Job Posting: Chatelaine

 Are you excited about recruiting and supporting new people as they learn about the Society?

Do you have ideas how to get the word out and help interested people get involved? 

Demos, new member contact, and socialization is your venue!  You can work closely with the chronicler, social media officer, and webster to provide helpful information and resources to our newest participants!  You don’t need to be a long-time participant to apply.  

There are multiple resources to help you with this office, including previous officers, kingdom and society websites, as well as a wealth of prepared materials that you can leverage.  There’s even an SCA-wide Known World Chatelaine Symposium on December 30th of this year! 

It is highly recommended that this officer attends the baronial socials, local events, and is very active on social media (Facebook/Instagram/Discord) for the Barony.  This office has a deputy to assist with Gold Key (loaner garb). 

This office reports newcomer engagement and activities at the monthly Baronial Business meeting and quarterly to their Kingdom officer.