Curia Minutes 2012-10

Barony of Madrone

Curia Minutes 10-8-12


Baronial Banquet – Is everyone still really full? Yes! Sarra delivered a container of toast to Baron Cire. General amusement. Did everyone have fun – yes! Peach fool rocked.


Baron and Baroness – Cire – its been a long long time since I sat at a feast and liked everything. Her Excellency cannot be here tonight. Emprise was also a great event – we rock!


Her Excellency’s banquet thank you was emailed to the list: Baronial Banquet on Saturday had to be one of the best in its long and illustrious history. The raspberry tarts alone would have been worth coming for, but every single dish was exceptional. Our warmest congratulations to the Culinary Guild, especially Ysolt and Eden, you have truly outdone yourselves.Our thanks also to the event stewart, Anne Rose, and her many helpers at gate, setup and cleanup. You all made a wonderful day for everyone. Much appreciated, Baroness Elisabeth


Events – Close Out


Emprise – still need some financial reports to close out.


Dawg Dayz – several people, even some early. Lots of people signed up on email list. First meeting of the year tomorrow. This year we hope to be meeting in the Hub all year long. Email list is run through UW – how can people join the list? There’s information on the St. Bunstable website on how to do it. Think we will have some keepers from Dawg Dayz. Thank you to everyone who helped put on the demo.


Outreach to neighboring colleges would be awesome. Have one person at UW Bothell. Angharad will follow up on other leads. Yay!


Baronial Banquet – Happened. There was toast. Waiting to get final numbers and receipts from everybody. The Culinary Guild’s diligence and some others’ generous donations will allow for a profit. Did not make break-even. 84 confirmed reservations on a break even of 100. Extra thanks for those who were left off list sent out today via email: Karrell and Johann (the forward guy).


Anne Rose’s report mailed to list: The site was pleased with our performance and would love to see us come back. We will be getting a small refund on our deposit. The final billing will be arriving this month. (The check signer is on vacation this week for the site). The Kitchen Head is running through the receipts again, initial report shows that the food costs were under budget. Please note, this would be due to the diligence of the culinary guild and generous donations towards food costs from members of the guild. Turnout was low for banquet. Historically, when banquet is in the fall the attendance is lower. I would suggest with the rising cost of sites perhaps combining A&S and Banquet, and holding it in the spring. I will have the final cost sheets for the next curia meeting in November, when all the receipts and site deposit refund has been processed.

Please remember to turn in recommendations for awards. Part of the fun of the SCA for many folks is the pageantry of court, and without award recommendations we don’t have the pageantry.

The Thank You’s…  My heartfelt appreciation and thank you’s go to the following:  the Baron and Baroness for assisting in the event to happen.  Sir Heilyn de Highwater for the wonderful pewter buttons used as site tokens. They are for sale please contact Sir Heilyn directly.  Ysolt Tayla and Eden for the research and implementation of a fabulous feast.  To the Members of the Culinary Guild, and their visitors. Thank You.  To our List Mistress for helping w/ table decorations.  Yacobo for running gate, Saewynn, and Emma for assisting with gate.

SarraThe Brave for Feast Reservations.
Kate, Spike and Emma who provided information and fun things at the event. The photographers who provided a recorded image of the day for our attendees. The anonymous donors who enabled some of the populace at large, and members of St Bunstable’s to attend an awesome event, they would have not been able to attend otherwise. And to the populace of the Barony of Madrone, Canton of Porte de L’Eau and Saint Bunstable’s. Thank You Thank You Thank You.

Respectfully Submitted,

Anne Rose Smythe,
Event Steward


Events – Scheduled


Angharad – Fall Festival – Sun Oct 14 – Sylvan Grove Theatre (outdoors). No A&S competition – just an exhibition. Just bring and show it off. Play some games have a nice afternoon. Should we bring chairs. Might be a good idea. 1 pm to 4 pm. Angharad will send email to list and point out nearest parking lot(s).


Ithra – no one here to talk about it – Sarra is doing lunch. Baroness Elisabeth still waiting to get information from Fearain.


Events – Proposed


May Crown – Sarra – budget sheet distributed. Rowenna co event steward. Site: Toppenish Rodeo Grounds – Vulkenfeldt and Madrone are co-running. Estimating attendance of 600 adults and 50 kids but break-even half that. Biffies currently estimated will hold 1000 and we can order more if more people show up. Site held over 1000 when Crown was there before. Site charge is at a significant discount as Baroness Regina is known to them and got a $2000 discount. Merchants amount? Guesstimating ~20 merchants and charging $1 per frontage foot. Estimates that we will have 15 merchants with 10′ frontage and 5 at 20′ frontage. This is a low estimate. What are the grounds like? Two very large lawns. Equestrian arena and paddock. Are discussing with equestrian community if they want activities. Garbage/trash is included in site fee. This is the third month of discussion of this proposal. Proposal passed the room by a vote of hands.


Unnamed Event – Aleksandra – “South Sound Unity” recreation. Site is available Aug 2-4 and is penciled in. $500 per day confirmed price. Dates don’t stack up against other big events; it is two weeks after Coronation unless that needs to move for Pennsic. Drium Doineann considers it as replacement for Hot Summer Lights for 2013. Keep getting positive responses. Site is Midhaven’s two year ago July Coro site. Last South Sound Unit was ~8 years ago. Regional events. War points activities of all kinds.


