The Leaf: Chronicle of the Barony of Madrone

Curia Notes 6/26/18

Madrone Baronial Curia Notes July 26, 2018 B&B: Welcome and progress notes. Peasants revel (their country cousins) July Crown Seneschale: We have this space for 1.5 hrs Now limited to hour at KapKa for social Limited to leaving by 9pm in gym Still need YAC marshal Still need transport for baronial pavilion to July Coronation … Continue reading Curia Notes 6/26/18

Curia Notes 7/24/18

Barony of Madrone Curia July 24, 2018      Baronial Welcome (B&B) Peasants was a great event.  Visitors from Caid brought gifts for the B&B which were duly delivered by their excellencies Peasanty cousins. Ysolt & Rotrude received Jambes at Athenaeum An Tir/ West war was a mostly lovely event despite the tragedy that occurred.  In … Continue reading Curia Notes 7/24/18

Curia Notes 5/22/18

Barony of Madrone Curia May 22, 2018   Baronial Welcome (B&B) Baron is sitting on a bucket. Still very tired. Thanks to all Madronans working at May Crown. Elevation went well. June and July are very busy for our branch. Someone saw a bear. Leith and Athos made it far. 58 in the list. Sir … Continue reading Curia Notes 5/22/18

Curia notes 4/24/18

Barony of Madrone Curia April 24, 2018 Baronial Welcome (B&B) Hi. Not much news. The Baroness went to Baroness’ war, one of 9 Baronesses. Wind blew down old host barony tent. Had good largesse exchange. Short trip due to weather. We had one heavy fighter, and a few other Madronans. “We were mighty in spirit.” … Continue reading Curia notes 4/24/18

2018-04-03 Financial Committee Meeting

Barony of Madrone Financial Committee April 3, 2018 Meeting Eden, Willie, Maddy, Sarra, Etiennette, Mike Solum, Jonathan and Alexis Garrigues, John St. Marie, Sarah Maiser, me, Tristin Sale   AGENDA Check requests Jeri Maddy Anyone else?   2017 Year End Report - circulated Q1 2018 Quarterly Report – reviewed and signed Signatures Who to include … Continue reading 2018-04-03 Financial Committee Meeting

Baronial Martial Championship.

Greetings to the populace of An Tir! The Barony of Madrone would like to invite all of our worthy and admirable friends and neighbors to join us as we hold an august tournament of arms to determine the new champions of rapier and heavy combat for our fine Barony. Come one, come all! The event … Continue reading Baronial Martial Championship.

2018-03-24 Baronial Curia

Baronial Welcome (Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart) All the awards at Baronial A&S (12 months worth!) Progress includes Baroness War, May Crown Planning His Excellency’s MOD elevation at May Crown Seneschal Welcome and Report (Contingency Seneschal Gera Gangolffin) Eden on vacation New chatelaine: HL Helewisa de Frejous  (warranted during mtg)(Will connect her with Bergdis … Continue reading 2018-03-24 Baronial Curia

2018-02-27 Baronial Curia

B&B: 12th night, Feast of St Bubba, Madrone A&S, Baroness War. Her Excellency encourages Madrone to come to Baroness War and support the barony! Seneschal: Thanks to Gera. Need a chatelaine, and need an exchequer in May. Exchequer report: Pass the hat. This site is not free. Checking: 9,873.80 Money market: 15,130.64 New updated Financial … Continue reading 2018-02-27 Baronial Curia

A Statement from the Board of Directors, and the Crowns of An Tir.

The events of the past few days should serve as a reminder to us all that we must remain ever vigilant to protect our friends and our Society from prejudice and injustice. Regardless of the intent of the artisans and the wearers, the representation of the fylfot in SCA clothing has caused harm, and that harm … Continue reading A Statement from the Board of Directors, and the Crowns of An Tir.

Fall 2017 Financial Committee notes.

SCA. Inc. – BARONY OF MADRONE Financial Committee Meeting 9/28/2017 Attendees:  Baron Enzio Bandinelli, Baroness Spike Zoetart, Gera Gangofflin, Emma la rousse D’Argentan, Bergdis Thorgrimsdottir, Sarra the Brave   Q2 report – reviewed and signed 2018 Budget – discussed and direction given to Exchequer on various items to be presented at next two Curias for … Continue reading Fall 2017 Financial Committee notes.