Curia Notes February 2020

CURIA Feb 2020

– From Their Excellencies: Rogue Tavern Night was well attended. Their Excellencies’ event progress will be published on the baronial website soon. Thank you to our outgoing bardic champion, Ysmenia, for her service and congratulations to our new bardic champion, Gareth.

– Rogue Tavern Night follow-up: we had almost double the number of attendees as expected and made money, 7 new adults attended. The site owners were very happy to have us so this site can be used for future events. *We do not have a procedure for making sure the gate box/sheets get to the next gate head, Mistress Gera will write up an official procedure.


– March 9 social: decor project night for Baronial Feast. *Please let Eden know if you have an idea for classes at future social nights

– April 7: College of St Bunstable demo (approved). UW has approved the venue, it will take place from 12:30-2:30 pm so that students can see the demo between classes

– April 18 Madrone Arts and Sciences and Banquet: our decor team is working on making the event beautiful. Baronial court will be big – Their Excellencies are seeking award recommendations. Nicolin’s vigil will be held during the day. Still in need of volunteers for gate, dish pit, and general clean up.

– May 9 Lionhearts: it is now on the kingdom calendar. This year the event will be held at Crossroads Park in Bellevue. Come out to compete for rapier and heavy championships.

– June 13 Fall City Days: public demo. We will have a pavilion with an info table and props so that visitors can take photos. Hoping to have equestrians in the parade.

– June 27 Atheneum: Bellevue school district has approved us for a site but hasn’t yet decided which school they will give us. Because this is a school there will be a strict NO WEAPONS policy, even blunted. The event bid was approved. Preregistration will start as soon as the site is confirmed. This event will have Royal Court.

– Peasant’s Revel: Bergdis is coordinating, we will have a lunch available. Cheese rolling is a go!

– Aug 28 Black Lion Emprise: Mistress Gera handed out the event bid which was approved. Same site as last year. Mistress Aline will run the kitchen again, we are hoping to have both a weekend and a Saturday-only meal plan available. Looking into the possibility of doing in-garb trail rides through the site owner.

– 12th Night 2021: Our room block has been expanded to accomodate the large number of people planning to attend. There will be a fight practice on Sunday (rapier, youth rapier, cut and thrust, heavy, YAC). We are working on coordinating an outing to the UW library on Friday and possibly a Sunday trip to the Nordic Museum. There will be a Laurel’s Athenaeum. Looking for decor help.


– Seneschal: needs a deputy, contact Eden or Their Excellencies if interested

– Exchequer: needs a deputy, ability to use Excell is needed

year end report submitted

– Rapier: no injuries. Ursalmas went well, we have had several new people interested in learning. We need a new officer ASAP.

– Heavy: 5 new fighters in armor this month

– College of St Bunstable: now an official UW club

– Culinary guild: recipe testing for baronial banquet continues with good success

– Equestrian: Practices will start again in March. Dragon’s Lair has reached out asking for help training ground crew for June Fair.

– A and S: working on new regalia hoods for champions, contact Aaron to donate materials or help with construction. We will have a silent auction at banquet to raise funds for a new kneeling bench for the barony.

– Chatelaine: garb swap went well. Several new people have emailed and are conversing with the chatelaine.

– Herald: 2 arms passed. Prepping the processional for banquet.

– Scribal: paint nights are 3rd Wednesdays at the Wayward Cafe

– Social Media: Gera escorted a Seattle Times reporter around Ursulmas, look for a full color special on the event in March.

– Chronicler: no news