Curia Minutes 2012-7


Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes for July 9, 2012

Baron and Baroness

Baroness Elisabeth – I just returned 2 hours ago from An Tir West War so am very tired; my apologies if I fall asleep. Good times were had by all.

Rignach’s Sergeantry trial results – she has been accepted as a Lancer [cheers] and she has kindly accepted it from us as well. Ceremony is tentatively scheduled to take place at the Emprise of the Black Lion in September. Thank you to all who showed up and participated.

Merrymore demo was inspiring – great site – lots of people showed up, great response. Very busy and positive atmosphere.

Events – Old

Porte de l’Eau – Merrymore – Aleksandra – huge well-done! for excellent demo by Porte de l’Eau at Merrymore. Cire -also congrat for Merrymore demo and I encourage an action review of the demo to see if there’s anything else we’d like to do different/better in the future. Would like to see Chatelaine work with Porte de l’Eau to see. This is the future lifeblood for at least the Canton. Transfer to doing same on the west side of the lake.

Report from Heinrich posted to the list: Support for the Merrymore event was nothing short of impressive! Despite the weather, the gate tally was at least 90 participants (80 on the sheets and 10 more that I know of) from Madrone, Aquaterra, Dragon’s Laire, Wyewood and beyond displaying anything from weaving to leather carving. Live music drifted on the breeze for all to enjoy and occasionally dance to. All the while rapier and heavy fighting activity continued throughout the day with many fighters having fun on the field. Three prizes were awarded as follows:

Heavy: Viscount Sir Stefan of Pembrooke
Rapier: Christopher Stanley – Cadet to Don Samuael McTavish
Populace Favorite: Timm Lytefelow – Aquarius to Evrard de Valonge

I was approached many times throughout the day and given thanks for putting the event together but without participants there would be no event. It is I who extend a great many thanks to those who remained committed to the event in the face of exposing themselves and their equipment to certain rain. I am truly humbled by the outpouring of support and equally impressed, as always, by our presentations for each other and the public! To all, I extend my greatest appreciation and thanks. I would like to thank the following gentles for assistance in running the event:

Sir Heilyn de Highwater– Marshal in Charge
Sir Rapheal the Rogue – Marshaling
Locabo – Marshaling and Heralding
Johannas Denn – Heralding
Rowena d’Ath-fhirdia – List Mistress
Emma Barrington – Chatelaine Ambassador
Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir – Chatelaine Ambassador
Constantia in der Lachun – Hospitality & Event steward care
Kate the Curious – Hospitality

Kitt – Hospitality
Symonne d’Aywaille – Child watching
Rachensa and daughter Eve – Set-up
Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne – Set-up and Take-down
Sofia, Madhu, Heilyn, Ranulf, Bergdis – Set-up and/or Take-down
Chris von Seggen (One of our newcomers) – Set-up and Take-down

As for our impact on public interest, we have three visitors who shared their interests and asked to be contacted directly. I estimate that another 40 visitors were handed invitations to the orientation session on July 17th. The Chatelaine team, Landinn de Marest and I, will keep everyone informed on our efforts and the introduction of newcomers.

In Service and with great thanks to all! Respectfully, Heinrich Wilhelm von Ansbach, Chatelaine – Canton Porte de L’Eau, Squire to Sir Heilyn de Highwater, Serjeant – Madrone, Deputy to Redbear Makcalpyn, Heavy Marshal – Wyewood

Day at the Manor Rignach of Argyll July 14-16 – registration closes tonight at midnight. Packet party on Tuesday for all pre-registrations. Need gate volunteers. Karl is parking steward – will need a break sometime during the day. Bring banners, poles, portable holes.

War Challenge from Druim DoineannAleksandra Lavrovna July 29 (Hot Summer Lights event is July 28-30). Because Druim Doineann’s planning fell behind for the event and the month was really crazy for our folks, after some discussion, we’ve decided to send a delegation on Saturday the 29th to deliver a response from the Barony. I’ve talked with the seneschal of Druim Doineann and he and several other key folks in the Shire are behind the idea of working together toward doing something more involved next year, with perhaps some cross attending of events through the year to build community and do some schtick. Please let myself and Sergeant Kate know if you are planning to be a part of the “message” delegation. We want to create something fun for next year.

Peasants Revel – Bergdis ThorgrimmsdottirAugust 11 for sure – should show up on Kingdom calendar soon. Usual thing – lots of silly games, dinner, lots of cheese. Do their Excellencies want to accept taxes? They will think about it. Paraphrase: we should send our brute enforcer squad to collect, not go ourselves. Bergdis remembered a few memorable taxes from the past – dressed chickens from about 10 years ago; “pre-dried” herbs [e.g., dried up pots of same]; bag of ice [very welcome].

