies and myself know.  The application period will be open until the February meeting. 

Thank you to everyone who volunteered at 12th night – gate, rapier.

v    Exchequer –   Constantia and I met with Etienette on December 29th to set up a Madrone Exchequer Dropbox folder, transfer old files to storage and do the book review.  We scanned and filed event budget reports for 2011 and 2012.  Constantia has the check book and 2012 file to finish the year-end report.  The 2010 and 11 files are being stored at Etienette’s office.  The only action item from the book review is to create more official monthly reconciliation forms. This is an item that comes down to everyone from the Society Exchequer.  Good for 2 years.  .

Closing balances from checking and savings statements were reported.


Constantia says thank you – there was a lot of stuff from Society – gate classes, etc, doing all those forms and volunteering.  Jean Louis thanks you in advance for continuing to do so!  Most officers reported this month – thank you!


Contingency Exchequer report – loaded DropBox with records, event reports, & forms.  Thank you Etiennette for helping and the use of your scanner.  Dropped off Madrone exchequer records for storage to Etiennette- years 2010 & 2011- thank you again for storing.  Paid P.O. box bill for the year.  Paid storage bill for the year.  Attended exchequer meeting at 12th Night.  Still working on year end Q4 report.

Thank you to all who made my stint as exchequer run smoothly – taking the Gate classes (July Coronation, several events, autocrating, etc), getting cheque requests in, getting your budget reports in and returning receipts promptly.


v  Archery – Archery is going along. Many practices have been canceled lately due to weather. If you are interested in practicing please be sure you are on the Wyewood archery list.  

Ismenia – Chief Archer – I’m pregnant, due in June.  Looking for a replacement by then. 

v  Arts & Sciences –A & S report for January 2013.  Requested projects from their Excellencies:  The barony needs new Banners.   Especially a new processional banner.  I will be putting out a request for assistance in this issue.  Other new banners are also requested to dress up the baronial pavilion.  Also requested new regalia cloaks for the B & B made from lighter materials than the wool currently used, perhaps for summer use. 


v  Chamberlain  –  have stuff – forwarded report which bounced.  Picking up new pieces of property all the time.  Working on consolidating them.  Had brief convo with JL re long-term property loan.  JL needs to find stewardship letter draft and circulate it. 


v  Chatelaine –  1 email inquiry.  23 adults, 1 youth, 3 children at the Baronial Social “lite” (held after our business meeting due to closure of the facility and holiday season.)  52 members on MeetUp.


v  Chronicler  – Minutes were taken and circulated for review and approval.  I owe the webmistress a bunch of minutes for posting.  If anyone can help with the Leaf, I could use it.


Madrone rocked gate volunteering at 12th Night:  thank you to everyone from Madrone who worked on the gate crews:  Genevieve, Kit, Muireagain, Aoife, Gera, Steven, Anne Rose, Karrel, Iacobo, Malka, and Yseult.  Thanks also to Cearann from Druim Doineann who stepped in for Aleksandra.  If I’ve missed anyone, my apologies and thank you to you as well.


v  Herald –  Anne Rose – there will be a heraldic table at Ursulmas. 


v  Lists –  This was a slightly busier month for Madrone Lists.

In preparation for Ursulmas I met with Genevieve de Bretagne, the List Mistress for Aquaterra, on 12/15 to do a training course for her in seeding tournaments and running pairings for sweet 16’s and such.  She’s newer to the office and still getting used to all the different formats.  We traded resources and are looking forward to working together for the event.


We had a tiny tourney at the PDL Fighter practice on 12/21 that I got to keep lists for. Duke Skepti was victorious over the small field which was quite fitting as the tourney was in honor of his son Brendan’s birthday.  🙂


I was also able to volunteer at the Queen’s Rapier Championship at 12th Night. Tayla also volunteered her excellent skills at lists, as did Sgt Kate as a marshall and Sarra the Brave as a herald (just to name a few).  Madrone was well represented both on the field and off of it.


v    Marshal – Fighting going on as usual.  I have training DVDs from Count Gemini for sale for $40.  I am looking for a successor, as my two year term is just about up. 

v    Rapier – We continue to have a robust practice.  Fighting continues, no Injuries, Waivers are signed.

v    Scribe –  nothing really new – no Scriptorium on Jan 1.  Will be held Feb 1.  Will work on setting up an alternate date and do some work at Porte de l’Eau practices.  Work on A&S awards.  Should be getting some new Kingdom charters to paint.

v    Web – The website still works, and updates continue.  Send glitches to Ginevra and/or Aleksandra.  I’m still looking for a suitable portrait of our Baron and Baroness for the website.  I will not be at tonight’s meeting, but please send update requests, questions, or pictures of Their Excellencies to .




v  Culinary – The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat.

We are planning Andalusian food for A&S. Bergdis will head the kitchen.  We are still resolving the date for Peasant’s Revel 2013. Master Edward the Stuffy is the Event Steward.  We have a date (7/12/14) for Peasant’s Revel 2014, so we can make our proposal at Curia to get the date on the calendar.  Doing a reconstruction on the Jan 24 at Bergdis’.


v  Dance – no report.

v    Equestrian – regular meeting this month at the Bellevue Denny’s on Jan 24.  No practice this month. 

v    Pewter – no report

v    Sewing – no report




v    Porte de l’Eau – still flowing along.  Their Seneschal is looking for a replacement.  Trying to figure out what to do with Ermine Cross.  Anne Rose is mentoring a couple new ES’s for EC. 

v    St. Bunstable – no news






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2013 Madrone Curia and Social Calendar


Curia is typically the 2nd Monday and the Baronial Social the 3rd Thursday of each month.  Dates are as below with exceptions noted:


                                    Curia                                      Social

February                    11                                            21

March                         11                                            21

April                              8                                            18

May                             13                                            no social in May due to May Crown

June                           10                                            20

July                               8                                            18

August                       12                                            15

September                   9                                            19

October                      14                                            17

November                  12     (Tuesday due to          21

                                                Veteran’s Day)

December                    9                                            no social unless we want to find a

                                                                                    different venue





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