Complicit Courtier

Milord traitor,

I am lady in waiting in sworn service to a a beautiful noblewoman who is very generous with her affections, although not nearly so much with the largesse.
Her lord has asked me to provide details of her adventures, and hinted that such conversations might be quite profitable. I’m unsure where my loyalties should lie.

Complicit Courtier

Dear Complicit,

A lady-in-waiting should never be caught waiting for adequate compensation for her services. An enterprising Lady-in-waiting will take ample advantage of such fringe benefits as: unattended but valuable trinkets such as combs or brushes, household silver or indeed, privileged information about secret, saucy dalliances.

But in either case, make sure someone decidedly more blamable was near the scene of the crime. Perhaps a stable hand or a piss-boy.

Happy traitoring!

Traitoriously Phillip.