Peasant’s Revel

Date: July 13, 2024

Location: David Rogers Park, 2800 1st Ave W, Seattle 98119
Time: Set up at 11 a.m., activities begin around noon
Cost: Event gate is no cost. A cold peasant supper will be available for $5 per person. You may want to bring your own cup, plate, and spoon.

The Peasant’s Revel is one of the Barony of Madrone’s most beloved events. This year’s event will be the first Peasant’s Revel since before the pandemic.

Dress like a peasant. (Nobles, you may want to send your illegitimate second cousin twice removed who looks remarkably like you.)

Remember to bring a bowl, a spoon, a plate, and your cup and napkin. The Madrone Culinary Guild makes a picnic dinner which may include a salad, bread, cheese, pickles, and fruit. The Guild will have available water and lemonade to drink.

There is no court and no meetings. This is a great event for newcomers.

Bring your children.

Play and watch silly games.

This event also features the only known cheese-rolling assumed to take place on this continent.

Bring your chairs or a picnic blanket, your lunch and the beverages you prefer for a picnic. Wear comfortable peasant garb or OK-to-get-grass-stains garb.  There is shade available under the trees, or you can bring a sunshade and set it up. Also bring hand sanitizer or hand wipes for your comfort.

The park area is hilly. There are cement sidewalks around the park and a gravel walkway through the area where we set up for the event. Event activities are primarily on grass in a mostly flat space.

There is a bus stop at the bottom of the hill.

Garb to borrow will be available.

The event is being planned so that there is room for social distancing so that everyone who attends can be comfortable with being present.

The villagers parade the cheese to the rolling hill, with music and drums, at Peasants Revel #41 in 2023. Photo: Gera Gangolffin