Mistress Ynesen Ongge Xong Kerij-e, known as Kerij-e

Term Expires: 1/2023

The chief administrator and legal representative of the Barony. Runs the monthly Business Meeting. Contingency Deputy: Eden of Lionsguard

Waivers Deputy: HL Sarra the Brave



Mistress Etiennette de Montagne

Term Expires: 11/2022

Tracks the Baronial finances and creates an annual budget for the Barony. Receives and disburses Baronial funds.  


Arts and Sciences

Baron Aeron Corrino

Term Expires: 6/21

Responsible for keeping track of activities in the arts and sciences within the Barony, including competitions and workshops.


HL Tabytha Morgan

Term expires 10/2022

Newcomers Page


Welcomes newcomers, providing support and information. Châtelaine Deputy for Gold Key

gold key icon

Lady Margaret Palmer


Baron Steven Desjardin


Maintains, inventories and stores regalia and all Baronial equipment. Reports the inventory to Exchequer. Seeking a successor. Contact the Seneschale if interested.


Lord Simon Fisc

Term expires 11/21

Baronial Herald’s Page


Coordinates heraldry activities, including registering
names and devices, and making announcements at tourneys, courts, and events.

Armored Combat Marshal

Lord Nicklaß Volkhart

Term Expires: 9/2022


Coordinates practices and safety for armored combat fighters. Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.


Rapier Marshal

Dona Temetgen de Worde

Term Expires: 6/2022


Coordinates practices and safety for rapier combatants. Checks equipment and organizes marshalling at events.


Lady Madelena Vieri

Term expires: 1/2022


Coordinates the creation and production of scrolls given by the Barony.


Social Mediator

Courtier Basilius Fuchs

Term expires 6/2022


Maintains social media channels for the Barony


Mu’allima Rowenna de Manning


Term expires 11/21


Maintains the Baronial Website


HL Mecia Raposa
Term Expires: 11/21

Publishes news and chronicles the happenings of the Barony

Youth Armored Combat Officer



Organizes Youth Armored Combat Activities.