Emprise of the Black Lion – Constantia reported – September 14-16 – Guillaume de Garrigues and she met with Reber Ranch outside area manager to try to figure out where to put the Baronial pavilion for Day at the Manor and for looking at putting thing in the infield of the track for Day at the Manor. Reber may be installing a high fence in the infield for a dog park. As of now, no stakes are allowed in the infield but will try using hay bales as weights for holding up archery day shade.

Rignach mentioned a possible alternative site to Reber Ranch: South Seattle Saddle Club – 2nd site she considered for Day at the Manor. They have tent sites, a place where archery could be shot. They plan all dates for the next year in September. Would need to contact 1 year ahead. Their season ends Labor Day weekend.

Baronial Banquet – Ysolt reported – October 16 – Not using Acceps reservations – will start taking reservations in next week or so. Did 1st reconstruction last Thursday of June and it was fabulous and yummy, all four recipes we worked on. This will not be a gluten-free dinner. There will be lots and lots of sippets. Pear custard was incredibly good.

Events – New/Future

Art & Sciences 2013 – Sarra – no new info.

July Coronation 2013 Aleksandra – request from Midhaven to consider helping again.

Grand Performing Arts Ithra – November 17 – Fearain – presented event proposal wearing shoes! Shannon (former Tir Righ bardic champ) and Serena Zain are co-event stewards. Will be putting out for more volunteers soon. Gas reimbursement, sign-ups and other items besides lunch will be handled through Ithra. Will do a lunch. Barony’s portion would be fronting $250 to pay for lunch prep/may be scaled if more sign-ups. Vote of room taken approving proposal. Aleksandra – may want to talk to PdL to see if they want to sponsor breakfast or a dessert bake sale.

St. Bunstable Demo and Dawg Daze – Landinn – nothing new re their events.

Demo in Aquaterra – Cire – Fri Aug 3 – county fair – 6 to 9 pm. Heinrich will send details to list. Encouraged Madronans to go since Aquaterra supported us at Merrymore.

Officers, Guilds and Sub-Group Reports

Have a new Deputy Exchequer who will take over at the end of the year. HL Julian Sinclair. “There will be cookies” says Elisabeth.

Chatelaine – Landinn de Marest- Social next week – kitchen things will be happening. Mini-tourney, no classes, dance practice. The Chatelaine’s office has been busy! We had four email inquiries in June, three of them from Pilgrims relocating to our fair lands. The Social, which included a Mini-tourney, a seminar on rectangular construction; a Court (in garb) and the last phase of Rinach’s Lancer trials was attended by 43 adults, 3 children, and 1 youth. We have 25 members in the new MeetUp group, which includes several members of the Barony. I encourage anyone interested to join us there. . I am working with Heinrich on a Newcomer Orientation on July 17, and helping St. Bunstable with their Dawg Daze (September) and a Demo (October.) More to come on those. I am still seeking a deputy. 😀

Exchequer – Constantia in der Lachun – Balance reported. May need to write check for instructors at Day of the Manor in an emergency check writing session. Did two gate classes. Did autocrat/head gate coordinator training. Waiting for bank statement to complete Q2 report. (due to kingdom end of this month). Need receipts for checks written already. (emails out). Written, now editing autocrat guide. Printing / building gate forms sheets this Tuesday for Day at Manor.

Chief Archer – Ismenia Wystan – is getting the targets from UW for free. May be indication of shape that they’re in. Looked at them and couldn’t determine Picking up Thurs with Shadhra and taking them to their house. Karl – will they be in storage at storage locker? Ismenia – evaluate first before making official Baronial gear; let’s see shape and projected usefulness. Had Evrard make a set of loaner arrows that are traveling with the Wyewood loaner gear. Will provide a receipt later. Lots of practices to choose from – 2x Wyewood (WD pm, SA am); Shadhra’s MN pm.

Chamberlain – Karl – we have property. I stopped by locker today. Madrone loaned stuff to Merrymore and to Day at the Manor. Ysolt will set up a Chamberlain email address. Dragon’s Laire wants to borrow erics for Sept Crown – are we ok with it? Karl is communicating with them re same.

Chronicler – Emma – June Leaf posted by Ysolt (thank you) and distributed by me to lists. Photos were taken during Lancer trials and Merrymore. Next issue planned for mid-August and will feature Merrymore, the Day at the Manor, Peasants Revel, and the Lancer trials.

Web Mistress – new one will start working in beginning of August when the artist formerly known as Coelflaed will return to these lands.

