Baronial Court

two people in Renaissance Landesknecht clothing
Barunin Gera Gangolffin and Barun Christopher MacEveny. Photo courtesy of Patricia Neyn Andrew

New Leaders of Madrone Sworn In

Madrone’s new Barun Christopher and Barunin Gera swore an oath of service and fealty for the Barony to Queen Raoukinn at Royal Court held in the late afternoon at Athenaeum on July 9, AS LVII (2022).

Enzio Bandinelli and Spike Zoetaert retired after serving for six years as Baron and Baroness. They spoke words of thanks to the Barony’s officers, Sergeantry, Champions, and the populace for the years of support, great accomplishments, and kindness. Queen Raoukinn honored them with the ranks of Baron and Baroness of the Court.

Gera and Christopher entered court while the Madrone-based musical ensemble Fromage Fete played and people of the Barony followed them bearing heraldic charges, flags, and symbols of the many arts and skills of the people of the Barony. The Queen was impressed by the show of support from the people.

Congratulations to Christopher MacEveny and Gera Gangolffin . Huzzah!

Queen Raoukinn of An Tir accepts the oaths of Gera and Christopher as the Crown's representatives to lead the Barony of Madrone. Photo courtesy of Patricia Neyn Andrew