Bored Housewife

Oh Traitorous One,

I would appreciate your wise guidance. My husband the King is tiresome and unlovely. I’ve redecorated the palatium. I’ve learned to shoot, and to ride. Our children are grubby, noisy and annoying. I’ve dallied with many of my husband’s men; they were all dull, singleminded soldiers. I finally escaped with a neighboring prince, as it seemed an interesting adventure, but he, too, only wanted a beautiful, listless woman beside him on the throne.

I find affairs in my Prince’s domain just as stifling as palace drudgery back home. If I stay, my husband will start a war to recapture me. I am insanely bored; is a war such a bad thing?

Eenquay of Oytray

Dear Eenquay,

War is so very rarely a bad thing. There is much to be gained and lost in war. Hopefully by you and your enemies, respectively.

The chaos of war is the ultimate opportunity for good traitoring. In the midst of a campaign you might find yourself an upstart lord who appreciates a lady of a more tempestuous nature and is eager for a chance to take advantage of the King and Prince while they are distracted by each other. Or perhaps, dispense with these tiresome men altogether. A long siege might be the perfect opportunity to get rid of that boring prince. A dram of poison in his breakfast wine and the princedom can be yours to control! Then you can dispense your unlovely king on the field of battle and be rid of them both.