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2018-04-03 Financial Committee Meeting

Barony of Madrone Financial Committee April 3, 2018 Meeting at the home of Eden of Lionsguard Eden, Baron Enzio, Baroness Spike, Sarra the Brave, Etiennette de Montagne, Christopher Edward Hawkins, Guillaume de Garrigues, Anissa Gabrielli, John St. Marie, Sarah Pixie, Nicholas Volkhart, Ysolt Tayler of Windhill. AGENDA Check requests Gera Baroness Spike Anyone else? 2017 … Continue reading 2018-04-03 Financial Committee Meeting

Curia Notes March 2018

Notes of 3/24/2018 Baronial Welcome (Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart) All the awards at Baronial A&S (12 months worth!) Progress includes Baroness War, May Crown Planning His Excellency’s MOD elevation at May Crown Seneschal Welcome and Report (Contingency Seneschal Gera Gangolffin) Eden on vacation New chatelaine: HL Helewisa de Frejous  (officer change form signed … Continue reading Curia Notes March 2018