Curia Minutes 2012-09

Curia Minutes 9-10-12


Baron and Baroness: help from Crown folks, thank you very much for everything we did. Also personal thank you for Baron of Dragon’s Laire. Emprise is coming. Please give court business to the Baron and Baroness. Port Chalice is this weekend. Please spread the word. May Crown with Vulkanfeldt is going forward. The Baron and I are on the second anniversary of our tenure. We are planning to have no second term. We will be moving to Kitsap and retiring. We are NOT bailing on the Barony. Their Majesties re okay with this. Her Royal Highness needs input on retinue. Please talk to Baroness __________ about this. Baronial court at the Baronial Banquet will be before dinner. Please give any business items to us. Please send us award recommendations. We don’t have internet access at home right now. Please stand by. Baroness Elisabeth will be at Master Sean’s tomorrow evening, September 11.


Events – Close Outs:


Day at the Manor – final form sent in. All was sufficient – site fee was reduced to $350.0 for weekend and included biffies fee, but no services. Final gate count was 114 adults, 13 v____?, 4 kids. Projected were 150 adult, the breakeven was 85 adults.

Final net: 875.99 profit.


Peasants Revel  – Approx~60 people. Dinner lost a bit but not a problem. But cheese was rolled, fun was had and there was an ovine waiver.


Events – In Process:


Emprise of the Black Lion – I would like to remind everyone that this coming Friday, September 14th is the event set-up day. We will be beginning at approximately 4pm and end when we’re done. That being said, the more people that come and help, the sooner we’ll all be done. If you can’t be there at 4pm but can be there at 6 or 7pm, that’s great too! Please don’t let that deter you.

Things to consider: this is an equestrian site, please wear appropriate shoes; gloves may be a good idea; if you have an extra mallet to pound stakes, please bring it along; ladders are always useful, consider bringing one if you have it handy. This is an event that is being co-hosted by the branches of King County and folks of both branches should consider coming out to assist with Friday set-up and Sunday take-down. I look forward to seeing many of your bright and smiling faces this Friday as we share in the joys of neighborly fellowship.


Dawg Daze – St. Bunstable – Sept 22. Bring displays; an email will go out to lists for volunteers.


Baronial Banquet – Oct 6. Reservations are going forward. Duck and bunny stories will happen. Uncle Aethelred’s Story hour. Classes happening; games table. Looking for dishwashers. Please volunteer – they have a schedule. Still looking for classes and displays.


St. Bunstable A&S Championship – Oct 14 UW Campus. Since school is not in session so a bit low. Games, etc.


Performing Arts Ithra – November 17 – web site is fixed and up on Ithra planning site; Baroness Elisabeth is fixing it so it goes live in a few days. Ithra will be 8 tracks of performing arts classes; there will be something for everyone from vocal to juggling. Location is a French immersion school; a peasant style lunch is being arranged of soup, rolls and dessert. Please add to Madrone website.


Upcoming Events to be bid:


May Crown 2012 – Madrone is doing with Vulkanfeldt and it is the only bid. A meeting was held to work out some logistics: (a) Vulkanfeldt will secure physical issues such as site, biffies; (b) Madrone will coordinate teams and staffers; (c) profit will be split as follows: Crown – 60%, Madrone 30 %, Vulkanfeldt 10 %, with contingencies. Sites being considered are: Toppenish Rodeo Grounds (price was good due to a cleanup of an event. We don’t have ____??) and a private site of 240 acres of land. Very primitive and wants an attendance cap of 200-500. 11 miles outside of Sela. Bad building from site up. A group is going out after working with site owner. Vulkanfeldt would not provide bodies but local contacts with good relations. Billing is net 30. Madrone needs to run the event. Gate head is set. People _______ coming to help. Madrone provides head wranglers for each area. We can have a full and final bid Oct 15 so would get one more Curia in before then. Money would run through Madrone, local just ____ SCA, not Vulkanfeldt or Madrone. We will get final bid next month. Victoria Day is the weekend before Memorial Day. People are very excited about E___ W____? groupings. Need to be a cooperative group. Question on land issues: May you get sloping fields. We are not really going to have time. We are looking for more sites and bringing in more people. The sites must be in the Wenatchee area.


Proposed Events:


Sound Unity” – Sound Unity Tourney – The Sheep Saga – 8/2-4/2013 – Got a good look at the Sept Crown site in DL. It’s got some issues & at $1000/day is not really in the budget I’d like to use. During the Seneschals meeting, HL Bryson from Midhaven mentioned 2 sites they have that they are happy to coordinate use for others in the region. The site in Sedro Wooley that they used for July Coronation before & will be using again in 2013 is $500/day, so far more reasonable. He was out of town last week, but will check availability when he gets home. Informal chats with various people from around the area had very favorable responses for the idea of this event. Several key folks from Druim Doineann are also in support & eager to help as part of the event staff. I hope to have some more definite information nailed down by next month. More will be coming next month.


Baronial A&S – Feb 2 -same site as last year. Same model as last year. Iacopo is the Event Steward.


Peasants Revel 2013 – They are already planning. Next month will have a date .


Officers and Guild Reports:


Budgeting will be next month. Please come!!


Seneschal: thank you from Dragon’ Laire to all the Madronans who helped out at Sept. Crown. I heard special big thanks for Sgt. Karel, Rowenna and Constantia.


Thank you to all the Madronans who put in volunteer hours to help with Sept. Crown. I heard special big thanks for Sgt. Karrel, Rowena & Constantia.


