May Crown A&S Events


Posament – HL Disa i Birkilundi
2 hours
Max 8
Cost $5
Posament is a textile embellishment technique using a wire coiled around a silk cord found almost exclusively in Birka, Sweden in the tenth century. We will discuss history, resources and creation methods for both the coiled wire (tentrad) and the posament itself.
Norse Wire Weaving – HL Disa i Birkilundi
2 hours
Max 8
Cost $5
We will learn the basics of Norse Wire Weaving. Students will receive everything that they need to complete one necklace. Please bring a set of wire cutters if possible.
Historical Dyes and Colors – Tamra
The class will cover a brief history of natural dyes, detailing when and where certain dyes came into use. We will also discuss modern safety procedures as well the differences in dyeing animal and vegetable fibers and common mistakes to avoid. A smaller demonstration using Instant Indigo will be done. I will have fiber color samples to examine and various dye books for people to look at. Pretty much really a time where I show you all a lot of cool stuff, talk super nerdy and we all get excited about colors. Want to know more about Tyrian Purple and actually get to see color samples and murex shells? This is the place to be!
Spindle Spinning – Sarra the Brave
1 hour
Cost: $5
Add another skill to your fiber arts toolbox. We will discuss fiber and spinning and learn how to spin yarn on a drop spindle. Class is $5 if you want to take home one of my spindles and accompanying fiber. If not, class is free. Feel free to bring your own spindle and fiber of your choice.
Garden of Earthly Delights:
May Crown shall feature several new activities, among them an interactive arts and sciences fair format called the Garden of Earthly Delights. Various artisans will exhibit their works in progress and offer attendees a chance to learn new techniques right there on the spot. No official class, just an interactive dialogue that affords people the opportunity to try out new crafts in a relaxed environment. The Garden will feature pre-1600 refreshments donated by the House of Northumbria and hopefully live music/song from a variety of troubadours and musicians!. We are still recruiting exhibitors. If you are an artisan and would like to share your passion with others at Crown, please contact Countess Judith! We are looking for artisans of all skill levels, not just Masters in their craft.
Exhibitors will need to bring their own tables/chairs. White tablecloths will be provided.
Skills on offer thus far:
Medieval beekeeping
Live cookery
Fabric intarsia
Medieval music (recorders)
Fingerloop weaving
Scribal table for all levels
Location: A&S annex (Glymm Mere pavilion)
GARB 911- consulting table for challenging sewing projects!
Do you have a sewing project that you are stuck on? Something not going right and you are not sure how to proceed? Bring those projects to May Crown, and on Saturday in the Garden of Earthly Delights, you can visit our “Garb 911” consulting table, sponsored by the Costumer’s Guild of An Tir- and get guidance from experienced tailors/ seamstresses.
Location: A&S annex (Glymm Mere pavilion)


Bardic Activities on the raised circular stage near gate:

  • Saturday —  Check the sign board at the stage to see who will be performing, or to sign up to do so yourself.
  • Saturday night after court  —  Come to the An Tir Bards camp near Merchants Row to listen and sing.  The focus will be on praise songs & stories about SCA members, but all contributions are welcome.
  • Sunday 9-11am —  Bardic Guild Ensemble Performance on the circular stage


Arts & Sciences Pavilion  —   Saturday Noon to 4pm on the erics.

  • Largess Derby  –  Artisans, bring your “best effort” as a contribution.   Populace, come and mark your favorite item.
  • Ithra and other classes on a variety of topics.  See details below.
  • Sunday 9-10am Costumer’s Guild meeting.
Costumer’s Guild Hat Contest    Saturday 11-2
All head-covering creations, ranging from simple coifs to star-studded chaperones to steely helms, are eligible! All levels of experience encouraged to display their creativity!  A prize will be awarded in each of 4 categories: Most authentic, most whimsical, most complex, and most battle ready.  Hats must be entered by their maker and shown on the head of that individual or their chosen model.  For further information or to sign up for a specific judging timeslot contact HL Elewys of Finchingefeld ( by 9 pm on Thursday 5/18/17.  Details are also posted here.
Grand Ball and Revel
Join us at May Crown for a grand party to celebrate the newly annointed Heirs of An Tir! Enjoy medieval-style carousing, live music, dancing, gaming, food, and beverage! You don’t dance? We don’t care! Heckle the dancers, imbibe to graceful excess, consume our comestibles, tell ridiculously exaggerated feats of personal glory – the options for fun are limitless (within the limits of the law…)
All dances shall be quickly taught/walked through, and the set list is as follows:
Danse de Cleves (Crown only)
Petits Vriens
Grene Gynger
Old Almain
Petite Rose
Horse’s Branle
Official Branle
Montarde Bansle
Lybens Distonis
Decor: We are requesting people to bring enclosed lamps and/or LED candles to help light the tables.
Food: We are hoping for donations of period-esque foods (i.e. no corn, tomatoes, or potatoes), if possible presented in/on non-modern platters/bowls, etc. If dishes could be brought to the
Madrone pavilion on the Erics before court on Saturday afternoon, we would appreciate it! Thank you in advance for helping make this as awesome party!
Below is a list of suggestions for items that can be procured at a grocery store:
.Crusty, artisanal bread and interesting cheese
· Hardboiled or pickled eggs
· Marinated mushrooms, pickled asparagus, carrots, cucumbers or other interesting things from your grocery deli (remember that peppers, corn, tomatoes and such are New World foods)
· Fruit pies
· Custard pie or quiche
· Salami or thuringer sausage or prosciutto, cut up for easy serving
· Smoked meats or a slab of roast beef, chicken breast, etc from the deli and some interesting mustard
· Fresh fruit such as apples, pears, plums, apricots, berries, and other non-tropical fruit, cut into nice serving sized bits (toss with lemon juice to keep from browning)
For the more ambitious, here are some suggestions of dishes that are available in the Madrone Culinary Guild pamphlets, which can be obtained here: Tourney Cooking has a whole section of make ahead recipes like:
Brie Tartletts
Rizzige cake
Our French cookbook has
stuffed/farced eggs
Musrhoom pastez
Spinach Tart
Fish day Rissoles
From the Spanish:
Ahrash (spiced meatballs)
Sambusak (garlic in fried dough)
Almedroch (Garlic cheese sauce for bread, meat or veg)
Dried Apricot Tarts
On Stefan’s Florilegium:
Varenne Farced Eggs
Apicius cucumbers
Lombard pastellum