History & Geography of Madrone

The Barony of Madrone is one of the oldest baronies in the Society for Creative Anachronism. The Barony was established on May 3, A.S. V (1970) as a branch of the Kingdom of the West. The Barony, together with the Barony of Three Mountains (greater Portland, OR), was the core of the SCA’s second principality, the Principality of An Tir, created in A.S. VIII (1973). The Principality achieved independence as the Kingdom of An Tir in AS XVI (1982).

The Barony’s lands consist of the area modernly known as the city of Seattle, cities on the north and east of Lake Washington, and northern King County.

arms of MadroneLike all baronies in the Kingdom of An Tir, our Barony is identified visually by a “heraldic device” – that’s the term for the shield-shaped image to the left, which may also be called a “coat of arms” or “arms”. All baronies in the SCA have a laurel wreath on their device, along with other identifying symbols. The device is painted or sewn on banners and on certain other items to identify the Barony and its members. For more information about the Baronial arms or to create a heraldic device if you do not have one, contact the Baronial Herald.

In the special language of heraldry, the arms of the Barony of Madrone are described like this:

Sable, on a pile argent a madrone tree proper, in base a laurel wreath Or.

The name of our Barony is pronounced with three syllables:  Mah-DROH-nah.

The Barons and Baronesses of Madrone

13. Christopher and Gera
Christopher MacEveny and Gera Gangolffin were invested as thirteenth Baron and Baroness on July 9, AS LVII (2022).
12. Enzio and Spike
Enzio Bandinelli and Spike Zoetart were invested as twelfth Baron and Baroness on September 24, AS LI (2016).

Baron Enzio and Baroness Spike created the Mantle of Madrone, a service award bestowed to honor those who “have it covered.” The Barony spent more than two years (March 2020 to March 2022) sheltering from pandemic, and during that time the Barony hosted several all-videoconference virtual major events: Road to Athenaeum, Ethereal Twelfth Night (a kingdom event), and Virtual Athenaeum. The Baronies of Madrone and Wyewood jointly hosted Kingdom 12th Night AS LVI (January 2022), which was attended by more than 300 socially-distancing, masked  attendees, with livestream of all the courts and other events, watched by more than 500 people.

11. Stefan and Emmelina
Stefan of Pembroke and Emmelina de Coventry served as eleventh Baron and Baroness from September 14, AS XLVIII to September 24, AS LI.
10. Cire and Elisabeth:
Edward Cire of Greymoor and Elisabeth de Rossignol served as the tenth Baron and Baroness from September 25, AS XLV to September 14, AS XLVIII.
9. Ragnarr and Bergdis:
Ragnarr Thorwaldsson and Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir served as ninth Baron and Baroness from June 9, AS XXXIX to September 25, AS XLV.
8. Fiach and Anne-Marie:
Fiach CuCool Feardri Ulfredsson and Anne- Marie d’Ailleurs served as eighth Baron and Baroness from January 12, AS XXVII and served to June 9, AS XXXIX.
Baron Fiach and Baroness Anne-Marie created the Award of the Poisson D’Or, an award for those recognized for helping others develop or research persona backgrounds.
7. Tim and Tierzah:
Timothy ap Caradoc, and Tierza nic Catha served as seventh Baron and Baroness from January 9, AS XXXIII to January 12, AS XXXVI.
The first Emprise of the Black Lion was held in the summer of AS XXVI. This event went on to become a major Madronan event.
6. Trahaearn and Janelyn:
Trahaern ap Ieuan and Janelyn of Fenmere served as Baron and Baroness from July 12, AS XXIX to January 9, AS XXXIII.
They led a large cohort of citizens of the Barony of Madrone in service and entertainment at the SCA Thirtieth Year Celebration,  held in central An Tir in June XXX.
5. Vladimir and Anastasia:
These Coronets stepped up as Lee of the Lowlands and Crystlle the Unquenched, but later changed their names to Vladimir Aleksandrov and Anastasia Aleksandrovna Andreeva. They were invested as fifth Baron and Baroness on July 19, AS XXI and served to July 12, AS XXIX.  They were the longest-serving coronets of the Barony.

Boyarina Anastasia created the Tsveti Madrone (White Flower of Madrone) an award for excellence in the arts and sciences. She awarded the first four Tsvetis at Baronial Banquet on February 23, AS XXVII, to four leading Madronans.

4. Frederick and Delane:
Frederick the Red of Swansea and Delane the Forgotten were invested on November 3, AS XIX and served to July 19, AS XXI.

Their investiture banquet was so much fun, a Baronial Banquet was instituted as a nearly annual event in Madrone.

3.  Theodulf and Anne:
Theodulf of Borogrove and Anne of Caerdydd served as Baron and Baroness from February 12, AS XI to November 3, AS XIX. Baron Theodulf and Baroness Anne partnered with Baron Gerhard and Baroness Amanda of Lions Gate to create the rank of Sergeant to bring to the attention of Knights of the West, most of whom were far away in the central area of the West, the worthy warriors of An Tir.

Baron Theodulf and Baroness Anne were among the leaders of the committee to get the Principality of An Tir elevated to Kingdom status, which succeeded in the summer of AS XVI.  They were the hosting Baron and Baroness at the Twelfth Night Coronation where An Tir was made a kingdom, on January 16, AS XVI.

The Crier, which as Madrone’s newsletter had gained Knowne World recognition, became the kingdom newsletter, and the baronial newsletter was named The Madrone Leaf.

2. Liam and Dierdre:
Liam of the Barque and Dierdre Muldomhnaigh served as Baron and Baroness from September 8, AS IX to February 12, AS XI. As Castellan, Baron Liam originated the Order of the Red Branch.
After being invested as Baron and Baroness, Baron Liam continued awarding the Red Branch. Baroness Diedre nurtured Madrone’s newsletter, The Crier, which increased in size, information value, and wit. She served as editor, trained succeeding editors, and hosted the assembly of the paper newsletter in the baronial house every month. The University of Madrone was founded during their tenure. It soon changed its name to the University of Ithra and began to serve the entire Principality.
1. Raymond and Sheen:
Raymond the Mild and Sheen of Ire are recognized as founding Baron and Baroness, serving from May 3, AS V to September 8, AS IX.  Raymond and Sheen travelled from the heartland of the Kingdom of the West and founded the branch called Madrone.

The Royal Tourney of Union took place in Madrone on May 27, AS VIII. The Crown of the West attended and united  Madrone and Three Mountains into the Principality of An Tir, which was the first Principality in the Knowne World.

When Raymond and Sheen returned to the West, Liam of the Barque consented to serve as castellan for Madrone.