Monthly Curia notes

2/27/18 – recorded by Eden, Baronial Seneschal


The barony is accepting applications for the offices of  chatelaine and exchequer.

Event planning continues apiece, no major changes to anticipated schedule.

Her Excellency encourages Madrone to come to Baroness War and support the barony!



BoD Solicits feedback for updates to hate speech policy.

Considered a proposoal to provide gate team to June fair. Resources too limited, denied by consensus.

New Exchequer stepping up, went over process to change duties.

Discussed possible plans to move curia to crossroads mall. Positives: cost (free!) spacious.



May crown was a success, strong showing from Madrone fighters.

Updated posting policy to reduce “noise” on official barony facebook channels.

Fall city days demo discussed, demo, parade.

Organized plans for Madrone champions at Bellevue park. planned for popups, set schedule.

Planned to add archery to Emprise, worked on financials and site planning for that. Worked out cost for site tokens, plans for food and pre-payment.



Madrone champions event was a great success, free public demo at Bellevue park.

Heavy Athenaeum planning. Royals in attendance, questions about space and payment. Site too small?

Seeking site bids for Known World dance symposium in 2019.

Fall City Days was a success, plenty of interest, cash prize for 2nd place in the parade.



Barony is seeking a Youth Armored Combat coordinator.

Plans to improve the availability of loaner gear for heavy fighters.

New archery marshal stepping up.



Barony is accepting bids for several events over the coming year.

Agreed to focus on pledge income in order to make up for financial shortfalls over the year.

Planning for Baronial feast and A&S


Introduction of a new award: Red mantle. Original recipients: Gera and Sarra the brave.

December curia canceled for holiday

Possible bid on Kingdom A&S for 2021

Breakdown for new social and media roles.


No curia meeting


Proposal to form a metalworkers guild. Sir Raphael offers to host early meetings.

Discussions of updating funding/donation system. concern that raising prices on events places a economic barrier.

Discussion on Anthenaeum.

Seeking help for the following demo:

The Barony is doing a small Martial focused demo to Cub Scout Pack 578 on February 21st from 6-8pm at Wilder Elementary. Please contact Lady Margaret Palmer (Carolyn McKenna) if you’re available to help.