Curia Notes March 2018

Notes of 3/24/2018

Baronial Welcome (Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart)

  • All the awards at Baronial A&S (12 months worth!)
  • Progress includes Baroness War, May Crown
  • Planning His Excellency’s MOD elevation at May Crown

Seneschal Welcome and Report (Contingency Seneschal Gera Gangolffin)

  • Eden on vacation
  • New chatelaine: HL Helewisa de Frejous  (officer change form signed during mtg). (Will connect her with Bergdis for training.)
  • Kingdom calendar goes through 2020 at this time. We should reserve our event dates in advance where possible with DRF – we can change later if we run into venue availability challenges. Please schedule A&S 2 weeks prior to Kingdom if possible.
  • Please remember and continue to support Baronial Social on 2nd Monday. Contact Alianora or Gera if you’d like to present a class or project at social.
    • Keri-je hat construction
    • Madelena creating new original scroll
    • Gera German 101/Cranach for Perfectly Period Feast 2019

Exchequer Report (HL Emma la Rousse de la Argentan)

  • Bank balances
    • Checking: $10,346.30
    • MM: $15,135.50
  • Financial Committee meeting Tues, Apr 3, at Seneschal Eden Rain’s home in Ballard. All are welcome.
  • Emma’s term is up in May, and HL Sarah Pixie will be the new Exchequer. Training is underway.
  • PayPal proposal is on the table for Athenaeum and Emprise. Barony is in favor.
    • Paypal can be pre-reg, onsite, or both.
    • Requires that we authorize and train someone to support event with PayPal for invoicing and reconciliation purposes.
    • This will require an application per event
    • Will also require change to baronial Financial Policy to be discussed at Financial Committee meeting.


Close out

  • Baronial A&S
    • Financial results are not completed, as we are awaiting final kitchen check request
    • We had 101 through gate, and breakeven was 80
    • Tried new approach to event layout and scheduling; feedback is welcome!
    • In the seneschal changeover, we lost track of insurance order for event site. Must be done >30 days prior to avoid hefty $175 late fee (plus $50 insurance cost). Gera made executive decision to pay late fee and order insurance. She doesn’t require reimbursement as it was not a consensus choice – but if Financial Committee does decide to reimburse, it would certainly be welcome.
    • Madelena was an excellent first-time event steward and should run other events when she has interest.
    • Unrelated: we need a bid for 2019.

In progress

  • June 16, 2018: Madrone Champions (Juana). Planning is underway.
  • June 30, 2018: Athenaeum (Alianora)
    • Extremely popular event. 61 exhibitors and 55 Laurels
    • Cap will be 75 attendees, plus wait list after. Verifying table availability and layout with facility.
    • Bardic during the day, and wait list doesn’t apply.
    • Break-even is 102 attendees.
    • Looking into lunch options. College’s catering dept has right of first refusal but we anticipate pricing to be too high.
    • Event would like to use PayPal for onsite registration. Etiennette thinks we can make that happen.
  • July 14, 2018: Peasants Revel. It will happen, Culinary Guild will make soup, no baronial presence/taxes, and it’s on Bastille Day.
  • Sep 28-30, 2018: Emprise (Gera, Guillaume)
    • Planning begins this month.
    • Guillaume and equestrians promoted event heavily at Gulf Wars and got great response
    • We have 3 of 4 equestrian judges; need to coordinate Pas and Petit Pas judges (will ask Athos)
    • Morgan is interested in catering kitchen. (Culinary Guild is not available as their banquet is a month later.)
    • Will begin working on site decorations/fence hangings this month.
    • Guillaume passed out invitation cards and will begin process of monthly announcements. We’ll add to the PR blitz with website articles with event-related content. (Pony of the Month!)
  • Nov 3, 2018: Baronial Banquet 2018: (Ann-Mary)
    • Reconstructions underway. Very late period menu.

Demos (HL Sarah Pixie)

Appendix: Reports from Guilds, Officers, Subgroups


Culinary (Mistress Ysolt of Wind Hill)

Reconstructions are happening. New members. People are spending time in the kitchen.

Dance (HL Ranulf)

Buon giorno!

Come ‘statet?


Tuesdays: Camp Fromage Party Band rehearsal
1st Thursdays: Eastside dance practice (moved from 4-5 to 3-29 for upcoming)

2nd Mondays: dance at Baronial social

March 1st: Eastside dance taught and led by Ranulf. Six dancers. Recorded music.

