Red Branch

This is an award given by the Coronets of Madrone for outstanding long-term service to the Barony.  The token historically has been a badge: a Madrone tree (a tree gules eradicated, leaved vert). Each award medallion was crafted as an original. View the list of recipients in the Order of Precedence, click here.

The Barony of Madrone is a very early branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and this award was created in the first years of the Barony. There is a long list of recipients reaching into the past and honoring the service of many founders of our Barony, followed by the many, many people who have given service to the Barony over the years. Here is the list of recipients, starting with the most recent:

87. Christopher Edward Hawkins

86. Anne Mary Quinn

85. Spike Zoetart

84. Sean O’Conner

83. Liadain ni Sheanachain

82. Enzio Bandinelli

81. Julian Sinclair

80. Arianna d’Ounay

79. Aedla de Bothe

78. Ester Mendes

77. Adrianna the Fierce

76. Isolt Tayler of Windhill

75. Heilyn de Highwater

74. Cainder nic Sheanlaoich

73. Eden of Lionsgard

72. Robert Trinitie the Chicken-hearted

71. Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir

70. Darienne de Navarre

69. Tamlyn of Wintersea

68. Trahaearn ap Ieuan

67. Janelyn of Fenmere

66. Saewynn Silfrhrafn

65. Cymbric of the Isles

64. Tamsin de Lessley of Seabeck

63. Orfhlaith ingen Bhriain

62. Anne-Marie d’Ailleurs

61. Karrel der Ermutigender

60. Maryam al Baghdadi

59. Raulthulfr a Pellinari

58. Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne

57. Danielo il Sonatore de Ferrara

56. Payne of Wode Rising

55. Jean Louis de Chambertin

54. Owen the Merry

53. Rhonwen of Glanymorniwl

52. Joanna of Cristobel

51. Jazelle Rae de Leyster

50. Maria Berengaria von Lothringen

49. Evan ap Edmwnt o Coedwig

48. Aweiodian aef Crowansdale

47. Randell Elinor Raye of Crianlarich

46. Anastasia Alexandrovna Andreeva

45. Siobhan Iyatrosakis

44. Swanhild Torbergsdottir

43. Godytha of Whiteraven

42. Frederick the Red of Swansea

41. Aislynn Delane of Roxesburgh

40. Richeldis de Haute Saone

39. Glynys of Arran

38. Rhiannonn ferch Myfanwy a Rhyl

37. Brand McLiam

36. Gweniveave of the Dragon’s Lair

35. Arias the Innkeeper’s Daughter

34. Lee of the Lowlands

33. Glanwyn Ty Meillionen

32. Thorin Njalsson

31. Morimoto Koryu

30. Rowenna de Manning

29. Gwynaeth ferch Llewellyn von Westfalen

28. Edward the Stuffy

27. Catherine Winifred of Tor Bitterroot

26. Catherine of Haga

25. Genevra of Estolat

24. Fiona di Varanus

23. Roger the Goliard

22. David of Bagulay

21. Sholom ben Avram of York

20. Serena of Bagulay

19. Sean Gealt

18. Donn an Bronach

17. Caitlin na Darac

16. Dennis an Seodoir

15. Theodulf of Borogrove

14. Liam of the Barque

13. Deirdre Muldomhnaigh

12. Anne of Caerdydd

11. Robert of Winchester

10. Margaret of Ashford

9. Gernot of Gallimaufry

8. Edward of Stonehaven

7. Duncan of Chisholm

6. Michael the Black

5. Allysen of Dunrobin

4. Katharine of Northhall

3. Geoffrey of Speraunce

2. Gwili of Fallingtower

1. Nyneve

A medallion that was given to some Red Branch members.