May Crown Event Schedule (Final version!)

See more specific event details here.

12:00 PM Site opens to merchants Gate
2:00 PM Site opens to the populace Gate
5:30 PM Family Activities:  Heraldry Class  (1 hour) Bardic stage near gate
5-9 PM Heralds available for submissions only Madrone pavilion on the erics
7:30 PM Marshal’s Meeting Lists pavilion on the erics
7:30 PM Vigil for Rowland Greene  (Pelican) Wastekeep Camp
Various Times Family Activities: Card weaving, felt belt pouch, & archery class Family Activities Pavilion
Various Times Arts & Sciences and Ithra classes:  Check signboard for details Arts & Sciences Pavilion
Various Times Bardic performances:  Check the signboard for details Circular stage near gate
7:30 AM Gate opens Gate
8:00 AM Laurel’s meeting Royal Pavilion
8:00 AM Heralds: Crown Tournament prep meeting Herald’s Pavilion
8:45 AM Pelican’s meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists open for Crown Tournament until 10am Lists Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists & armor inspection for rapier tournament Merchants’ Erics
9:00 AM Archery range opens Archery Range
9:00 – ongoing Vigil for Morgan Donner & Gnome Garden Party Madrone Pavilion
9:00 AM Family Activities:  Calligraphy for Kids   (1 hour) Family Activities Pavilion
9:30 AM Brunch for Consorts of Crown Tournament Fighters Duchess Mary Grace’s pavilion across from the Or field
10:00 AM Thrown Weapons Range Opens & Marshal’s class  (3 hrs) Thrown Weapons Range
10:00 AM Rapier Tournament starts Merchants’ Erics
10:00 AM Family Activities:  Calligraphy – Writing Norse Runes (2 hours) Family Activities Pavilion
10:00 AM Armor inspection starts for Crown Lists Pavilion & Main Erics
10:30 AM Contestants line up for Crown Procession Main Erics
10:45 AM Crown Procession starts & then Invocation Main Erics
11am – 2pm Costumer’s Guild Hat Contest Glymm Mere Pavilion
11:45 (approx) Crown Tournament starts Main Erics
Noon Armin’s House of Grot  (until the food runs out) Madrone Pavilion
Noon Garden of Earthly Delights: A&S demos, scribal work tables, Garb 911 consulting, largess derby, & much more. Glymm Mere Pavilion
1:00 PM Family Activities:  Youth Illumination  (2 hours) Family Activities Pavilion
Noon – 5pm Heralds available for consulting Book Herald’s Pavilion
Noon Seneschal’s meeting Seneschal’s Pavilion
12:30 PM Cut & Thrust:  Lists open until 1:15 Merchants’ Erics
1:00 PM Exchequer meeting Seneschal’s Pavilion
1:00 PM Cut & Thrust:  Marshals class starts Merchants’ Erics
1:30 PM Cut & Thrust:  Armor inspection & then tournament Merchants’ Erics
1:30 PM Lion et de la Lance meeting Royal Pavilion
2:00 PM Storytime for children with the Queen Royal Pavilion
2:00 PM Lists open & armor inspection for youth armored combat Merchants’ Erics
2:30 PM Youth Armored Combat Tournament starts Merchants’ Erics
4:00 PM Garden of Earthly Delights and A&S area close Glymm Mere and A&S Pavilion
4:00 (approx) During break before Crown finals:  Finals for YAC Dragon Division & Announcement of Kingdom Honored Marshal Main Erics
4:00 (approx) Archery & Thrown Weapons ranges close for Crown finals.  (It may reopen afterwards until court starts if marshals are available.) Ranges
4:30 (approx) Crown Tournament ends Main Erics
5:00 PM Chivalry meeting  (Or 15 minutes after Crown ends if that’s later than 4:30.) Royal Pavilion
5:00 PM Herald’s general meeting  (Or 15 minutes after Crown ends if that’s later than 4:30.) Herald’s Pavilion
6:00 PM Royal Court starts
8:00 (approx) Dancing & Revel with music by Fromage Party Band  (Bring your chairs and drinks.) Main Erics
8:00 (approx) Bardic Fire: Focus on praise songs & stories about SCA members An Tir Bards encampment
8:00 AM Master’s of Defence meeting Royal Pavilion
8:45 AM Financial Meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Court Heraldry Class  (1 hour) Herald’s Pavilion
9:00 AM Costumer’s Guild Meeting Glymm Mere Pavilion
9:30 AM Curia Meeting Royal Pavilion
9:00 AM Lists & Armor Inspection for Squires’ Tourney until 9:45am Main Erics
9:00 AM Lists & Armor Inspection for Open Field Rapier Tourney until 9:45am Merchants’ Erics
9 – 11 AM Archery & Thrown Weapons Ranges Open Ranges
10:30 AM Noble Estate Meeting Royal Pavilion
10:00 AM Squires’ & Rapier Tournaments start Erics
11:00 AM Order of Grey Goose Shaft mtng  (TRM will come at 11:30) Archery Range
3:00 PM Site Closed! Everywhere