Herald – Deputy Basil Dragonstrike has always been a wonderful help in the heraldic community and has been very active on the consulting list and also wrote an article of heraldic misconceptions for the recent newsletter. Thank you Basil! There have been several inquiries and I am doing some personal consulting as time permits. Many thanks to the gentle at Merrymore who not only marshalled the fighting but also heralded the fights at the start. Johannes Dehn took over later in the day and did excellent job! Looking forward to Day at the Manor.

Lists – Rowenna – lots of good tourneying happening. Lists is becoming slightly busy again as tourney season is now in full swing. We completed another round of the Sheen of Eire tourney and Sir Tim was victorious. At the Merrymore demo we hosted a field of 13 fighters with Sir Stefan besting Leith to be Champion of the Day. At the upcoming Day at the Manor, Lady Constantia will be handling lists in my stead as I will be out of town with mundane commitments. I will also not be able to attend Curia this evening but am always only a call or email away if information is needed

Heavy MIC – Raoukinn – Fight practices have been going well. Sir Timm defeated Sir Heilyn in the finals of the June Sheen of Eire Tourney at the social. There will be another tourney this month at the social on July 19th. [Chron. Note: this tourney was cancelled later.] Sir Heilyn defeated Sir Timm in first Sheen of Eire tournament. Of note, Vilius, squire to Sir Antonio, placed third in the squires tourney at An Tir West War. He fought very honorably. Also, a bunch of fighters will be carpooling July 26 to Shittemwood practice, let Sir Raoukinn know if you are interested in going.

Rapier – Enzio – continued good turnout 18-20 on average. One recent broken blade, no injury – Sean – metal fatigue. Will be included in quarterly report. Rapier Champion Regalia – Don Samuel is Madrone’s current rapier champion; he cannot be at Day at the Manor so his cadets are running the rapier tourney at Day at the Manor. He returned part of regalia medallion is now on a lovely necklace with a hefty chain made by him. Rest of regalia will arrive Friday.

Scribe – Sarra – very busy; but emergency scribal painting mostly solved. Champions charters still need some work. The July Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. I had one person come for part of the evening. I attended the Porte de l’Eau Friday Night Fighter Practice and five of us worked on champions’ charters, awards and bookmarks. Overall a very productive evening! I had one gentle, in response to my “Emergency Painting Night”, offer to paint with me on Saturday. We had about 3 hours of production!

Webmistress – Miriel – A BIG thanks to Ysolt for her help in updating a few of the pages on the website. I am still not able to update these myself without her help, but at least it’s not still showing info from March! You will find updates on the following pages: · Home · Calendar · Events · This Month (formerly “News”). I look forward to Ginevra creating a beautiful *NEW* website – hopefully by August!

Bardic – provided live music with some of the Wyewood players at Merrymore.

Chatelaine – Merrymore Demo – 90 signed in but about 10 more signed sheet whom we do not know. So about 100 altogether. Landinn – saw about 20.

Dancing – Trahearn – Dancing continues in the barony, thanks to the efforts of Ranulf who stepped in to run the June social when Sara and I were at Known World Dance. I learned some fun new dances there, and introduced some new reconstructions of my own, which I look forward to sharing at upcoming socials. Ranulf will also be teaching a dance class this weekend at A Day at the Manor.

Equestrian – Johannes Dehn – horses ridden, waivers signed, no injuries. Thursday 7/26 is next meeting. No practice in July. Next one will be Sat Aug 25. Lots of guests at last lancer trial.

Pewterers – showed at Merrymore demo – the more advance notice requestors can give, the better it is to get tokens if wanted.

Sewing Guild – did class at social last month – guildhead was at Merrymore demo.

Porte de l’Eau – great demo! Painted on Friday.

Karl – had liqueur making workshop Jun 27 – 5 people there. Very excellent.

Arts & Sciences minister needs a deputy or replacement. Report posted to list: Art continues no injuries! Yet again, I will be unable to attend Mondays meeting, but here submit my report with renewed pleas for a replacement or even just a meeting attending deputy. Report to kingdom filed. Activities continue most every week…costumers, scribes, cooks, equestrians, pewterers. Something for everyone! Additionally, classes have occurred at the monthly social and just for fun (liqueurs, rectangular construction, etc), and more classes are planned for the upcoming Day at the Manor event. The Merrymore demo was a raging success I hear, congrats to everyone involved! Much artsy goodness was on display for the public and Madrone put its best face forward. There is an Ithra up in Midhaven in October…they are recruiting instructors. If you’re interested in teaching, or have an idea for a class that you’d like to see, let me know!!

Quarterly reports are due at the end of the month be sure to copy Aleksandra on them.

Submitted by

Lady Emma la rousse d’Argentan,

Chronicler, Madrone