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Barony of Madrone Curia Agenda for September 14, 2015 CALL TO ORDER: 7:05 pm   B&B Welcome (Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Baroness Emmelina de Coventry)             Her Excellency says we had a great Crown Event.             His Excellency mentions Lady Gera’s GdS.             Her Excellency mentions event coming up this weekend.             Keep it short and … Continue reading Curia-Minutes-2015-09

Financial Committee Notes 2015-02

Barony of Madrone Financial Committee Meeting Q1 2015 Date: February 2, 2015 Time: 7:00pm Location: Third Place Books, Lake Forest, WA In attendance: Voting: Baron Stefan of Pembroke/Sean Thomas Bjers Baroness Emmelina de Coventry/Emily Selbo Exchequer HL Lianor Pereira DoValle/Carol Magalhaes Seneschal Lady Gera Gangolffin/Jeri Sisco Nonvoting: Mistress Genevieve Marie Etienette de Montagne/Stephanie Ray Solum … Continue reading Financial Committee Notes 2015-02