Curia Minutes 2012-12

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes

December 10 2012


Baron and Baroness

The Baron is retiring in 7 more days of work! Yay! We have moved to Port Orchard, nothing else will change. All contacts except landline and mailing address are the same as before. If you need those, please contact them by email. Elisabeth attended Aquaterra’s Good Yule and notes that it is generally not a good idea to put her between Thorin and Alexsei though, actually, there were very few missiles. Looking forward to another very good year. This one was really good in many ways – lots of good events, made money, neighborly relations good, activities continue to happen. Cire said, “its been the best!”




Performing Arts Ithra – final report – Fearain – 48 students 28 teachers 31-33 fighters 8 fencers. $500-600 income not counting food. Sarra – #s on food: Cash received 348.50; food cost 193.75; 154.75 profit. Fed 35 people soup and random snack-y bits including coffee, eggs, etc. Some people threw in more than the suggested donations for the bits. Fearain – got a lot of good feedback on Facebook. Only a few classes with 1-2 students, most had more. Bards meeting sparked idea for an event up near the border with teachers from here to help up there and push that community. A class was engendered at the Ithra that will happen at Twelfth Night on “How to Become a Laurel”.  Got a really diverse crowd from BC to LA, Summits, Eugene, OR. Constantia – gate sheet showed 110 people. Sarra – thank you so much to Etiennette, Constantia, and Kit – they helped so much. Fearain – need to have Jean Louis send check for site.


Baronial A&S – February 2, 2013 – Iacobo – Need someone to run games competition [Chron. note – I volunteered later in the meeting]. Will have a rummage sale. Please donate ten percent of any of your proceeds to an arts education organization. That’s all for now. Baroness Elisabeth – will be working with current and past A&S champions re format. Iacopo – at last Social we had a newcomer interested in doing the newcomers’ challenge. Doing same kind of geek fest format. “Tune up your presentation for Kingdom A&S!”


May Crown – May 17-19, 2013 – Sarra – already did site visit and that went really well. Walked and measured site. Have plan for where main things will go. Really pretty site even though right in the middle of town. Working on website with Ginevra. Flyers for distribution at Twelfth Night in progress. Dame Maderun from Dragon’s Laire will be hosting and organizing A&S for the event. Vulcanfeldt is planning to run Gate on Friday night. Yay.


Other Business


2013 Budget is last piece of business for tonight – has been discussed at prior Curias and circulated on the email list. Moved and seconded to accept – passed by a vote of attendees.


Note – All outstanding checks must be deposited by the end of this week. Need to have them clear by the end of the month.


Officer and Guild Reports


Scribe– Sarra the Brave – the December Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. There were four of us, including two returning new painters! I attended the Friday night practice at Porte de l’Eau last week, there were 3 painters, including one new person. I have given out many Kingdom Charters to be painted. Please contact me to arrange for their return. The end of the reign is imminent & they must be turned in soon!! Also, Kingdom, and occasionally the Barony, is always looking for scribes to create original scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!


Herald – Evrard de Valogne – Heralding is happening, 3 consults by email and instant messaging (Facebook, no less). No reported injuries and if waivers need to be signed, that would mean it was likely a contact sport. We don’t need any more singing of Armored Heralds!


Chatelaine – Landinn de Marest – 2 email inquiries, 22 adults, 2 children at the Social, and 50 members of the MeetUp group.


Web Minister – Ginevra de Lucca – website updates continue as time allows. A section of past Curia meeting minutes will be added soon, and I hope to make it easy for the Chronicler to add new minutes to the section each month. 
 I have agreed to create a website for May Crown, which we’re co-hosting with Vulcanfeldt. I expect to create that after the autocrats send me content for it. Please continue to send update requests and bug reports to Happy Holidays, everyone!


Heavy Fighting – Sir Raoukinn – Nothing really new to report. Duke Tomuki’s class at the bardic Ithra was a success. I think we had 30 people in the class. I hae been spending some time on Craigslist looking for cheap warehouse space we can rent for indoor fight practice – if anyone else has location ideas for an indoor fight practice, please let me know.


Chamberlaine – Karrel der Ermutigender – We have Baronial property (non-land type). Items were used at the 17 November Ithra event and returned. In talks with May Crown Steward for using Baronial property at event. Need to talk with Baronial A&S event steward for using Baronial property at that event.


Culinary Guild – Bergdis, Guildhead – the Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat. We are planning Andalusian food for A&S. Bergdis will head the kitchen. We are still resolving the date for Peasant’s Revel 2013. Master Edward the Stuffy is the Event Steward. We have a date (7/12/14) for Peasant’s Revel 2014, so we can make our first proposal at Curia to get the date on the Calendar. .


Other upcoming happenings of interest:


Persona Development Luncheon – Saturday January 5, 11 AM –




For those of you who are interested in furthering your persona development I will be sponsoring monthly persona luncheons at the home of Pani Katarzyna Miloshova. 


When: Saturday Jan 5th – 11AM


What are we going to do?:  The first half hour or so we will be discussing the “Hows” of being in persona.  Then we will have lunch (in persona).  After lunch we will take time to help each other improve our skills and knowledge.


What do you need?

1)       Some idea of the persona you wish to pursue.

2)       Your best attempt at proper clothing

3)       A potluck lunch offering that you believe your persona would have eaten.


                Although documentation is always welcome (I am a research junkie after all) don’t worry about it.  Part of what we will be discussing after lunch (and out of persona) is where to look for information and how to document your persona.



                Mill Creek, Wa – Please RSVP to me off list at m_fitzwilliam (at) so that I know how many people to plan for (and to make certain we don’t end up with nine cheese platters) and I will make sure you have good directions.


This is NOT an Aquaterra only event – this is open to anyone who is interested in working on persona development.  Don’t worry about never having done anything like this before – this is for all levels – just starting off through Veneurs, Swans, Scholars, and Carps.


Please email off list if you have any questions.


Marguerite fitz William, JdL 
Veneur & Swan
Motto: Et Hoc Quoque Transibit
Or, a natural panther stantant contourney
sable, on a chief invected vert, three plates




Submitted by

Emma la rousse d’Argentan, Chronicler, Barony of Madrone