The Leaf: Chronicle of the Barony of Madrone

Curia Notes 6/25/19

Greetings from their excellences.    Fall city was a great success, as well as June fair. Thanks to equestrian guild for jousting. Champions tourney was held, congrats to new champions. Excited for athenaeum this weekend. Notes from the Seneschal:  The Confidence polling will take place on July 8th at baronial social. July 15th: gym will … Continue reading Curia Notes 6/25/19

Curia Minutes 5/28/2019

Distribution of the truffles Greetings from their excellencies May crown was fun! Pravilion preformed well. Congratulations to Madalana, Worthy wordsmith! Margret Palmer- AOA Postponing baronial customary, checking against new kingdom law. New harassment policy update from kingdom as well. Not going to bid on may crown 2020. Baronial confidence polling scheduled for July the 8th, … Continue reading Curia Minutes 5/28/2019

Curia notes 4/23

Curia notes 4/23 Greetings from their excellences Upcoming events: Woman’s choir demo Fall city days: Come out if you can, bring hands-on stuff to demo. Emprise: Bid copy updated presented, including update to day trip fee. The site is locked in, will need to sign updated agreement. Culinary guild will be too busy, site has … Continue reading Curia notes 4/23

Curia Notes 3/26/19

Curia notes 3/26 Greetings from their excellences Congrats to new A&S and bardic champs. From the Seneschal: Thanks to Joel for handling the change of schedule. Lady Maude rescheduled for next baronial social on the 8 th . As the co-chair of An Tir’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Maude is coming to speak with … Continue reading Curia Notes 3/26/19

Curia Notes 2/24/19

Curia notes 2/26/19 Greetings from their excellencies. Again looking forward to A&S. Attending kingdom A&S and queen’s rapier. Progress has been published for this year. March social- equality and inclusion talk. Money: Balance: 6,575.58 MM: 20,200.44 End of year report filed. Slight inconsistences with asset list. May require revised report. A&S update Things going “pleasantly … Continue reading Curia Notes 2/24/19

Curia notes, 1/21/19

Greetings from their excellences. 12th night recap recognition for elevations, kingdom seneschal. Barony presented largesse with bountiful hand. Thank you to barony, ex. Juana La Christiana. Master Tamlin- proposed forming a metalworkers guild. Sir Raphael offers to host metalworking group 2019 fundraising Need to update fundraising systems to be in the black. Questions about income … Continue reading Curia notes, 1/21/19