More officially, I would remind those who are or are considering acting as event stewards that an event steward are, for the duration of the event, is a deputy of the Seneschal. As such Madrone policy is that you make regular reports to Curia as your event progresses on how planning is going and if you have any challenges to report. You should attend all monthly meetings during your tenure as event steward leading up to and until the close out of the event.  If you can’t be at a meeting, you still need to send in a report – just like the other officers. It is also essential that you be present at the meeting immediately following your event to present a closing report and insure with the Seneschal & Exchequer that all closing paperwork is complete and in. Gate waivers must go to Kingdom. Financial policy/ handbook will be done soon for autocrat/event stewards. If we have an inexperienced steward, we need to have mentors or training for those people.


Exchequer: balances reported. We will be transferring funds. Financial committee meeting on 8-22-12: wrote a check for $10.00 for Baronial Banquet, discussed policy changes and clean up and Kingdom mandated changes. Report posted to list: Please turn in “Cheque Request Forms” by 3pm today. I will be needing to transfer funds to cover checks in checking account from the Savings account. (Thank you.) Friendly reminder-  please turn in your receipts, fill out cheque request forms, turn in your budget request for 2013 in October & no checks after Dec. 1- to help with clearing checks for New Year (lets help our new Exchequer start off right!)


Please be thinking about your next year’s budget. We will start talking about it next month, but please start thinking about it. I hope to have your 2012 budget balance at the meeting tonight. If you’d like, you can print & sign, or initial on the budget copy that you would like to keep the same amount for your office budget from last year for this coming budget year 2013.


Equestrian: all waivers signed, report given. Aug – 7 riders. Sept – 17 rider with ground crew authorizations. 17 competing at Emprise. What is age requirement for ground crew? No less than 10 but subject to ___?


Arts & Sciences – Mistress Anne-Marie d’Ailleurs – Hey look! It’s raining! YAY! Arts continues in our fair barony, no injuries. In the last month, many artsy things have happened, and the future brings even more. There was a fabulous artsy courtyard at September Crown, as well as many opportunities for display, etc. I hope you went and checked it out! The sewing, pewterers, scribal, culinary, equestrian guilds continue to do their thing to the further glory of Noble Madrone. Dancing and other gentle pursuits continue at the monthly socials. Upcoming events include the bardic ithra and baronial banquet. Fun stuff! As usual, life conspires to keep me from the business meeting, but please give a warm welcome to my deputy, Kate! Yay! If you are planning an event (or even if you’re not) and there’s a class, contest, demo or activity you think would be AWESOME! Talk to her. Part of our job is to find instructors, judges, etc! Keep creative, people.


Scribe – Sarra the Brave – the September Scriptorium was held, per usual, on the 1st Tuesday of the month. We had seven! in attendance for the evening, including a new person from the Meetup group. A scribal day was hosted by Anne Rose over Autumn War weekend. We painted at the PdL Friday Night Practice on the 24th. Charters & Scrolls are being completed for both the Emprise & Baronial Banquet. Ismenia will be teaching a calligraphy class at the October Scriptorium. More details will be forthcoming. Please contact me if you would like to have some Baronial or Kingdom Charters to paint.

Also, the Kingdom is always looking for scribes to create original Scrolls. Let me know if this interests you!


Chamberlain – We have property. Loaned erics out for September Crown 1-3 September. Were used at the event; Dragon’s Laire was thankful. Baronial Pavilion was also used at September Crown; Everyone who used for shade was grateful. Planned use of eric and other materials for Emprise 14-16 September. Planned use of select items at Baronial Banquet 6 October. No other use planned.
Event Stewards please contact me if you are interested in using Baronial property at your event.

Chatelaine – Social: 16 adults, 3 children, 1 youth, 1 email inquiry, 42 members


Chronicler – Kate will be taking notes and sending them to me.  Sorry I didn’t make sending out last time’s notes.  I will try to do that today.  Fell into bed most of yesterday.


Lists – Slightly busier month for Lists with lots of fun at Crown.  I coordinated lists for the Squires tournament run by Sir Gerlakr.  I also assisted at Crown Lists with HL Constantia and Lady Rignach and many other lovely An Tirans.  


I will be helping with the Equestrian lists at the upcoming Emprise and I am most excited.  I’ve not yet assisted with equestrian lists and am looking forward for the chance to learn a new field.  


Marshal – Fighting is going really well — lots of good turnouts at practices and lots of our fighters competing in the tournies.  congratulations to Sir Vilius, who was knighted at Crown.

Archery – Archery continues. We had a bunch of people out for Sept Crown, and we are all looking forward to Emprise this weekend. Practices continue on Mondays at Shadras, Wednesdays at IKEA and Sat. at IKEA. Those interested in more information can contact me. I will be unable to attend the meeting this month, but people can e-mail for info as it is needed. 

Webmistress – I will not be at the meeting tonight, but all are invited to contact me at . Updates to the current site are happening. Please send update requests to me at the above address. Urgent requests should contain the word “urgent” in the subject line. At the last meeting I asked for urgent requests only, but I’m now accepting all update requests, so go ahead and send ‘em all.   Also accepting requests and musings about what you’d like to see in the upcoming re-designed site. Speaking of which, a re-designed site is happening. I’m creating a new look for the site (got lots of great input  at the last scribal gathering about this), and working out some technical difficulties for making the new site with a Content Management System (CMS) so that individual officers and groups can update their own content.





Culinary – The Culinary Guild continues to meet and plan and research and cook and eat.

Anne-Rose is the Autocrat for Baronial Banquet, and Ysolt is the kitchen head. They are planning to serve English Restoration food. We are looking to reserve a date and make a bid for Peasant’s Revel 2013, so we will make our first proposal at Curia.


Dance – For the first time in a while, we didn’t quite make a quorum for dance at the August social. I’m expecting that was a fluke and that we’ll be back with a small but happy group of dancers at the September social on the 20th.