Tsveti Madrone

The Tsveti Madrone, or White Flower of Madrone was created by Baroness Anastasia in AS XXVII (1993) and is awarded for excellence in the Arts and Sciences. The award is given to recognize skill in a particular discipline, and can be received multiple times. The token of the award is a triangular medallion with three blossoms, from which colored beads are hung to denote the area recognized. Click on the links below to see a current list of the recipients of the Tsveti Madrone.

Awarded, bead color not specified in the OP

Aqua for Study of Performance Arts

Black for Equestrian Arts

Blue for Crafts

Clear for Persona Development

Gold for Culinary Arts

Green for Sciences

Jasper for Pageantry

Pearl for Hospitality

Pink for Costuming

Purple for Performance Arts

Red for Paper Arts and Calligraphy

White for Research

Yellow for Textile Arts

Tsveti medallion that was given in the early years of the award, with holes to append beads.