Equestrian Guild

Next practice

Sat. July 27, 2024 – @ Ravenscroft in Maple Valley

For information on how to participate, please join the Madrone Equestrian Guild Facebook group or send email to the Guildhead.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild members number among some of the most skilled riders in the Known World, as well as some of the most enthusiastic. The Guild has promoted equestrian activities by holding monthly gaming practices, clinics, and organizing and enabling equestrian activities at SCA events.

Attending a MEG (Madrone Equestrian Guild) meeting is a great way to get to know some of the SCA equestrians in the greater Madrone area. Everyone with an interest in SCA equestrian activities is invited and welcome. You do not have to consider Madrone your “home” branch. When meetings take place in person, they will probably be held on the third or fourth Thursday of every month at 7 p.m at Macky’s Dim Sum Restaurant in Issaquah.

Guild Practices are held in a private barn in Maple Valley monthly on an irregular schedule due to events.  Follow the Madrone Equestrian Guild Facebook group for details and announcements.

A horse is not required to participate.

The Madrone Equestrian Guild is famous throughout the Known World for their premier event which takes place in August or September each year: The Emprise of the Black Lion

Annisa Gabrielli, Guildhead
Equestrian Guild Website

Although the SCA complies with all
applicable laws to try to ensure the
health and safety of our event
participants, we cannot eliminate the risk
of exposure to infectious diseases during
in-person events. By participating in the
in-person events of the SCA, you
acknowledge and accept the potential
risks. You agree to take any additional
steps to protect your own health and
safety and those under your control as
you believe to be necessary.