March 3-4: Kingdom Bardic/A&S. Dance taught by Mistress Sara de Bonneville. Ball led by Mistress Dara and Duchess Stjarna. Music by Camp Fromage Party Band.

March 12th: Baronial Social dance. Taught and led by Ranulf and Mistress Sara. Six dancers. Recorded music.

March 17-18 OT but partly P: ARC Ballet Spring Show included historical dance, including Master Trahaern, Mistress Sara, Ranulf

March 24th Baronial A&S

Background music: Rotrude Halfblind (voice, recorder), HL Padreig McAilpen (voice, vieille, gamba), Master Leith, Master Guillaume (hurdy-gurdy), Sir Heilyn and son (voice, guitar, bodhran), Ranulf (recorder)

Dance: led/taught by Ranulf, music by Camp Fromage Party Band- pipes (Master Guillaume, HL Padreig), drums (Mistress Annise, Lord Cesare Caravaggio, Tomyris), trombone (HL Matilda Stoyle), six to eight dancers

Feast music: Rotrude Halfblind (voice, recorders), HL Padreig (voice, gamba), Sir Rafael the Rogue (harp), Ranulf (recorder)

Congratulations to Mistress Ysolt, new Madrone  Baronial A&S Champion.


May 11-13 Mayfaire, Glymm Mere

June 1-3 Junefaire, Dragonslaire

June 16th Madrone Baronial event/demo on Eastside

June 30th Athenaeum

Sept 28-30 Emprise of the Black Lion

Sorry this is late.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Good luck with your projects, and I hope this finds you and your loved ones happy and healthy.


HL Ranulf Mirthe

mka Toivo Rovainen

Equestrian (Master Guillaume)

Gulf Wars was great – we set the standard for pageantry. Come to practice even if you don’t have a horse. Ground crew is always welcome.

Arts & Sciences (6/17) (HE Aeron Corrino)

Madrone A&S report 1-we have a new champion! That was a big thing 2-there are plans for classes in the near future: -German men’s clothes 101 -German women’s clothes 101 -pleating boot camp 3-shenanegins are being planed for classes/activities/decor for Baronial Banquet in early November 4-The new A&S champion and I are plotting some fun arts activities that tie into period cultures throughout the next year while she is champion No accusations of witchcraft as yet, but I live in hope.

Your A&S Minister


Armored Combat Marshal (7/18) (Sir Athos Belisarios)

Chamberlain (4/19) (Baron Steven Desjardin)

We had an issue with storage unit keys prior to A&S – the new copies didn’t work. Changing over to a combination lock with limited combo distribution instead.

Chatelaine (3/20) (HL Helewisa de Frejous)

Our excellent new Chatelaine is excited to get started and has lots of ideas!

Chronicler (8/18) (Lord Nicklaβ Volkheart)

Herald (3/19)(Lord Simon Fisc)

Much merriment was had and many awards awarded at court during Madrone’s A&S&B on March 24.  Full report will be forthcoming shortly.

I am looking for anyone with book heraldry knowledge to assist with a project on behalf of the Barony.  Currently, only two of our baronial awards, the Green Leaf (name) and Red Branch (name and badge), are officially registered with the College of Heralds.  I would like to begin the process of registering the rest of our award names and, as appropriate, badges.  Anyone interested in assisting with this effort may contact me in person at a meeting or event, or at the baronial herald’s email address (madrone dot herald at antir dot org).

In service,
Simon Fisc
Red Tree Pursuivant

Branch & Rapier Marshal (7/18) (Gallant Katryne MacKim)

Scribe (7/18) (HL Madelena al Vieri)

Tons of scribal output to support A&S. Is planning an original scroll class. Scribal paint night 3rd Wed in West Seattle.

Webster (2/20)(HL Gera Gangolffin)

  • Made multiple website activity updates. Notify webster if more are needed.
    • Change to navigation of events vs. activities
    • Change to layout of officer page to make contact information easier to find.
  • Photos/model releases.
  • New Deputy Webster, Mistress Rowenna.
  • O365 addresses for seneschal, exchequer, chatelaine, chronicler, webster. Also tentatively planning a migration of baronial website to server late this year (prior to next year’s hosting renewal in Feb.)

Youth Armored Combat Marshal (Lady Sara Pixie)

YAC- No practice so no injuries.

Thank you,

Sarah Pixie

Canton of Porte de l’Eau (9/18)(HL Christopher Hawkins)

  • Canton continues to have business mtg 4th Monday of month.
  • Planning a picnic in the park this summer with demos and possible rapier championship.
  • Library/social nights monthly.