Arrows flying

Sir Phillip the Traitorous,

Like many of my fellow warriors, I enjoy a good battle. There’s nothing more satisfying on a glorious summer morning than the clash of opposing forces on the warfield.

There’s just one fly in the ointment. Combat archers. I understand that they’re historically accurate and relevant. I realize that the longbowmen won the day at Agincourt. Still, it’s incredibly frustrating to cross swords in honorable combat with a foe, and suddenly, PLONK, some combat archer has picked me off out of nowhere and I’m dead.

I realize it’s just not done to strike an archer on the battlefield. Still, there must be something I can do. Milord traitor, do you have any suggestions?


Wounded Warrior

Dear Wounded,

I’ve always found it strange how many knights are only to happy to endlessly stab helpless shieldmen from nine feet away only to cry foul as soon as someone shoots them from ten feet away!  I myself have always found archers to be quite useful.  There’s no better or, more importantly, safer way to dispatch foes on (or off) the field.  As an English knight, I always do my best to ensure I arrow superiority on my side, whether it be conscripted peasantry or some mercenary types hired with cold, hard coin.

As for surviving those pesky enemy arrows, just do what I do!  Always hold your shield firmly in front of you.  Or better yet, have your squire hold his shield firmly in front of you.  Then when there is a lull in the arching or you are suitably hidden behind a mob of troops less valuable than yourself, have your squire run down those troublesome enemy archers.  Killing archers is excellent squire-work!

Remember, the safest kind of traitoring is traitoring from afar!