Arts & Sciences – February 2 – Iacopo. Proposal. Bid assumes lower number of people, 65, than last year’s 92. Most costs have not changed. Security deposit came back last year, assuming the same for this year. Court of Alfonso X as theme. Dinner will be focused around that and hopefully dancing, too. There may be a challenge around theme. Event should act as tune-up for Kingdom A&S. There may be a games tourney – Alfonso X commissioned a great book of games. Maybe also do an SCA rummage sale; could be for charity – % to charity or to Barony. There was a room that was not used last year. Will be at the same site. Small kitchen needed by Culinary Guild as first one is difficult to use (lack of counter space) and they also requested a bit more money for food. Feast will be $8 for dinner. Will put out a teaser on the Madrone list this week. Dinner is going to be a max of 65 but can have more people attend. Cire – the event bid as laid out plans to lose money. Let’s up attendance to balance that. More people at dinner? CG – only can serve 64/65 from that kitchen. Cire – would like to be as inclusive as possible. Can we accommodate offboard? Sarra- there was space for people to offboard. Second time of discussion. Show of hands – approved.


Peasants Revel 2013 – Edward the Stuffy – no charge except if you eat and the park is free. Very little cost. Wanted August 3 but thats against the Unnamed Event now. In a perfect world they want to move away from Coronation if that moves or June 29. 35th straight Peasants. ? – Cire – would you want to put it with “South Sound”? Discussed – no hill for the cheese. Attendees at Peasants are a lot of local people who don’t go to any other event. Maybe go up against An Tir-West War Sunday, July 7.


Officer and Guild Reports


Seneschal – November Curia Meeting – observance of Veteran’s Day – will meet on Tuesday the 13th – same time. Will be inside in Room 102. Event stewards need to get Seneschal their reports. Exchequer has been asking people re budgets. Need to settle budget for next year over next two meetings. If you are an officer and haven’t already discussed it with her, please contact the Exchequer to discuss. Do we want to continue having the meetings here? Discussed – yes. Aleks will check if price will change for this and social.


Exchequer – Balances were reported. All deposits except last $200 from B Banq. Still working on gate sheets. Thank you everyone for working gate. Waiting for statements to finish Q3. Finishing final edits on financial policy. Will start exchequer training next week for Julian. Autocrat document needs editing, hopes to bring to next Curia. Need to schedule financial committee meeting. Kingdom Exchequer is going to do training November 10 for Exchequers including Julian and Constantia and the Kingdom Exchequer will also do book review at the same time. Budget must be locked down by Nov. Waiting on some officers to send info. Will web hosting cost change? Aleksandra will ping Ginevra for info.


Currently the Deputy Exchequer is Julian Sinclair (Jason Greco).  Julian will step up to Exchequer (Treasurer) at the December business meeting, December 10, 2012.   The current Exchequer, Constantia in der Lachun (Kelli Bausch), will become the Contingency Exchequer and will remain on the account. All other names will remain the same on the account.


Chamberlain – Still have property. Erics were returned from September Crown. Used items at Emprise and Baronial Banquet; they were returned. Eric pole painting project over 50% completed; need to get reimbursed for paint. Talking with May Crown event steward about using items for May Crown.


Chatelaine – 3 email inquiries. Social: 3 children, 1 youth, 22 adults. We had several newcomers from Madrone at the Emprise. I helped St. Bunstable with a demo which hopefully will yield some newcomers, and the idea was floated to see about including other Seattle-area colleges/universities as part of the St. Bunstable population. We have 42 members of the Meetup Group, most of whom are newcomers and several that have been attending various guild meetings and the Socials. Please join us: .


Lists – needs to update report. Equestrian lists are really different. Emprise happened – make it up as go. Very neat pageantry.


Scribe – The October Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. We had seven in attendance for the evening, including more from the Meetup group. Ismenia taught a calligraphy class at the October Scriptorium with 4 students! More Baronial calligraphers! Charters & Scrolls were completed for both the Emprise & Baronial Banquet. Please contact me if you would like to have some Baronial or Kingdom Charters to paint. Also, the Kingdom is always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you! Thanks to Chiara for doing Red Branch scroll for Enzio.


Herald – In the past month Their Excellencies held two courts, the first at Emprise of the Black Lion and the second this last weekend at Baronial Banquet. Reports for each coming soon. Many thanks to those who heralded at Emprise for the riders and the fighters that day. Consults continue apace both online and in person. Facebook has been an unusually busy location for consulting! And as always many thanks to Basil Dragonstrike for continuing to be deputy and assist on the An Tir Heralds list. Due to illness I will not be attending the Curia.


Chronicler – September and August minutes are in progress. Next Leaf issue is anticipated in 2-3 weeks.


Rapier – Fighting Continues, No Injures, People sign waivers. Despite the influx of White Scarf gimpiness, Practices continue to have a good turnout.


Webmaster – The new website is almost ready for primetime. Look for an announcement Any Day Now (or a wee bit longer, depending on how many technical issues come up.) Please continue to send updates for the website to .


Culinary Guild – The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat. Baronial Banquet went very well. We will wait a bit to make plans for the next one.

We are planning Andalusian food for A&S. Bergdis will head the kitchen. We have a date (8/3/13) and bid for Peasant’s Revel 2013, so we will make our second proposal at Curia. Master Edward the Stuffy will be the Event Steward. We also have a date (7/12/14) for Peasant’s Revel 2014, so we can make our first proposal at Curia to get the date on the calendar.



Calendar Notes:


October 16 – Karrell – Liqueur making part II.

October 18 – Social with dancing and games.


November 12 – Curia (Note – this is Tuesday – the community center is closed Monday)

November 15 – Social

November 17 – Performing Arts Ithra


December 10 – Curia – short discussion of budget and a holiday social.

December Social cancelled – Community Center is closed.


Other News:


Edward the Stuffy reported that Paul of Bellatrix is moving nearby.  



Submitted by

Emma la rousse d’Argentan

(mka Kate Waterous)

November 11, 2012