Curia Minutes 2012-11


Barony of Madrone

Curia Meeting Notes

November 13, 2012



Baron and Baroness


Duke Tomuki will be at the Performing Arts Ithra. Note that it is not a Grand Ithra; Kingdom calendar has been corrected. Next event will be Baronial A&S. Kingdom Twelfth Night is in between.


We want to institute two new awards. One will be for children with it will have a registrable name (quoth the herald). We are also going to institute a new service award a mid-level one in between the Green Leaf and the Red Branch.


Coronets – saw Master William yesterday. The design is freaking awesome and gorgeous. Re timing, we said ok to do Wyewood’s first since their elevation will probably be Kingdom A&S.




Events and meetings:


No December Social as the Community Center is closed for two weeks including Social week. Will still have December 10 Curia as usual, back on Monday night including a minor holiday social. No court, mundane wear is ok.


Got final profit number from Emprise – 697.60 profit. Split between Wyewood and Madrone. Madrone is to cut a check for Wyewood.


Fall Festival at Bunstable? Happened – only 2 attendees.


Performing Arts Ithra – good response for volunteers. Got report from Fearain. Need someone to help out with registration. Lianor or Landinn can help. Lunch (Sarra) – have 20-25 emails reserving lunch. Need “seed” money for $100 for food – Sarra will submit form tonight and get check from Constantia. Elisabeth will bring the Ithra tea and coffee service to Social on Thursday including extension cords.


Future Events:


Baronial A&S – February 2– Iacopo reported – Going apace; I have redone event proposal with slight profit. I will sent out announcement soon and teaser to a bunch of lists. Alfonso X theme. Separate challenge for first-time entrants.


May Crown – Sarra the Brave – the bid was accepted. Went over last Sunday to walk the site and met with Reggie and Fiona. Lovely fairly flat site in the middle of town. It is a bit windy so bring wind lines for your pavilions. Next will get together with land and merchant stewards to continue planning. Elisabeth will start talking up when go to Aquaterra Yule. Will have spiffy PR materials ready for 12th N.


Peasants Revel – July 6 2013 – Master Edward the Stuffy is the event steward.


August event is still in process.


No event steward bid for Emprise 2013 yet.


Porte de l’Eau – Ermine Cross in April – Barony of Madrone is welcome to come and hold their Bardic Championship there again.


Meeting and Social space – Community Center’s rent will increase next year. If set up contract now, however, they will honor this year’s rate. Proposal: continue here next year. Room vote yes after motioned and seconded. After discussion, it was decided to leave business meeting on 2nd Mondays and have a discussion re when to hold Socials. Elisabeth and Aleksandra will follow up re when to hold Socials.


My quarterly report went in on time. I did get a few of the officer ones, but for any officers who didn’t send me a copy of their quarterly report, you can expect a reminder email this week. I ask for these mostly so that I know the reports are getting in. Not sending quarterly reports from key offices can be cause for the Kingdom to remove you from office & for me to get a scathing email from Brighid. I really don’t want that for any of us. J





Budget review – A&S – approved their budget. Rapier – approved budget for possible loaner masks.

Only need storage locker and web hosting costs to finalize. Keep web hosting at $100 in case it goes up. Done and can be posted. Heavy marshall – instructor and indoor practice site. $600 for indoor practice site request. Based on rent seen. $300 for instructors from out of area. Proposed gas money reimbursement for out of area instructors. Fighters would be willing to contribute to costs. Discussed rules for gas reimbursement. Elisabeth requested everyone to look for sites for indoor fight practice. Constantia – have final numbers for budget – will post figures to email list. About 1k over last year. Aleksandra noted that if you don’t turn in receipts, report what you’re doing as a donation so that actual expenses are understood.


  • Have Q3 report for review. Julian started training. People are funny about money. Balances reported. 
  • Financial Committee meeting report: we can view bank statements online. However, we won’t because doing so leaves the account open to transfer funds.
  • I have finalized corrections on financial policy – updates in red. Policy was passed and will be posted to website.
  • Check for Bardic Ithra written to Sarra today ck # 2056 for $250.
  • Chamberlain has started working on May Crown items.
  • Completed mandatory Kingdom Exchequer training and it was awesome!!. Did not get to book review which will be rescheduled. Etiennette – doesn’t need to happen until Julian takes over.
  • Still need corporate resolution to do bank sign changes. Waiting for corporate office to send.



General consensus that the new website looks good! Sergeants are getting a new page.


Rapier – half the dons are gimpy.


Archery – we shoot, it happens. Its cold and wet – come out to the Wyewood Saturday practice but first check the Wyewood archery Yahoo! list re weather cancellations [they should be posted by 9 am and practice starts at 10 am].


Porte de l’Eau – the road up to their Master of Stables House got flooded by beavers. Everyone’s fine and the neighbors saved the pigs.


Equestrian Guild – Practice happened in October.  There were 3 horses and 4 riders. 
Next and last Guild practice of the year is this Saturday Nov 17th.
Next Guild Meeting is not until Nov 29th. Normally it would be on the 22nd but Thanksgiving falls on that day.
 Planning continues for next years practice schedule as well as our Guild’s Yule party for Dec.


Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat. We are planning Spanish food for A&S. Bergdis will head the kitchen. Master Edward the Stuffy will be the Event Steward for Peasant’s Revel 2013 (7/6/13). We also have a date (7/12/14) for Peasant’s Revel 2014, so we can make our proposal at a future Curia to get the date on the calendar.


Baronial Scribe – the November Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Even with that being Election Night, there were five of us, including three new painters! Matilda informally shared what she learned from the classes she attended at Kingdom Heraldic & Scribal Symposium. I have more Kingdom Charters. Please contact me if you would like to have some to paint. For those with Kingdom Charters in your possession, I need to get those back so they can be turned in to Kingdom. Also, we are always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!


Web Minister – The new website ( ) is up and has been well-received. (Yay!) People have been sending me updates and comments. I’m especially pleased that there have been no major technical issues reported with the new site. It seems to work for everyone I’ve talked to, on a variety of systems and browsers. I would like an updated picture of our Baron and Baroness for the site. The current picture (which I took from the old site) shows them as patrons of Wyewood, and several people have undertstandably commented that we’d like to see them on the site as our B and B! I’d like to invite anyone with an appropriate picture to send it to me. A few officers have asked for their login account to update portions of the site. Chatelaine Landinn has put up lots of content on the Newcomers page. Check it out! Sergeants Kate and Karrell have contacted me about creating a new page for the Sergeants, and Kate plans to send me content for that page. The content of the site will continue to be expanded and updated. Please send any requests to .


Chronicler – Minutes for August, September and October have been created and circulated for review. The October set has been finalized and sent to the webmistress and a signed copy sent to Constantia to document the Exchequer change. August and September minutes should be finalized soon and sent to Ginevra. I also owe soft copies of Leafs to her from earlier this year to post on the new website. Publication of the next Leaf is now projected for late November. My quarterly report has been submitted. I’ll be there tonight with laptop in hand though I might be a little late.


Lists – Officially nothing list related to report this month. It’s quiet season until we reach 12th Night. 🙂


Arts & Sciences – Anne Marie is on vacation this week. I did get her quarterly before she left so I know all is well in A&S world.


Chamberlain – Have property. Kingdom Chatelaine DOES NOT want quarterly report.
Planning to loan property to steward of Grand Ithra event this weekend