Baronial Curia (formerly known as the Business Meeting)  is held virtually.

Please join us for the virtual Madrone Curia meeting on the Zoom web conferencing platform on the 4th Tuesday of each month until announced otherwise. The Zoom link is available on Facebook or send a message to the Baronial Seneschale.


Curia Meeting on Zoom: Etiquette

It’s good practice for all participants to mute their audio when they join the conference, and remain so except when speaking. This cuts down significantly on background noise.

This type of conferencing is difficult when there’s a lot of folks trying to speak at once. Please be courteous and patient. The meeting host can facilitate one-at-a-time speakers if needed.

If you are screen sharing, it’s a good idea to make sure to exit your email and messaging applications, so no surprising messages pop up on screen share.

If you have a less than optimal Internet connection, you may have better quality connecting without trying to use video.

For more information, contact the Madrone Seneschale.