Curia Minutes-2012-4

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes 4-9-12


These minutes are abbreviated as the Chronicler’s laptop had a loss of data immediately after the Curia was held and the notes taken during the meeting were lost.


Events –


Peasants Revel – date not recalled (no longer July 7) Infoscroll listing was to point to the new date/make it a local only event?  There’s a conflict but not near.  Moved to a Tier 4 event.


Fibers and Fighting event combined with Day at the Manor (Rignach, event steward).  Championships for heavy and rapier and archery will now take place at that event.

Emprise – no new news, things moving along apace.  Event steward not present; at Wyewood meeting.


Baronial Banquet – 2nd proposal –October 6, 2012 – Anne Rose Smyth – discussed and approved by vote of room.  Scottish Masonic Temple, Shoreline at 14th and Aurora.  Elizabethan feast.


St. Bunstable Protector tournament Sunday May 6, 2012, 1 pm at the fountain on the Ranier Vista at UW.


Ermine Cross Bardic Tournament on 28 April. Canton of Port d’Leau “Sew What” event, Madrone Bardic Championship, Bake sale Canton fundraiser. Roman food/dinner. Lake Washington United Methodist Church in Kirkland.


Chatelaine – how do we attract more people – room discussed.

Exchequer – Balances reported, various checks written.

Need Webmistress, Chamberlain, and Deputy Exchequer

Other Calendar Items of note:  June faire June 1-3 at Port Gamble. Heavy fighting, A & S village, possible Madrone group going?

Emma la rousse d’Argentan