Barony of Madrone Arts and Sciences Championship

Greetings, Madrone! Let’s talk about our Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship.

In the past, our A&S champion has been selected via a competition format determined by the outgoing champion. Dame Rotrude Halfblind has been serving Madrone for an unprecedented four years as A&S champion, and she has given us her blessing to try something new.

Sadly, we have not had many recent championship competitors. More importantly, we also feel that there is a lack of understanding what the rewards and responsibilities of baronial champion entail.

Rewards: fabulous regalia, a place in our Baronial court, a captive audience for classes and demos, much word-fame, and our support as patron and promoter for your broader A&S endeavors.

Responsibilities: please don’t lose the fabulous regalia, and do show up for our baronial court at Madrone events. We also ask that you support the arts and sciences in Madrone: teach, either in person or online; organize and host occasional A&S activities or socials, and encourage and mentor other artisans/craftspeople.

We feel very strongly that Athenaeum, our flagship A&S event, should *not* incorporate any form of competion or championship. Instead, we are looking to our Autumn Colloquium and Harvest Revel, on October 28, to select a new A&S champion.

Instead of a competition, we are requesting a public statement of intent from interested candidates, briefly describing their A&S background and stating how they would promote and support arts and sciences in Madrone as champion. This statement of intent can be in writing, via video, through a public announcement at the event, or other creative option.

The deadline for this statement of intent is 5pm on the day of Colloquium, accommodating oversleepers, procrastinators, and impromptu entrants. The candidate must be present at Colloquium evening court to win the Championship.

We indeed invite all candidates to display some of their work at Colloquium or any other Madrone events – but the display, demo, or class would not be a competition, it is for the candidates’ pleasure, and the education of our populace.

His Excellency and I plan to choose the champion that we shall take under our patronage and promote as our champion based primarily upon this statement of intent.

Please note that His Excellency and I would prefer that A&S championship candidates not be A&S champion of any other branch, as we believe such opportunities should be shared, not stacked. If you have an unusual circumstance, please speak with us.

Gera, Barunin of Madrone

Christopher, Barun of Madrone — with Kit Heinrichs and Anne-Marie Minnick.