The Gwraidd, (Welsh for Root of the Tree and pronounced “graith”), is the is the highest award the Coronets of Madrone can bestow for excellence in and service to Martial pursuits.

The Coronets recognize recipients of the Gwraidd as important contributors to the martial arts within the Barony. This award is given for skill, for leadership, and for outstanding efforts in promoting the various martial activities. A braided garter of green, red and white is given to the recipient so that he or she may be recognized as a member of this elite Order.


Galen the Patient (2023)
Madelena Vieri (2023)
George Slade the Dragoon (2023)
Christopher Stanley (2016)
Klaufi Hafrssonn (2016)
Rowena Ath-Fhirdia (2014)
Sean O’Conner (2011)
Rauokinn Eyversa Starradottir (2011)
Everard de Valogne (2010)
Stephen desJardin (2006)
Heilyn de Highwater (2004)
Enzio Bandinelli (2004)
Shadhra Aliya (2003)
Aidan Carlysle (2002)
Edward Cire of Greymoor (2001)
Terrick de Rjkaard (1999)
Balthasar Yvon Charon (1999)
Thorin Njalsson (1991)

Fiacha the Blue