Curia Minutes March 2020

CURIA March 2020 – via video conference

From Her Excellency: Kingdom A&S was an excellent event, many Madronans helped make it happen. Madalena was put on vigil for the Order of the Laurel – congratulations!

Seneschal: Kingdom has officially cancelled all activities and events until May 10th to protect our populace. Kapka practice is included in this, the decision has been made to donate the cost of using their facility through March even though we can’t gather, this will hopefully help keep our relationship solid so we can come back. A lot of people are hosting virtual A and S gatherings and/or posting short videos. Please consider shopping online with merchants who are losing business due to event cancellations. 

Events: it was discussed which events could reasonably be rescheduled for later in the year and which need to wait until 2021. The martial championships that normally occur at Lion Hearts can easily be moved to another event, perhaps Emprise. Madrone banquet is not easy to reschedule.

Madrone A&S/banquet: cancelled. The site is refunding our deposit, they are very happy to have us back next year. Anyone who has preregistered will be refunded in full. The plan is to hold the Roman feast in 2021 and move the Transylvanian feast to 2022. Nicolin’s vigil will need to be held at a later event.

Lion Hearts: cancelled and noted in Crier. Will determine when martial championships can be done later in the season.

Atheneum: still going ahead as of now, if it has to be cancelled we will not reschedule. Discussed doing it online but the logistics would be difficult. Site is Issaquah Community Center which has a slightly higher site fee than originally budgeted, higher fee approved. 30 tables, space allotted first come-first served. Gera’s trailer can serve as the royal ready room. Lunch will be available, menu to be decided.

Demo for St Bunstable: cancelled. Will try again when classes resume on campus.

Fall City Days: Kerije still wants to continue to plan, there is no penalty for cancelling last-minute.

Peasant’s Revel: still on the calendar for now, we can cancel close to the date if need be. Discussed having cheese-roll as a fund raiser – donate a percentage of pledged money to the barony, the rest for cheese.

June Fair: cancelled.

12th Night 2021: currently in a holding pattern, no money has to go out until Nov so we have a lot of time to wait and see when events start up again. Need a door coordinator.


Exchequer:       **deputy needed ASAP**

Discussed financial impact of having no events for income. Kingdom is working on a plan for funding branches that are in need. Madrone has enough money currently in the bank to cover necessary expenses for 3 years, which would be the PO box and storage unit. Discussed buying a card reader to facilitate payments at gate, will have to work out details of security. 

Port-du-l’Eau: hosting Friday night online hang-outs

Equestrian: practices cancelled. Insurance has been paid.

Heavy:  practices cancelled

Rapier: practices cancelled. **need replacement ASAP**

Chatelaine: we have had online contact with some new people. **need deputy ASAP**

Chronicler: Curia has been moved online, using the Zoom app.