Light of Saint Bunstable

The College of St. Bunstable is a branch of the Barony and is populated by students at the University of Washington. The College is sometimes not an active group. This award is recommended by the Good Students of the College for one who they feel has given good service to the College, and is bestowed by the Coronets of Madrone.


Brandubh an Daimh
Nyvien Dyfnawal
Cassia d’Artois
Frederic Badger
Kjartan Wainwright
Liadain ni Sheanachain
Sonnet Manon
Gordon Redthorn
Eleanor Ashling
Derian le Breton
Muirgheal inghean Alasdair
Ketilelf Grathe
Lonán Dubh
Rachel of Saint Bunstable