Martial Events at May Crown 2017

Preregistration for the crown tournament is now open!  Please click here for more info and to register.
There is also an option to register for the three main heavy fighting tournaments of the year. (May crown, Heavy champion, September crown.)  If you plan to do this, be sure to pay close attention to the details on the form.
Please remember that, by royal decree, all participants and all consorts must have a name and device approved or at least submitted to the College of Heralds.


Gather round, young lords and ladies, for Youth Armored Combat at May Crown!Come fight with friends, both old and new, in a test of your chivalry and skill.  The tourney will be hosted by Rashida bint Yusuf (Wastekeep Baronial YAC Marshal) and HL Steinbjorn Tros (Inlands Regional YAC Marshal) with prizes at the ready.

At this Kingdom event, YAC participants must be authorized prior to entry on the lists.  All participants must provide their own weapons and armor.  Please reference the 2008 YAC book for specifications.(More event details coming soon!)