Baronial Social

Dance Practice on Third Mondays – Learn Dances for the 12th Night Ball!

Dance Practice will also take place at the location of Baronial Social on the third Monday of each month. What happens and how to participate, more info, click here.

Location: KapKa Cooperative School, 510 N 49th St, Seattle, WA 98103
Activity is upstairs from heavy combat/rapier practice
Time: 7-8:45 pm, followed by 15 minutes of cleanup and load-out.

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Please enter from the gym entrance. We wear modern clothing at the Socials.

The Baronial Social is an occasion when the people of the Barony gather to socialize, work on projects and discuss upcoming Baronial events. Watch the Barony Facebook group or the Baronial calendar for details on upcoming  Socials, or email the Seneschal.

For more information, contact our Chatelaine.

On February 23, Heraldry Trivia night was a fun night of competition between Team 1, Team 2 (far right) and Team 3 (at long table) to identify the arms of the Kingdoms of the Knowne World and of people of Madrone. There were buzzers!